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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 5 Recap

When Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao heard the movement, they quickly made loud noises. Su Wenqian ran desperately under the chase of the police. Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao blocked him in the alley by flanking him back and forth. Su Wenqian held the cake and staged a desperate pursuit with Section Chief Cao. Chi Tiecheng has been following behind, not understanding why Su Wenqian was carrying the cake after losing his life.

Su Wenqian ran upstairs and fell on the Ouyang Xiang hearse. Section Chief Cao asked her to catch her alive, so Ouyang Xiangling had to put down the gun and chase. At the close of the fire, Su Wenqian rescued Ouyang Xiangling, who was almost hit by a car, and was arrested. Upon seeing this, Chi Tiecheng scolded Su Wenqian for being a woman. With less than five minutes left after the bomb exploded, Chi Tiecheng asked Shan Leng to drive and did it himself.

In the car, Chief Cao and Su Wenqian thanked him for saving Ouyang Xiangling. Su Wenqian hoped that Chief Cao would give the cake to the child. Today is her birthday, and the child has only one wish. Chi Tiecheng was lying in ambush in the dark. Su Wenqian asked Section Chief Cao to tell Xiaoxue that he had temporarily taken a job out of town and would return as soon as he was finished.

Section Chief Cao suddenly thought of something, took the cake away, and found the bomb Cui Jiu had put inside. As a result, Section Chief Cao and Su Wenqian’s car fell into the water during the explosion, and Chi Tiecheng did not shoot. Section Chief Cao crawled out of the water. When the bomb exploded, he asked Su Wenqian to open the handcuffs, and the two jumped out of the window together.

After Chi Tiecheng came back, he was in a bad mood, and asked the apprentices to go to the hospital to see Ye Guanying’s life and death as well as the guards. I have searched both upstream and downstream, but Su Wenqian was still not found, and Section Chief Cao didn’t search any more, but thought of a place. Ye Guanying’s operation had just ended and she was admitted to the intensive care unit. Chief Cao used the walkie-talkie to let people see if Ye Guanying had bruises on her left arm.

Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu were puzzled when Su Wenqian was late to go home, but Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling came to the door, claiming to be Su Wenqian’s friends, and were invited to celebrate Xiaoxue’s birthday. Qin Zishu realized that this matter was not that simple, and Xiaoxue was about to show off their slingshot skills with them, and Qin Zishu quickly blocked it.

Section Chief Cao asked Ouyang Xiangling to test Xiaoxue while playing cover. Su Wenqian came back carrying the cake and realized Qin Zishu’s slingshot hanging outside. The owner of the commissary downstairs said that Su Wenqian was calling, and Qin Zishu went quickly, and Section Chief Cao, Ouyang Xiangling, and Xiaoxue also went with them.

Ouyang Xiangling asked to contact the telephone company to find out the location. Su Wenqian used a public phone to call Qin Zishu. Su Wenqian asked Qin Zishu to talk to the guest, saying that there was a fight between two people at the dock today and he was completely black. . Section Chief Cao quickly grabbed the phone to persuade him to come back. Xiaoxue cried and apologized on the phone, thinking that his words made him angry.

Ouyang Xiangling used this time to find out where the call was right in front. Su Wenqian told Xiaoxue patiently that no matter what she did wrong, she would not leave her, and asked her a question. When she did it, he would go back, and if not, he would ask Section Chief Cao. Su Wenqian hung up the phone anxiously, Ouyang Xiangling rushed to the phone booth and he was no longer there. Ye Guanying had obvious bruises on her left arm, but the real focus was very small. Section Chief Cao was full of doubts and began to speculate on the possibility of the case.

Section Chief Cao knew that the words Su Wenqian said on the phone were intended to clear the charge. Ouyang Xiangling refused to believe it. Section Chief Cao asked her to go to the hospital to guard Ye Guanying. He did not want Ouyang Xiangling to stay here. She was with Qin Zishu’s mother The front is too abnormal, and she has too deep a prejudice against Su Wenqian. The fact is that if Su Wenqian was a guest sent by the Bureau of Secrets, it would be impossible for him to live in Songjiang for three years, and why didn’t he run after the incident but risked his return to celebrate the birthday of the child?

Ouyang Xiangling refused to persuade him, so Section Chief Cao had to mention that Su Wenqian took the risk to save her today. The bruise on Ye Guanying’s hand showed that Su Wenqian launched this wooden fish not to kill people, but to save the life of the hostage child. Section Chief Cao ordered Ouyang Xiangling to leave here. She was really not suitable for dealing with Su Wenqian.

Shan Leng inquired about the situation in the hospital, but Chi Tiecheng had no intention of saving people. The intelligence must not be on him. He decided to go to see Ye Guanying himself, and he would speak only when he saw him.

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