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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 50 Recap

Luo Danfang learns sauce beef to please Captain Xu Cai Danyan and promises to meet Gao Tianshuo.

Luo Yuefang took Li Meiqi out to play, and the two were together sweetly. At night, Luo Yuefang sent Li Meiqi home. Downstairs, Li Meiqi told Luo Yuefang that she had always worried that he would treat herself as a little sister. Luo Yueyan said, Because he had too many concerns before, but in the future, he will be Li Meiqi’s big tree.

Luo Danfang came to Du Mingshan’s house and asked Liao Qianman to help him make sauced beef. After tasting, Liao Qianman didn’t know how to evaluate Luo Danfang’s level, but for a lady, Luo Danfang has improved a lot. Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan are going to send Captain Xu out. Captain Xu heard Xu Kaiyu yelling in the next room. It happened that Luo Danfang sent Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan beef to taste. Captain Xu gave Xu Kaiyu a lesson, and the sisters persuaded him.

Captain Xu shouldn’t be too angry. Xu Kaiyu was just accompanying Luo Danfang to cook. After everyone persuaded, Captain Xu tasted Luo Danfang’s beef, but gave no comment. He just said thank you and turned and left. Everyone guessed that Captain Xu had known about Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang for a long time, and now I am afraid that only the two of them mistakenly thought that no one knew.

The next day, Li Meiqi came to the company very early, and when she saw Luo Yuefang reminded him that the collar of his clothes was exposed, she went up to tidy up his clothes intimately, and Luo Yuefang invited her to eat together at noon. Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu saw how close they were, and guessed that they must be together. Xu Kaiyu volunteered to confirm for Luo Danfang.

He told Luo Yuefang that three months ago, he let himself go after Li Meiqi. Three months later , He caught up with Li Meiqi, but this is also a good result. Luo Yue expressed his gratitude to him, and Xu Kaiyu confirmed the relationship between the two. After he returned, he excitedly told Luo Danfang the news. He said that he had taken the first step in friendship with his future brother-in-law.

Luo Danfang also congratulated Li Meiqi. She hoped that Li Meiqi would become her sister-in-law. Gao Tianshuo, Du Mingshan and others have been studying the situation of the new book. At present, finding Cai Danyan is the top priority, and for Feiying, many people cannot grasp his whereabouts. Captain Xu urged Du Mingshan to brake her boyfriend sometimes and don’t let him go too aggressively.

Du Mingshan said to follow his plan. Captain Xu expressed his appreciation for the relationship between Du Mingshan and Gao Tianshuo naturally, and then mentioned that some people always fail to learn it. The implication is to remind the relationship between Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang.

Gao Tianshuo received a call from Cai Danyan, saying that he did beautifully in the Yaxing case, and then asked him how he wanted to help himself. Gao Tianshuo said that he just wanted to find out the truth to fight Chen Kunhu. In the Yaxing case, he and Da Hei and Flying Eagle are the hidden tip of the iceberg, he will let Cai Danyan get the original justice and axioms. Cai Danyan asked him to come over early tomorrow morning for a detailed discussion. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan the news.

She wanted to go with Gao Tianshuo. Liao Qianman was worried about the safety of the two. Gao Tianshuo said that according to his speculation, Cai Danyan was not from Feiying brother, and the homicide on his back could be The knot between him and Brother Feiying. Du Mingshan decided to accompany Gao Tianshuo. She assured Liao Qianman that she would proceed with care.

Because of the general manager’s care, Li Meiqi’s work is relatively easier. This has been criticized by many colleagues. After Luo Danfang saw it, she decided to stand up for Li Meiqi but was stopped by her. After Luo Yuefang learned of this, he disclosed the relationship between him and Li Meiqi during the meeting and warned those who spread the rumors.

Early the next morning, Gao Tianshuo took Du Mingshan to Cai Danyan’s residence. Cai Danyan came out in a wheelchair and asked them to hand over the phone, and then return the phone to them when they left. Cai Danyan asked Gao Tianshuo to talk about his next plan, how he could help himself find justice and axiom. Gao Tianshuo said that he needed evidence from the Great Eagle Group. Now Captain Xu has agreed to help. Coupled with the evidence he provided, the Great Eagle Group will be exposed to the sun. However, Cai Danyan does not believe in Gao Tianshuo. He called the Yaxing case. Without the Roche Group’s backing, he would have been swallowed by Chen Kunhu.

Cai Danyan said that he had been hesitant to meet them if it was the biggest mistake. He was beaten in prison by Feiying’s men and needed to be in a wheelchair. He was told every day where his wife set up the stall and what kind of clothes his daughter was wearing. No one can understand that kind of fear. After he came out, he tried every means to avoid Feiying’s monitoring, and wanted to work hard to cheer up, just to one day return it to Zhao Feiying doublingly.

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