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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 53 Recap

Du Mingshan understands Zhao Yinze’s hardship, Kang Shasha deliberately makes things difficult for Du Mingshan.

Before leaving, Kang Shasha provoked Gao Tianshuo, but Gao Tianshuo ignored it. Afterwards, Du Mingshan asked Zhao Yinze whether Zexian Publishing House really reached that point. Zhao Yinze said that the matter was not as serious as expected, but Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman could see from Zhao Yinze’s expression that Zexian Publishing had indeed met. In big trouble. Du Mingshan told Liao Qianman that she didn’t understand why Editor-in-Chief Zhao would be so low to Kang Shasha, but now she finally understands and understands Zhao Yinze’s difficulties.

Luo Jinlong was very angry. His son did not want to communicate with him. His daughter who had raised beef for more than 20 years deliberately learned the sauce beef, but it was not made for him, but for other people’s fathers. Now he has become nobody caring. The bad old man. The psychiatrist patiently comforted her, thinking that he must have his own way to deal with and solve it. Luo Jinlong’s confidence increased. He believed that it was really impossible, so he let Captain Xu’s son join them.

Subsequently, the psychiatrist asked him to tell the story six years ago, but after considering the current relationship with Luo Yuefang, Luo Jinlong decided not to say it for the time being, as that would worsen the relationship between father and son that had improved.

Li Meiqi came to the izakaya. Liao Qianman introduced Dai Wenrou to her. She also asked Dai Wenrou to perform a wonderful section in the small theater and said that she would record it for good sisters. Gao Tianshuo reminded Du Mingshan to give up being an assistant to Kang Shasha, because he thought Kang Shasha just wanted to be the queen to give her instructions. Du Mingshan did not agree. She stood from the perspective of the publishing house and said that she was willing to give. She assured Gao Tianshuo that she would be able to do it and let him not interfere.

At this time, Wu Bihua and Du Mu called them separately. Both of them were very surprised. Both mothers were concerned about the development of the relationship between the two. They didn’t know how to answer each other, so they exchanged phone calls. In reply, Wu Bihua and Du Mu both said that they would come here in a few days, and they should confirm to them.

Although it was a holiday, Kang Shasha still asked Du Mingshan to work overtime. Gao Tianshuo wanted to call Kang Shasha to stop her from being so self-willed, but Du Mingshan said that she would definitely persuade Kang Shasha to make her feel that Zexian Publishing House was worth her investment. After Dai Wenrou performed for Li Meiqi and Liao Qianman, her colleague had to leave first because of something, so she passed by Luo Yuefang. Luo Yuefang sent Li Meiqi and Liao Qianman back home, and the two had another love story. , And then reluctantly separated.

Kang Shasha deliberately made things difficult for Du Mingshan, but she did not expect that she had been prepared long ago. She was ready to deal with this stubborn fashion queen. Luo Jinlong dressed very formally because he wanted to see Li Meiqi, but he was afraid of being misunderstood by the other party, so he took off his tie. Luo’s father and mother praised Li Meiqi a lot. Luo’s mother said that among Luo Danfang’s sisters, She felt that she had a special relationship with Li Meiqi, and Luo Jinlong thanked Li Meiqi for giving Luo Yuefang a lot of smiles.

Luo’s mother seemed a little anxious and asked Li Meiqi when to pick her wedding dress, which made Li Meiqi a little at a loss, Luo Danfang hurriedly relieved Li Meiqi. Mother Luo liked Li Meiqi very much and took off the necklace from her neck and gave it to her. She also said that she knew that she had no parents since she was a child. From now on, she and Luo’s father will be her parents, and they will double the love she did not get. It was given to him, and Li Meiqi was moved to tears, and Luo Danfang was a little jealous.

It was the time agreed by Kang Shasha, but after half an hour, Kang Shasha had not appeared. At this time, Kang Shasha called Du Mingshan and said that she had not eaten breakfast, so she asked for breakfast and asked Du Mingshan to spend fifteen minutes. Ready inside. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan to ignore Kang Shasha, but Du Mingshan felt that it was still within her acceptable range, and these trivial things passed away. After Kang Shasha arrived, he said that Zexian Publishing House was playing the card of Gao Tianshuo. It is better to let Gao Tian said report directly to her. Gao Tianshuo didn’t want to make Zhao Yinze too embarrassed, so he walked in alone.

Kang Shasha asked Gao Tianshuo if he really didn’t care about him at all. Gao Tianshuo said that the two didn’t want to have any relationship except work relationship. Kang Shasha grabbed Gao Tianshuo who wanted to leave, and then rode on him. , Saying that she didn’t believe Gao Tianshuo would forget herself. At this time, Du Mingshan walked in with breakfast and saw the two people’s ambiguous posture.

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