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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 4 Recap

Ouyang Xialan came to Xiaomei’s office and met Xiaomei. Ouyang Xialan told Xiaomei her true inner feelings. She told Xiaomei that she must win the Tianguan Group project to track the situation. Ouyang Xialan wants Xiaomei to voluntarily withdraw from tracking the Tianguan Group project. However, Xiaomei did not understand Ouyang Xialan’s true feelings. She didn’t know what Ouyang Xialan wanted to do.

Xiaomei only knew that her tracking the Tianguan Group project was the most important task she had given her first contact with her boss. Moreover, she has devoted a lot of effort to this tracking situation. Xiaomei did not agree to Ouyang Xialan’s request.

So, Ouyang Xialan waited until the boss was off work and waited for his arrival in the basement where the boss stopped. Ouyang Xialan wanted to convince the boss again. Let yourself get the job tracked by Tianguan Group. After get off work, Ouyang Xialan waited for the boss’s arrival in the underground parking lot and invited the boss to have dinner together. In the restaurant, Ouyang Xialan told the owner Frank that he wanted to exchange his larger projects for the Tianguan Group project that Xiaomei was tracking. The owner Frank had no choice but to agree to Ouyang Xialan’s request.

Later, Ouyang Xialan left the office with her belongings. In the eyes of colleagues, Ouyang Xialan left her company. When Xiao Mei heard the discussion from her colleagues, she was very at a loss and found it incredible. When Xiaomei saw more information about the company’s big projects on her desk, she realized that Ouyang Xialan was not trying to compete with her for project tracking, nor was she trying to take credit for her. Xiao Mei was very grateful to her.

Ouyang Xialan sold her house. She can only live in the apartment where Yuan Zhiqiang is. In the apartment, Ouyang Xialan can talk freely with her best friends and Yuan Zhiqiang. Ouyang Xialan also told her best friends and Yuan Zhiqiang about her thoughts. Her thoughts shocked both girlfriends and Yuan Zhiqiang. However, no matter how they persuade Ouyang Xialan, it is useless. Ouyang Xialan seemed to be determined.

As a result, Ouyang Xialan began to work hard to plan every step of his own for how to break into the Tianguan Automobile Group. Every act of Ouyang Xialan made her girlfriend feel very surprised and shocked. Ouyang Xialan will even feel distressed and upset about how she penetrated the company. Every emotion of Ouyang Xialan was seen by her best friend, and she was anxious. So, my girlfriend decided to take Ouyang Xialan into the mall to buy clothes. To solve her mood problem

However, Ouyang Xialan came to the mall with her girlfriends. Ouyang Xialan separated from her friend for a while. Ouyang Xialan encountered someone secretly photographing herself. Ouyang Xialan was very worried. She thought of various ways to get rid of the person who secretly photographed. Suddenly, the person who was taking pictures was stopped by the store attendant.

Just inadvertently, Ouyang Xialan hid in the fitting room inside the store. She just got rid of the person who was taking pictures. Then, he found a man in the fitting room changing his clothes, and he yelled again and again in fright. At this time, the waiter walked to the door of the fitting room and asked what happened inside. Ouyang Xialan had to find an excuse again to get rid of this embarrassment. Ouyang Xiadan also explained his situation to the boys who were changing clothes. Then she left.

At this time, Ouyang Xialan’s phone rang. Tianguan Automobile Group called her to inform her that the company had arranged an interview time for him. This news made Ouyang Xialan madly surprised. However, Ouyang Xialan did not know. Peng Yue, the second son of Tianguan Automobile Group, is doing everything possible to find her. Peng Le found Ouyang Xialan’s friend Yuan Zhiqiang. Yuan Zhiqiang refused to help Peng Yue contact Ouyang Xialan.

Later, Ouyang Xialan came to the interview place of Tianguan Group. She performed very well during the first communication with the interviewer. The interviewer also appreciates her talent very much. Just when Ouyang Xialan left the office. Qiu Ling appeared. Qiu Ling recognized Ouyang Xialan at a glance. When Ouyang Xialan said that she came to Tianguan Automobile Group to interview the sales department of Tianguan Group, Qiu Ling was stunned. I haven’t been able to react for a long time.

In the eyes of Qiu Ling. Ouyang Xialan’s mind was very serious, and she was offended. Peng Yue, the second son of Tianguan Group. She doesn’t have a good impression of Ouyang Xialan. So in the subsequent interview. Qiu Ling decided to interview Ouyang Xialan in person. Coincidentally, in the subsequent interview, Lin Jiayang also became the interviewer. Lin Jiayang admired Ouyang Xialan’s talent very much.

Ouyang Xialan did not rush to leave after her last round of interviews. Ouyang Xialan wanted to know if she had any competitors in the interview, so Ouyang Xialan secretly listened to the interviewers’ conversation at the door. original. Among the many interviews, there was an outstanding student who had returned from overseas. Will become her most powerful competitor.

Therefore, Ouyang Xialan decided to act as an employee of Tianguan Automobile Group to instill the negative news of Tianguan Automobile Group to the overseas student so that he could be admitted. In the end, he really listened to Ouyang Xialan and left Tianguan Automobile Group.

In the end, she overcame all obstacles and was accepted by the sales promotion department of Tianguan Automobile Group.

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