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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 42 Recap

Xiao Chengxu asked someone to take care of Xiao Qiyuan in secret, and could not endure any danger. Xiao Qiyuan looked at the leftovers of the steamed buns in the bowl and began to regret that he shouldn’t have a temper with Xiao Chengxu and ran out. He was sad to see a father taking care of his son. If Xiao Chengrui was still thinking about it, he would take care of himself like this. The father and son came here only after the flood.

The imperial court opened warehouses to release grain and after layers of exploitation, there was not much here. Only then did Xiao Qiyuan really see the suffering of the people and realized that what Xiao Chengxu said was right and he thought. too easy. Xiao Qiyuan woke up in the middle of the night, and the house was full of poor people. Xiao Qiyuan secretly vowed that if he could go back, he would study hard to serve his subjects and not let Helan Mingyu and Xiao Chengxu disappointed.

After a few days, Xiao Qiyuan had lost a lot of weight, but Xiao Chengxu still didn’t feel relieved. If he couldn’t bear this bit of suffering, he couldn’t know his fault. Xiao Qiyuan fainted due to lack of energy. Xiao Chengxu hurried forward when he saw this. Xiao Qiyuan woke up and saw him holding him and crying for a long time. After returning, Xiao Chengxu patiently gave Xiao Qiyuan medicine. Xiao Qiyuan, who had always been afraid of pain, did not call for pain, and finally knew that he was wrong. Xiao Chengxu praised him for forbearing and persisting in adversity.

This mindset was already very good. Xiao Qiyuan wanted to stay and treat the flood. The methods he said before were just talking about it. King Xin’an came and said that he had found a river worker who knew how to manage floods, and Xiao Qiyuan went with him. Xiao Chengxu is very pleased, it is rare that Xiao Qiyuan has grown rapidly and has become a Mingjun. Xiao Qiyuan asked how Xin’an Wang Dong Ruoxuan was doing, and Xin’an Wang replied that she had gone to her grandfather’s house and could not return for a while.

Xiao Qiyuan has been out of the palace for more than two months, and Helan Mingyu has lived like a year. Ling Zhener told them that the flood management was smooth, and Xiao Chengxu had taken Xiao Qiyuan to get up and returned to the palace.

Back to Gonghou, whoever Helan Yunqi wants to deal with Xiao Chengxu, Xiao Qiyuan said that he would be grateful to him, because this time he went out of the palace to see what is the suffering of the people, Helan Mingyu and Helan Yunqi were very pleased to see him growing rapidly. Xiao Chengxu discovered that all Jiangnan officials were corrupting Mexico. The most serious was Liu Mingtai. Xiao Qihan claimed that Liu Mingtai and Xiao Chengxu had a political disagreement and did not believe that he would enforce the law impartially.

However, Xiao Qiyuan also confirmed this matter in Jiangnan and ignored Xiao Qihan. Liu Mingtai will beheaded to show the public in five days. Xiao Qihan was very angry and felt that Xiao Chengxu came for him. The two Jiangnan and his party, Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Qiyuan’s relationship became close, Xiao Qihan was a little anxious, so I asked Xiao Qirong to inquire.

After Xiao Qihan found out about Xiao Qiyuan in Jiangnan, he found the trafficker and told him to tell Xiao Qiyuan that Xiao Chengxu instructed him to do so, but Xiao Qiyuan felt that they were framing Xiao Chengxu, after all, Xiao Qihan had fought him in secret for many years. Xiao Qihan kept voicing to ensure that this matter was not false. Xiao Chengxu, a land in the south of the Yangtze River, had long been entrenched. If he wanted to find Xiao Qiyuan, he would find it soon.

Xiao Qihan asked Xiao Qiyuan to test Xiao Chengxu, then he knew whether it was true or not. So Xiao Qiyuan called Xiao Chengxu to say that he wanted to postpone the execution of Liu Mingtai, and he had already agreed, and Xiao Chengxu could only agree. Xiao Qiyuan felt that Xiao Chengxu was open-minded, but Xiao Qihan said that Liu Mingtai had just committed suicide in prison. This was Xiao Chengxu’s method.

Helan Mingyu received a letter from Grandma Li saying that Xiao Qiyuan was going to guard the mausoleum for half a year. Xiao Chengxu felt that this must be an excuse for evading his studies, and immediately rushed to the imperial mausoleum to bring him back. Helan Mingyu felt this There must be an inside story. Xiao Qiyuan told Xiao Chengrui that he had passed away when he was very young.

Later, Xiao Chengxu suddenly appeared to be in charge of him, so Xiao Qiyuan hated him and always opposed him, but it is only until today that he found out that his life, riding and archery were all taught by him. of. In fact, Xiao Qiyuan was very happy. There was always someone who loved him like his father, but Xiao Chengxu treated him that way, so Xiao Qiyuan felt that it was just his trick to deceive people, but just wanted him to be a pawn.

Xiao Chengxu hurried over, Xiao Qiyuan asked him to swear in front of Xiao Chengrui’s spiritual position that he was sold as a slave in Jiangnan not because of him. Xiao Chengxu explained that he had misunderstood himself. He did this just to let him know that willfulness has a price, and he is also secretly protecting him. Xiao Qiyuan refused to believe it.

Xiao Chengxu said that if he really wanted the throne, he would never sit on the throne. Xiao Qiyuan burned the emperor’s tomb with a lantern, and then ordered people to take down Xiao Chengxu in the name of the above crime, but no one dared to move. Xiao Chengxu was heartbroken. His heart for Xiao Qiyuan’s battles was a lesson from heaven and earth.

Even if he was guilty, the two empress dowagers would deal with it. How could he alone have the final say! Therefore, Xiao Qiyuan brought this matter to the court, and Xiao Qihan made a noise to ask Xiao Qiyuan to take the title of regent. Helan Mingyu and Helan Yunqi were very angry because of Xiao Qihan’s instigation. Seeing that the monarch and his ministers settled in their hearts, suddenly such a thing happened again, it was really uneasy for a moment. Knowing that Xiao Qiyuan wanted to take the title of Regent Xiao Chengxu, the two were anxious again. Xiao Chengxuan was angry because of this incident. Xiao Chengxu took his heart out to Xiao Qiyuan, but now, like Xiao Chengrui, he counted on him in reverse. He was really an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf.

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