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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 13 Recap

Zhou Dingbei praised Wang Yong for his stable performance, thanks to the Zhonghua Card equipped with a computer, but Chaoxin did not make a profit for Zhou Dingbei because of the Zhonghua Card. The small shop opened by the Zhu family relied on the prosperity of the game console.

Hong Yuqiao’s business grew bigger and bigger. After buying a car, he drove to pick up the peaches, and even the bicycles were given to Brother Zhu for free. Hong Yuqiao also took Guan Tao to see the luxury hotel. As long as Guan Tao lived comfortably and happily, Hong Yuqiao would book the entire hotel room. Guan Tao had a bitter life in the early days of marrying Hong Yuqiao.

At that time, Hong Yuqiao vowed to give Guantao the best things when he developed. Although Guan Tao did not covet the life of the rich, he was very moved. Kwong Mingchou went home to accompany his father and talked about the awards of the Zhonghua Card. Jiang Cheng and Yu Wenjing also came to visit his father with food. Kwong Mingchoo accidentally saw the newspaper on the wall promoting innovative reports and suddenly had an idea.

Hong Yuqiao wants to recruit a few college students who learn software for Hao Bing to direct him to continue copying game software, but Hao Bing doesn’t want to copy and piracy anymore. He still wants to develop some new technologies, but now he makes money from piracy, Hong Yuqiao Not so long-term that he disagrees with Hao Bing’s opinion, and then put out the matter of taking in Hao Bing to suppress him, Hao Bing had nothing to say and could only leave. Yu Wenjing wants to donate six ATG computers to the Children’s Palace to hold open classes to arouse public opinion topics.

Wang Yong also mentioned this when he was eating at Hong Yuqiao’s house. Hong Yuqiao didn’t know what the Zhonghua Card was and planned to visit. The Children’s Palace Open Class invited several members of the Science and Technology Awards Organizing Committee. The children who had used the Zhonghua Card showed up and gave a round of applause.

Hong Yuqiao learned about the benefits of the Zhonghua Card in the open class and quickly returned to the company to talk to Hao Bing. Hao Bing thought that the Zhonghua Card was easy to be eliminated and technical maintenance was difficult. Once the hardware was upgraded, the Zhonghua Card would be useless. Bing has the ability to develop a more advanced Chinese character input system, but it takes time and money.

As soon as Hong Yuqiao heard that it would take a long time for research and development and the funds could not be returned quickly, he wanted Hao Bing to directly copy the Zhonghua Card and it did not support technological innovation. Hao Bing and Hong Yuqiao had a big quarrel in their ideas, and the two got into trouble. Broke up unhappy. At the end of the open class, several committee members were studying the re-grading of the Zhonghua Card. The Zhonghua Card represents the technological progress in China, which is of great significance and requires encouragement.

Therefore, several committee members agreed that it should be awarded the first prize and finally decided Review to the organizing committee. Guantao Supply and Marketing Cooperative wants to raise funds to build a house. She deliberately makes a set of them, but Hong Yuqiao is now used to living in high-end hotels and does not want to return to the fund-raising house. The two talked about Hao Bing and Hong Yuqiao. On the differences.

Guan Tao didn’t want to watch the two brothers get awkward, and went to Hao Bing to persuade him on the next day. Guan Tao didn’t understand Hao Bing, and just persuaded Hao Bing to listen to Hong Yuqiao. When the company grows rich, he will definitely support Hao Bing. No one understands Bing’s research and development, Hao Bing can only agree first.

Zhonghua Card won the first prize for scientific and technological progress. Yu Wenjing put her photos on the table along with Kwong Mingchoi when she cleaned up the table. She also boldly warned Kwong Mingchoo not to take her photos. Kwong Mingcho didn’t like Yu Wenjing and his heart was still attached to Yao.

Naturally, Kun would not keep Yu Wenjing’s photos on her body. Yao Kun received the diamond ring brochure from Kwong Mingchoi. When he went to the store, he learned that this brand of diamond rings can only be purchased by men, and that he can only buy one in his lifetime. Yao Kun is very happy. Kwong Mingchou and Yao Kun are both concerned about each other. Kwong Mingchou wrote to Yao Kun to inform her that Zhonghua Card had won the first prize of scientific and technological progress, and the company was moving in a good direction.

Su Yan is a college student who came to Pingdu to look for a job. She was unemployed and couldn’t pay her rent. She walked on the street and seemed to have a lot of research on computers. She found a place to put it in a stall without shouting. The sister-in-law Zhu’s sister couldn’t help. Su Yan set up a table and put on the merchandise to shout. Su Yan sold computer anti-virus software, and explained to the buyer that someone really started it.

Although Hao Bing started research and development, he did not copy the Zhonghua Card as required by Hong Yuqiao. Hong Yuqiao was anxious to invest in the market to make money and resolutely disagrees with innovation. Hao Bing could not bear to refute Chuangkai’s reasons for only listening to Hong Yuqiao. It was Hong Yuqiao who took him in, but the way to make money created by it was to copy the game console by himself. Hong Yuqiao ignored Hao Bing’s words and forced him to copy the Zhonghua Card, and the two broke up again.

Jiang Cheng noticed Su Yan who sells anti-virus software on the street. After inquiring, he learned that Su Yan was a computer talent in software development and recommended him to Chaoxin’s R&D department to apply. However, Professor Tang ignored Su Yan’s work because of his busy schedule. During the interview, Su Yan was very angry and was about to leave. When Jiang Cheng got off work, she stopped her and took her to the dormitory to see Professor Tang.

Professor Tang apologized for his little mistake and checked Su Yan’s anti-virus software. Su Yan and Jiang Cheng talked about her experience. She graduated from Jiangnan University’s computer science department and was assigned to the Tobacco Bureau. However, she only likes computers and is unwilling to sell tobacco, so she comes to Ping to find a job.

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