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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 4 Recap

Ouyang Xiangling and Su Wenqian brought up the strange case three years ago. The deceased in this strange case was Yang Zhiliang. Ten years ago, the jellyfish and herd were seriously injured when they stabbed Japanese officers. Yang Zhiliang rescued them. Earlier, Yang Zhiliang accidentally met Muyu in Songjiang. Qin Henian was about to participate in the city’s anti-civil war rally.

Yang Zhiliang judged that their task was to kill Qin Henian, so as his secretary, he pretended to be Qin Henian and arrived at the scene first. The director told Section Chief Cao that Yang Zhiliang was their person, codenamed Beacon, Ouyang Xiangling was the one who developed him, and that the information that led to Yang Zhiliang’s sacrifice was passed on by Ouyang Xiangling.

Ouyang Xiangling went on to say that Yang Zhiliang studied surgery before, but he has a psychological disorder, and a drop of blood can make him tremble, but in that state he still endures the psychological disorder and performs operations on jellyfish and shepherd fish. Give food and drink to life for a whole month! Yang Zhiliang likes poetry. He is such a wonderful person. Ouyang Xiangling doesn’t know what kind of mentality a killer has to get started. That is his benefactor, his friend! Ouyang Xiangling then took out the wooden fish. Few people except Yang Zhiliang knew that this was a token of animal husbandry. Ouyang Xiangling found this in front of Yang Zhiliang’s grave.

She thought it was the dead person demonstrating. Su Wenqian lowered his head and trembled. He was deeply stabbed by Ouyang Xiangling’s words and stood up a little excited. He was not demonstrating, but repenting. The scene of Yang Zhiliang falling under his gun is vivid, and Su Wenqian’s heart is very broken. Ouyang Xiangling cried bitterly after getting off the car, and she was full of sadness and self-blame when she mentioned the old things, but the information she passed on sent her comrades to the battlefield. No wonder she will become an expert in the jellyfish assassination team.

Shan Leng told Chi Tiecheng about this, and told him that the man was herding fish. Chi Tiecheng was very happy looking at the wooden fish in his hand. He didn’t expect that he really found Su Wenqian. They had been separated for three years! Shan Leng went on to say that Su Wenqian was taken away by the Communist Party and that Cui Jiu wanted to kill him. Chi Tiecheng was not calm at all, and hurriedly drove people away. On the way back to the police station, Su Wenqian was very nervous. He didn’t want to be pulled back into that crying memory, nor did he want to involve Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue mother and daughter. Kai Lexi ordered the room to deliver the cake and asked to sign for it in person. Section Chief Cao took the delivery note and asked him to sign.

Chi Tiecheng came with the apprentices, Cui Jiu and Li Beicai had already arrived before them, and the situation was a bit bad. Su Wenqian was taken back to the Public Security Bureau again. This time he never refuted that Chief Cao called him Su Wenqian. Looking at the birthday cake on the table, Su Wenqian fell into deep thought again. Knowing that Su Wenqian bought a Snow White cake from Chi Tiecheng, I wondered how he would order a cake for a child. Cui Jiu’s bomb exploded in fifty-four minutes. Section Chief Cao is still interrogating him. If he really wants to go home to celebrate his child’s birthday, he has to answer a few questions. First, why did Su Wenqian lurking in Songjiang for three years?

Second, what mission did the jellyfish assassination team come to Songjiang to perform? Third, did Su Wenqian get that piece of information. Su Wenqian replied, none of this has anything to do with him. Li Beifa said that the assassination of Su Wenqian was ordered by Director Mao and that preventing the explosion would not do any good to Chi Tiecheng. Knowing that the Communist Party had sent Su Wenqian to the Bell Tower Square, Chi Tiecheng concluded that they already knew the true identity of Su Wenqian.

Su Wenqian asked to talk to Ouyang Xiangling, Chi Tiecheng asked Li Beira to send Cui Jiu back, and asked him to leave the gun behind. Su Wenqian’s request was to remove the guards and monitors, and also to lock the door. The chief refused to agree, for fear of what he might do. Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao said that he was handcuffed and handcuffed. There should be no major problem, and he promised to control his emotions. Chi Tiecheng knew that Yang Zhiliang was a Communist Party, so he opened Cui Jiu to let Su Wenqian escape. People from the Public Security Bureau removed the monitor, and Su Wenqian asked them to keep the cake.

After all, he couldn’t afford a second one. Shan Leng felt that it was impossible for Su Wenqian to be in the Public Security Bureau. The Chitiecheng Road Communist Party only knew the name of Su Wenqian as Shepherd Fish, but did not know how powerful he was. It turned out that Su Wenqian had just taken the pen tip for signing when he signed. At this time, he spit out the handcuffs and shackles. After Ouyang Xiangling came in, Su Wenqian asked how she would know the process of saving people and her mark, who is she? What Ouyang Xiangling cared about was who shot and killed Yang Zhiliang three years ago, Su Wenqian did not answer.

Chi Tiecheng could not call to tell the Communist Party. After all, they would understand that someone was going to kill Su Wenqian, and he would understand his role in intelligence. They would never take a risk before the last second. Ouyang Xiangling then asked Su Wenqian Chief Cao three questions. She recognized that he and Chi Tiecheng were in the same group. Su Wenqian could not refute, and offered to drink water. When Ouyang Xiangling poured water on him, Su Wenqian knocked her out, tied the iron chain to the window and the door, and then tied her to the chair to make a sound. Section Chief Cao outside the door quickly called someone. Open the door.

The door opened and the windows opened. Su Wenqian ran away from the window immediately. Section Chief Cao quickly led someone to chase him, but he didn’t expect Su Wenqian to turn back. Shan Leng and Chi Tiecheng were worried about the situation inside, and the Public Security Bureau suddenly rang an alarm bell, and Section Chief Cao realized that Su Wenqian was planning to adjust the tiger away from the mountain and hurried back. Su Wenqian took the cake and put on a military uniform and fled. Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling hurried to catch up, but Su Wenqian seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

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