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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 1 Recap

A big news broke out in Longwan City today. The shares of the well-known domestic company Tianguan Automobile Co., Ltd. plummeted sharply, and Tianguan Automobile Chairman Peng Shiqing’s advanced lung cancer caused panic. Ouyang Xialan, assistant to the president of Tianguan Motors, has a slight smile on her lips. He was stopped by the staff of the Criminal Investigation Brigade when he was about to leave the company. The staff of the Economic Investigation Brigade. After briefly explaining the reason, Ms. Ouyang Xialan was taken away from the company. At this time, the top management of Tianguan Automobile Group became the favorite of journalists.

Bloomberg, President of Tianguan Automobile, listened to the news. While thinking about something. After a while, Ouyang Xialan’s personal information was sent to Bloomberg. Ouyang Xialan’s true personal identity has gradually emerged. Peng Yue, the founder of Crossing the Hills, kept calling Ouyang Xialan, trying to figure out what was going on. However, he didn’t know that Ouyang Xialan had been taken away by the criminal investigation team. Peng Yue came to the desk of Ouyang Xialan of Tianguan Group and fell into deep thought.

In 2016, an off-road vehicle encountered another off-road vehicle in the desert of Xinjiang. The two off-road vehicles rushed to the front, driving wildly, as if they were racing. This is the first encounter between Peng Yue and Ouyang Xialan. This battle in the desert directly caused Ouyang Xia Lan’s off-road vehicle to break down. She had to ask Yuan Zhiqiang from the original team for help. Peng Yue proudly drove the off-road vehicle and left.

At the site of the Silk Road Heroes Rally in Xinjiang, there was a lot of excitement and life, and the radio kept showing the introduction of the rally. Ouyang Xialan looked like a bird out of the cage and took a photo at the game scene.

The dialogue between Teacher Han and Yuan Zhiqiang broke the good mood. At this time, Ouyang Xialan learned about the termination of the contract between Yuanzhi and Tianguan Automobile Company. The original team encountered financial problems. Ouyang Xialan and Yuan Zhiqiang chatted without a word. Ouyang Xialan’s abnormal behavior attracted the attention of the team with a fresh face. She didn’t know that this team was the team where Peng Yue, who had just been racing with her in the desert, was in.

At this time, Peng Yue’s car had just arrived at the race. After the reporters saw such a luxurious racing car, they surrounded them. When Du Ning was interviewed by reporters, Ouyang Xialan’s words caught Peng Yue’s attention. Later, Ouyang Xialan pointed out the problem with Peng Yue’s car. After Peng Yue came to the convoy, he quickly found maintenance personnel to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle. He must ensure the safety of the vehicle before the race.

After seeing the news, Bloomberg, the president of Tianguan Group, quickly called his brother Peng Yue and asked him to come back. At this time, he was doing nothing for the company’s Tianguan Star Project. The Futai Group’s project is also being urged. Bloomberg didn’t have much energy to persuade his brother, so he continued to devote himself to his work.

When Frank saw the news about Ouyang Xialan and Peng Yue discussing the car, he decided to let Ouyang Xialan pay attention to the project of crossing the hills. Peng Yue’s true identity gradually became clear in Ouyang Xialan’s mind. Across the hills, the founder of Tianguan Motors made Ouyang Xialan decide to explore. Frank gave Ouyang Xialan the details of Peng Yue.

Ouyang Xialan paid close attention to Peng Yue’s every move. Collect clues about Peng Yue at any time. But in a field shooting, she accidentally exposed her identity. So he and Peng Yue’s second wild desert competition began. Fortunately, she managed to escape this time.

After many investigations by Ouyang Xialan, Peng Yue’s parents’ actions regarding desert environmental protection have also surfaced.

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