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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 15 Recap

Su Yan has already thought about the blow to failure. Because the teachers in college experienced the same thing, Jiang Cheng comforted Professor Su Yantang and failed many times when studying the Zhonghua Card. If it weren’t for Kuang Mingchoo’s firm support, the Zhonghua Card might not Will come out, and the funds to support Professor Tang’s scientific research are still from the multiple projects of Jiangcheng Run.

Su Yan suddenly looked at Jiangcheng with admiration, and once again gained confidence to start reading foreign computer magazines and learn about foreign computer technology to enrich herself. Jiang Cheng sent Kuang Mingchou and Yu Wenjing to the airport to prepare to leave Japan, while Jiang Cheng stayed in Pingdu to manage the company.

Jiang Cheng had nothing to ask but Kuang Mingchou could help him bring some computer magazines and a good ladies watch. Kuang Mingchou agreed to just mention Yao Kunshi was silent. As soon as Yu Wenjing landed in Japan, she was anxious to find Yao Kun, but Kuang Mingchou believed that the Japanese paid attention to details, and she had a bad impression when she first came to see her friends.

After the reception party’s dinner, Kwong Mingchou dressed up carefully. Yu Wenjing knew that Kwong Mingchou wanted to see Yao Kun, but Kwong Mingchou herself hesitated and entangled not to go. Yu Wenjing didn’t allow people to be so twitchy. I went to see him, shouted a car and took Kuang Mingchou to Yilan University. Hong Yuqiao asked Jiangcheng to talk about the relationship between Chaoxin and Zhou Dingbei.

Hong Yuqiao couldn’t see Kuang Mingchou’s unwillingness to deal with Zhou Dingbei’s honesty, and he even whispered about his playing tricks on Zhou Dingbei. Kuang Mingchou and Yu Wenjing found the dormitory where Yao Kun was staying. They were very nervous at first, but Yao Kun was not in the dormitory when he went to the company for an internship. The three of them were temporarily unable to meet.

Hong Yuqiao and Jiang Cheng were drunk, and now Hong Yuqiao is full of minds just thinking about making money, not caring about technological innovation and progress, and also thinks Kuang Mingchou is too idealistic. Kwong Mingchou and Yu Wenjing followed Lexus to Japan to participate in the product exchange of Xintongda. They unexpectedly met Yao Kun on the spot. They had not seen each other for a long time, and their eyes were locked on each other. Yao Kun was the interpreter of this negotiation.

Yao Kun and Kwong Mingchou showed their relationship with each other in front of everyone. The person in charge of Xintongda was very enthusiastic about Kwong Mingchou’s arrival, and the two sides started consultations on cooperation and exchanges.

Hong Yuqiao was planning to open another factory, but the funds were temporarily unable to turn around and it was short of 30,000 yuan. Hong Yuqiao asked a few boss friends to borrow money, so he used the money that Guantao had in the bank. The negotiations between Kwong Ming-chiu and Tongda have reached a deadlock.

Although the conditions proposed by Tongda are favorable, they are harsh in scientific research cooperation. Yao Kun asked Yu Wenjing to convey that there is no benefit to Kuang Mingchoo’s stalemate, and it is better to use his own way to treat his body. The negotiations between Kwong Mingcho and the Japanese side continue, and Chaoxin can exchange the core technology of Zhonghua Card with Telecom. It also requires Telecom to give itself the utmost sincerity and hand over the core printing technology of Telecom.

Hong Yuqiao took Hao Bing to the computer software exchange meeting. Hao Bing happened to meet his university classmates at the exchange meeting. It was a pity that the classmates learned that Hao Bing was working in Chuangkai. It turned out that Chuangkai had no reputation in the market.

Well, everyone knows that Chuangkai is a pirated company. Hao Bing couldn’t stand the words of his classmates to stimulate his emotions. He resigned in front of Hong Yuqiao. Hong Yuqiao didn’t want Hao Bing to leave easily, but Hao Bing never wanted to piracy anymore. I don’t want to be looked down upon.

In Hao Bing’s mind, the act of piracy is that stealing is a thief, and the thief and being looked down upon are also sensitive points of Hong Yuqiao. Hong Yuqiao punched Hao Bing and the two officially broke. Tongda does not want to cooperate with its core technology. Kwong Ming-chiu pointed out that he is not a partner of Tongda, but Tongda needs a Zhonghua card to open up the Chinese market. Kwong Ming-chiu sees that the Japanese side has no good intentions to leave. discuss.

Yao Kun and Kwong Mingchou dated alone, and the two dared not easily mention the relationship status of each other and could only talk about work matters, or Kwong Mingchou attacked and learned that Yao Kun was still single, and the love in his heart was ignited again. Guan Tao was anxious to pay the money for the fund-raising house, but the money was gone when she opened the passbook. Guan Tao went to the company to look for Hong Yuqiao but saw Hao Bing packing up and leaving. Guan Tao stopped Hao Bing and asked why. Hao Bing said with Hong Yuqiao.

In these years, Hong Yuqiao only cares about making money and enjoying. He would rather spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to stay in high-end hotels than support Hao Bing’s research and development. But Hao Bing doesn’t want to do piracy all his life, he wants to innovate and realize Guan Tao can understand Hao Bing’s ideals and let him go. Hao Bing is grateful for Guan Tao’s kindness to him. After he settles down, he will still contact Guan Tao. Su Yan was in a coma due to high fever due to work pressure, Jiang Cheng rushed to send her to the hospital.

Guan Tao went back to his residence and asked why Hong Yuqiao beat Hao Bing. Hong Yuqiao lost his eyes by money. Now he wants to create a magnificent career and no longer looks down upon him. Hao Bing’s departure cannot touch him either, Guan Tao I don’t want so much money, I just want an ordinary and stable life, Hong Yuqiao’s changes have caused the closest people around him to gradually drift away.

Jiang Cheng took care of Su Yan patiently, but Su Yan could not accept Jiang Cheng’s wishes for the time being. Mr. Kawashima, the person in charge of Communication Technology, invited Kwong Ming to have a private dinner to celebrate the success of the cooperation. Communication Technology gave in and was willing to hand over core technology for cooperation. Over the banquet, Mr. Kawashima invited Yao Kun to work in China Communication Technology after graduation. Yao Kun’s calm atmosphere made Chuan Mr. Island applauded.

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