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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 35 End Recap

After everything was up, Ding Yanshan wanted to follow A Sheng to leave this sad place. Ju Muer and Long Yue went to see each other off. After the four had a conversation, they said goodbye. When Long Teng learned that Long Yue was planning his marriage with Ju Muer again, he decided to seize the opportunity to marry Shu Ruochen first.

When everything calmed down, Ji Yan found Ju Mu’er and others, and said that her status as a princess in the former dynasty of Ximin would definitely bring a lot of inconvenience to Xiaobao’s future walking in the palace, so she planned to leave the palace and return to Ximin. Although Ju Muer and Feng Wu were reluctant to give up, they had to agree to Ji Yan’s death escape method and send her back to her hometown where she had been away for many years, and spend her life in peace.

Although Xiaobao has already recognized his ancestors, he is still very close to the Long family. Long Fei is also worried that he will be alone in the deep palace, so he decides to study hard and obtain fame, so he can enter the palace as a guard and personally protect Long Bao. . Long Teng took a puppy from outside and wanted it to accompany Shu Ruochen in place of Lao Bai. Shu Ruochen was surprised, and Long Teng did not expect that Lao Bai was a yellow dog.

In order to successfully marry Ju Mu’er, Long Yue prepared a land lease and gave it to Ju Sheng, and put up the sign of the home restaurant. Ju Sheng looked at the face of the land deed, and agreed to it for the time being, and immediately let Long Yue drink a pot of old daughter red. Long Yue was overwhelmed with alcohol, and Ju Muer changed his drinks to tea in advance. Long Yue finally passed the Jusheng pass. He thought he would be able to hold the beautiful woman back smoothly. Unexpectedly, the Queen Mother stepped in and disrupted his plan.

It turned out that Xiaobao was worried that Ju Muer and others would be wronged when they entered the Long’s house, and simply begged the Queen Mother to accept Ju Muer, Feng Wu and Shu Ruochen as righteous daughters. Not only did she reward her three, she even arranged a dowry for them to be on the same day. Married into the Long’s house gracefully, everyone was overjoyed upon hearing this.

On the day of the wedding, the Golden Dragon Inn was hung up with a red light, and the happy characters were posted. The lively atmosphere attracted the people to watch. It is detailed that three young masters were married at the same time, and the people who married were Shu Ruochen, Ju Muer and Ximin Shengfeng. dance. Now the three of them are waiting in the Queen Mother’s Palace with their hijabs, and they have not seen the groom’s official visit. Shu Ruochen is worried about Long Teng’s repentance, and Feng Wu complains about the cumbersome wedding leave of the Central Plains, but it is very easy to live in Muer.

Long Yue didn’t change his character as a businessman, and when he was welcoming his relatives, he and Long Fei were concerned about his money. Unexpectedly, Long Teng quietly set off to marry Shu Ruochen, vowing to win the first place, making Long Yue and Long Fei rushed, for fear of being caught To seize the opportunity, the first one to welcome the bride back, he rushed to meet her.

Xiaobao stood outside the door, watching the three uncles compare with each other. On weekdays, Long Teng always gave way to the two younger brothers, but now he is rushing to welcome the bride. Long Yue Bao’s red envelope is the largest. Long Fei has a relationship with Xiao Bao, but Long Teng is sloppy and unprepared. At the moment, Xiao Bao can only let Ju Sheng be the master. I didn’t expect Ju Sheng to easily let Long Teng go and take Xiao Bao to the wedding banquet. .

The palace has never seen such a lively scene for many years. King De and Shizi were so happy that they wanted to get drunk and get drunk. At present, the three couples walked through the red tent under the witness of the Queen Mother and others. Just as they were about to pay their respects, they suddenly heard the sound of a familiar piano. Ju Muer lifted his hijab and watched the palace maid playing Fuxi’s music, tears burst into his eyes. The Queen Mother believed that Fuxi’s score was a rare good piece and should not be lost because of this. However, Shi Bo Yin was wronged before his death, so he announced the restoration of Shi Bo Yin’s job as a music player.

Since Long Yue used to care about everything, the Queen Mother kept it all in her heart, so she took this opportunity to let Long Yue be responsible for all the expenses in the palace. Long Yue was both startled and sad, causing everyone to burst into laughter. In the bridal chamber, Long Yue and Ju Mu’er’s lover finally got married. He handed the keys of the Long’s account to Ju Mu’er, promising to stay together for a lifetime from now on and never give up.

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