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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 2 Recap

Peng Yue has been thinking about every sentence his brother Bloomberg in Tianguan Group said to him about Ouyang Xialan’s possible theft of Tianguan Automobile’s trade secrets, and he felt very painful. At this time, Ouyang Xialan was being questioned by the criminal investigation team. The scenes where the two met seemed to be right in front of them.

The rally over the hills is going on intensely. Every driver has inexhaustible strength to rush to the finish line. Peng Yue’s vehicle was in order to rush to the end. He chose to travel on unconventional tracks. He kept overtaking and even illegal operations along the way. In the end, he met Yuan Zhiqiang’s team. Because of his illegal operation, Yuan Zhiqiang’s pilot was injured in the leg.

In anger, Yuan Zhiqiang became a team with Peng Yue’s team. The incident finally got to the arbitration committee. After intense quarrels and discussions among the members of the arbitration committee, the two parties finally reached a private settlement. Ouyang Xialan also won more benefits for Yuan Zhiqiang’s team. At this time, Frank gave Ouyang Xialan more tasks about Peng Yue. Ouyang Xialan had to pay more attention to the second son of Tianguan Automobile Group.

Bloomberg, the president of Tianguan Automobile Group, is worried about the safety of his younger brother Peng Yue. So he sent the company’s backbone Qiu Ling to assist Peng Yue in his work and brought Peng Yue back to the company. But no matter how hard Qiu Ling worked, Peng Yue refused to follow her back to the company.

In the Xinjiang desert, crossing the hills is the dream of many racers. This endless desert also contains the bodies of many racers. Shaojie, a racer of Yuan Zhiqiang team, stayed here forever. Yuan Zhiqiang was filled with grief. He was speaking his own heart alone in front of Shaojie’s tomb, and all this was heard by Ouyang Xialan, who was standing far away.

Ouyang Xialan wanted to comfort Yuan Zhiqiang. She could only silently accompany Yuan Zhiqiang to listen to Yuan Zhiqiang’s heartfelt voice. This just shows the sadness of the racers! This is also the course of life. When they were about to leave, the roar of the distant car rang. This is Peng Yue driving the car on the way.

Peng Yue’s behavior reminded Ouyang Xialan of the news she asked Frank about Peng Yue’s parents’ desert environmental protection action, which proved that Ouyang Xialan’s information was correct. This aroused Ouyang Xialan’s curiosity even more. Qiu Ling brought great trouble to Peng Yue’s work in the racing field. Qiu Ling tried every means to persuade Peng Yue to return to the company, but Peng Yue had no intention of leaving the racing track.

When Ouyang Xialan was walking, she overheard their conversation. Ouyang felt himself down. Found a chance to approach Peng Yue. So she found Peng Yue when Qiu Ling was away and told that she could help him. Peng Yue looked at him suspiciously. When Ouyang Xialan told him that he could take Qiu Ling straight away, Peng Yue learned that Ouyang Xialan had eavesdropped on what she said to others.

When Ouyang Xialan really gave Qiu Ling away, Peng Yue began to pay attention to this woman. Peng Yue searched for this woman’s personal information through various means, and the results were all expected and common sense. He even investigated the reason why Yuan Zhiqiang left Tianguan Automobile Group Co., and found nothing.

Over time. Over the hills championship race is about to begin. All contestants are preparing intensively. . This reminded Peng Yue of what Ouyang Xialan said that the shaft would be broken in the light, and the spontaneous combustion in the heavy. As a result, Peng Yue called a team to inspect the vehicle again.

The race is about to begin, and all contestants are in front of their cars. This is when the observer of Yuan Zhiqiang’s car suddenly felt unwell. I was extremely disappointed.

Ouyang Xialan saw this and took the initiative to find a referee. Explain the situation and request the replacement of observers. But there is no precedent for changing observers in the arena. The judges are also very embarrassed. The judges discussed it again and again. It was decided to allow Yuan Zhiqiang’s team to change observers. But Ren Zhiqiang did not anticipate that he would change observers. There are also no spare observers for their own use. Ouyang Xialan once again took the initiative to invite Ying and acted as Yuan Zhiqiang’s observer.

In the final chase, Ouyang Xialan chose a shortcut. It happened to be seen by Peng Yue who was passing by, so they had a final competition on this shortcut. During the competition, Peng Yue believed in his own strength very much. As a result, he changed lanes even more unscrupulously overtaking. Eventually, his vehicle caused spontaneous combustion. Yuan Zhiqiang’s team won the championship.

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