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Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 27 Recap

Guo Liye went to the hospital to learn about IVF, and then told Guo Jing and his wife that he would pay out the money for IVF. Huang Rong dragged his head in a daze, Guo Jing walked back to the bedroom on the excuse of Huang Rong’s toothache. In the evening, Huang Rong talked about Guo Liye’s daily rush to get his grandson. She felt very distressed and thought she was going to have a child soon. Guo Jing was very happy when he heard it, but said that things were not in a hurry.

Guo Jing deliberately showed off his old hen soup in front of Chen Feng. Huang Rong believed that Chen Feng’s visit to the hospital was not in vain, and he was served with delicious and delicious food every day. At this time, the nurse walked in and told Huang Rong that Shu Xin was pregnant.

Chen Feng also walked in and told Huang Rong that Shu Xin and herself had always wanted a baby, and had taken a lot of infertility treatment drugs. Some time ago, they were too stressed to smoke, but later they took a lot of smoking cessation drugs. Huang Rong suggested after hearing this. Shu Xin transferred to obstetrics.

Huang Rong went to the ward for rounds, and Shu Xin felt that her attitude was neither cold nor hot, and she did something shameful, but if Chen Feng and Huang Rong had no problems, Chen Feng would never cheat. The hotel where things were revealed that day, I don’t know why it was so coincidental with flowers and red wine. I was tempted, but I can’t blame myself. Huang Rong didn’t want to turn to the past.

Shu Xin believed that the child was a bond of marriage and could tie the marriage together. If Huang Rong and Chen Feng had children at that time, they would not be divorced. She didn’t understand why Huang Rong didn’t want children after being married for so long.

Huang Rong happened to meet Chen Feng when she went home, and Chen Feng offered to send her back. In the car, Chen Feng mentioned the original things, everything was his fault. Huang Rong thought that the story had been turned over, and wondered whether he liked the people who could not take care of his life, but Chen Feng was silent. Huang Rong thought that the biggest problem between herself and him was that she had a problem, but Chen Feng never said it.

Guo Jing went home and saw Huang Rong sitting on the sofa worryingly, guessing that she and Shu Xin smiled and enmity, Huang Rong can not hate Shu Xin, Guo Jing thinks that time is a rag. Huang Rong was curious about how Guo Jing discovered the tricky. Guo Jing believed that he was the person who hoped Huang Rong’s happiness the most, but he found that Chen Feng and Shu Xin were ambiguous and could not pretend to be confused.

Shu Xin suffered from dizziness, insomnia, and sweaty palms. She woke up in the middle of the night and sweated profusely. Huang Caiyun went to the ward to visit after learning about it, and she didn’t let her talk about her condition from start to finish. Who knew that Shu Xin was temporarily blind Case.

Guo Jing perceives Shu Xin’s abnormality. It is unlikely that Shu Xin smokes three packs of cigarettes a day, because Chen Feng’s clinic is very busy. Even if the patient doesn’t mind the smell of her cigarettes, he doesn’t have time to smoke so much. Huang Rong also thought that Guo Jing was right. Guo Jing asked Shu Xin for the specific name and dosage of the smoking cessation drug.

Shu Xin suddenly became very excited and even used Huang Rong’s matter as a shield. Guo Jing said that as a nurse, Shu Xin wanted to get a doctor’s license, and she couldn’t concentrate on studying with zero foundation, so she could only buy drugs to stimulate her central nervous system and improve her learning efficiency. Shu Xin saw that the incident was exposed and admitted that she was taking medication.

Huang Rong couldn’t sleep thinking about Chen Feng’s words. She was worried that Guo Jing deceived herself but didn’t know whether she should ask. On this day, she asked Guo Jing why he knew the hotel where Chen Feng and Shu Xin had an affair, even the room was so clear. Guo Jing explained that he received the news from friends. Huang Rong did not give them the opportunity to explain. He believed that Guo Jing paid attention to Shu Xin and Guo Jing when he came back from Africa. Guo Jing dug the hotel when he went to the hotel.

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