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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 33 Recap

When a large number of officers and soldiers surrounded the Long’s house because of the Dragon’s Teng matter, the elder son happened to come to the Long’s house in order to take Long Bao away. Long Yue pretended to hold everyone down, while Ju Muer and Feng Wu took Long Bao to leave first. Shu Bo threatened the lives of Li Ke and a group of innocent Long’s subordinates. In order to delay time, Long Yue took the initiative to propose a duel to him, but Long Yue was not Shu Bo’s opponent, and he was losing out. When he was killed, Ju Muer arrived with the imperial decree.

It turned out that after Ju Mu’er and Feng Wu got away from Long’s house, they brought Ji Yan into the palace, told the emperor and the queen mother the truth, and asked the order to rescue Long Yue in time. It’s just that Long Teng still has difficulty getting out because Ding Sheng’s case is inconclusive, and Long Fei who came to visit threatened to never let the Shu family go.

Just as Long Fei was indignant, Shu Ruochen came to deliver the meal. Hearing these words, she felt guilty and did not know how to face Long Teng. Shu Ruochen was heartbroken by Long Teng’s refusal. When she returned home, she found that because of Long Bao, the emperor no longer trusted Shu Bo, so Shu Bo gave the token to transfer Ling Kun Temple to Yun Qingxian.

Three days later, the emperor will hear the case in public, and Ju Muer and Long Yue decided to take out the jade pendant to confront Yun Qingxian. Then Ju Muer visited Ding Yanshan and promised not to let the bad guys get away with it.

Ju Mu’er piously borrowed the guqin from Master, Long Yue comforted Ju Mu’er from the side, and vowed not to let Ju Mu’er be harmed again before the ranking of Master Yin. Ding Sheng invited Ya Lili to a banquet, accompanied by Hua Yibai, while Ju Muer performed as a luthier, keenly aware that Ya Lili was shocked when she saw Shi Boyin’s piano.

On the way, Ju Muer deliberately played the wrong notes, took the opportunity to consult Yalili, and begged Yalili to demonstrate in person. Yalili touched the piano that her lover once had infinitely nostalgic for her. The root is Kun Yuexian. Yalili’s strength changed between her fingers, revealing a flaw. Ju Muer exposed Yalili’s identity in public. Yalili tried to argue, but saw Long Yue and Long Teng escorting her personal maid. The two brothers were already here. Searched the Yinsi House.

Ya Lili had to admit that the ghost that appeared in the palace was indeed posing as herself, but she did not admit that she was the murderer of Li Fei. She admitted that her intention to sneak into the palace was to find Shi Bo Yin’s piano. Shubo broke through and offered her a deal. Then Ding Sheng arrested Hua Yibai and Lin Yueyao, and wanted to arrest Shu Bo.

Shu Ruochen was comforting Shu Bo, but Ding Sheng came in from outside. Shu Bo resisted himself, but Long Teng stepped forward to stop him. Seeing that Shu Bo was taken away, Shu Ruochen cursed Long Teng to lie to her, so he went to chase Shu Bo. Long Teng stopped, but Shu Ruochen bit his arm severely, and Long Teng had to get out. Shu Ruochen ran to Long Mansion to see Ju Mu’er, wanting Ju Mu’er to help continue investigating the case, saying that he could accept any truth.

Long Yue discovered that Ju Muer had always been out early and returned late lately, and he didn’t have much time to be alone with him. In order to enhance the sweetness of the two, Long Yue specially arranged a romantic petal shower, which happened to be when Ju Muer was out. Plan to take this opportunity to confess again. Li Ke tried his best to sprinkle petals behind the wall, and the scene was unexpectedly stunning. Just as Ju Muer was immersed in it, she looked at Long Yue and smiled. Unexpectedly, Yun Qingxian appeared suddenly, fanning away the petals in disgust. Say hello to Long Yue. Seeing him, Long Yue immediately swallowed his words into his stomach, his face drooping, and he pulled Ju Mu’er away.

Because of Li Fei’s case, Yun Qingxian had an appointment with Ju Mu’er before, and he came here to discuss the case. Long Yue turned his gaze to Ju Mu’er, and when she saw her smiled tacitly, she felt that she couldn’t keep her face on the spot, but because Yun Qingxian was yelling “Mu’er” one by one, she was a little angry and couldn’t help but question. Ju Muer wanted to ease the atmosphere and hurriedly took Yun Qingxian away. Long Yue wanted to follow, but was rejected. An angry Long Yue jumped.

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