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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 49 Recap

Du Mu and Wu Bihua turned out to be rivals Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan investigate Cai Danyan.

Gao Tianshuo brought Du Mingshan to fly the kite. He knew what happened between Du Mingshan and his father, so he asked Du Mingshan to close his eyes and concentrate all the troubles in the past on the kite. Then he firmly held the kite, and he cut it with scissors. Kite, let all the troubles of Du Mingshan go away with the kite, this trick really worked, Du Mingshan was in a much better mood. Du Mingshan apologized to Gao Tianshuo. She said that she had forgiven him for a long time, but she didn’t know how to express it to him. The two reconciled and kissed each other affectionately.

Du Mingshan returned home happily and saw her mother and sisters chatting happily. Du Mingshan asked her mother if she had contact with her father. She said that she wanted to see her father because she had let go of her past resentment towards her father, and she was grateful for her own Good girlfriends have been with her, and they ridicule him and Gao Tianshuo’s reconciliation. Li Meiqi came to the office during the holidays. She knew that Luo Yuefang must work overtime here, so she brought some takeaways. The two were busy with their work, but Luo Yuefang couldn’t settle down.

He asked Li Meiqi to work in his office, so that she saved herself from always going Follow her. Luo Yuefang told Li Meiqi that she thanked her for driving away her heart knot for six years. In these six years, no one had ever dared to mention Ding Xiaorou in front of him. Only she dared to do this. She helped her to relieve her heart demon. After the two decided to go to dinner after working overtime, Luo Yuefang firmly took Li Meiqi’s hand.

In order to please Captain Xu, Luo Danfang deliberately came to Xu’s home to learn how to make beef burritos. He didn’t expect it to look simple, but it was very troublesome to make, which made Luo Danfang a little broken. Xu Kaiyu persuaded Luo Danfang that it was a matter between the two of them that she liked her. She didn’t have to deliberately to please her father, but Luo Danfang said that since she was a child, her father told her that the Luo family’s family motto is that there is nothing the Luo family do. Not enough, so she didn’t want to give up halfway, next she decided to learn from Liao Qianman how to make sauce beef.

Du Mu and Du Mingshan met Gao Tianshuo downstairs. Du Mingshan checked if Gao Tianshuo bought instant noodles and canned food and other simple foods, and at the same time told him not to stay up too late. Du Mu saw how affectionate the two were and thought of the mother on page 10. , She suddenly proposed to go to Gao Tianshuo’s family to taste the wolfberry blood tea made by his mother. Du Mingshan also thought the tea was delicious. Du’s mother asked Gao Tianshuo to call Wu Bihua’s phone number and bluntly said that she had robbed her of her first love.

Du Mingshan was very surprised when she learned of this incident. After returning home, she pestered her mother to talk about the affairs between her and Wu Bihua, but Du’s mother was unwilling to tell the story. Gao Tianshuo called his mother and told him about this. Wu Bihua told him to ignore Du’s mother, accused her of being a bad woman, and owed herself an apology, and Du Mu responded in the same way.

Gao Tianshuo sent information about Cai Danyan to Du Mingshan. Du Mingshan decided to go with him to find Cai Danyan, but the neighbors were afraid to tell the whereabouts of Cai Danyan. Suddenly, a flowerpot fell upstairs. Gao Tianshuo protected Du Mingshan. Without being hit, Gao Tianshuo discovered the mystery. Someone was warning them not to go any further. Gao Tianshuo realized that they might be close to the secret.

After returning home, Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan analyzed Cai Danyan’s situation together. They felt that Captain Xu should know the inside story, so they came to Captain Xu and told him about the situation that they were almost attacked. Captain Xu refused to get promoted because of Cai Danyan’s affairs. However, he did not give specific details. He just said that if similar things happen again, he will intervene. After all, they are all Xu Kaiyu’s friends. Gao Tianshuo said that in the future he will be measured and will not let similar things happen again. .

Luo Yuefang came to Du Mingshan’s house to find Li Meiqi. After seeing the love breakfast Li Meiqi made for him, he was very touched. The two went out to play together. When the love fell deep, Luo Yuefang kissed Li Meiqi.

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