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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 48 Recap

Liao Qianman encourages Du Mingshan to speed up the progress of love. Captain Xu officially serves as a ten-page new book consultant.

Gao Tianshuo got up early in the morning to practice the stretching posture Du Mingshan taught him. A Sam felt very strange after seeing it, because Gao Tianshuo had never got up so early to exercise before. Du mother also walked out after seeing it. She asked Gao Tianshuo intentionally or unconsciously. His family situation comes, and he pays special attention to what his father is doing now. Du Mingshan wants to stop it, but A Sam encourages Du’s mother to ask Gao Tianshuo about this and that.

Then Du’s mother asks why Gao Tianshuo does such yoga moves, Gao Tianshuo said It was Du Mingshan who taught him. Du Mingshan blushed and said that she only taught him simple yoga. Du’s mother said that yoga is yoga. There is nothing more than simple, which makes Du Mingshan feel embarrassed.

Gao Tianshuo went to send Du Mingshan to work. He couldn’t help but remember the scene of taking Du Mingshan to work. Du Mingshan asked Gao Tianshuo to help Luo Danfang a favor and let him be his assistant while writing the book. Gao Tianshuo thought that Luo Danfang’s purpose was to do this. Contact Captain Xu, but because of Du Mingshan’s request, he agreed. Du Mingshan looked at the ten-page manuscript about Roche and admired the ten-page text level.

After seeing it, Liao Qianman encouraged her to get Gao Tianshuo as soon as possible, otherwise in case a big boss appeared to intervene in their emotional life, Then there may be uncertainties in the future between them. Du Mingshan said that she has read too many romance novels. Zhao Yinze called Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman to the office, because Luo Yuefang had already given him the contact information about the fashion queen Liao Shasha, he decided to contact Liao Shasha, and by the way gave them an important social class. Domineering, hung up without saying a few words, which made Zhao Yinze a little embarrassed. Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman looked at each other, Zhao Yinze had to find a reason to alleviate the embarrassment.

Li Meiqi secretly rushed to work at home. After Luo Danfang saw it, she wanted to complain to Luo Yuefang, but she was stopped by Li Meiqi. Li Meiqi brought the supplements that good sisters gave her to Luo Yuefang, and asked him to take good care of his body. The two talked about Xiaowei. Li Meiqi felt that Luo Yuefang took good care of Xiaowei. Luo Yuefang said that he sometimes envied Xiaowei. Because it only remembers the beauty in front of it. The words of the two have deep meanings. Luo Yuefang said that communicating with Li Meiqi is more effective in relieving fatigue than taking vitamins.

Liao Qianman sent a message to Dai Wenrou, but did not respond for a long time. She couldn’t help but become irritable. Du Mingshan persuaded her to be patient. Maybe Dai Wenrou had something to do and didn’t reply in time. Sure enough, Dai Wenrou responded to the message and invited them to the show together. Luo Danfang told Xu Kaiyu that Shiyeye had agreed to let her be an assistant, and asked him to suggest how to get Captain Xu to accept her as soon as possible.

Xu Kaiyu said that his father was more rigorous in doing things and his consideration of things was more pragmatic, suggesting Luo Dan Fang wanted to put down her figure and reminded her not to refute what he said, which is the most important thing.

Luo Yuefang’s subordinates thoroughly investigated Ding Xiaorou’s affairs, but there has been no progress. Luo Yuefang decided to give up and let his subordinates transfer all the staff back. Dai Wenrou sent a message to Liao Qianman that their Kaohsiung troupe had some problems. The original landlord did not want to rent a venue to them, so the troupe would have no venue for rehearsals from tomorrow. Du Mingshan felt a little strange, because Kang Shasha had been supporting the troupe before. Liao Qianman felt that they didn’t want to trouble the funders anymore, maybe they wanted to solve it by themselves. Du Mingshan suggested that Liao Qianman could use Jing Fan’s izakaya to help. The troupe serves as a rehearsal venue.

Captain Xu formally came to Zexian Publishing House as a consultant for the ten-page new book. He questioned Luo Danfang’s role as Gao Tianshuo’s assistant, and Luo Danfang stepped forward to explain why. Gao Tianshuo brought up the case of Cai Danyan to Captain Xu. He wanted to know what happened that year. Captain Xu told him that people in the rivers and lakes must use the logic of the rivers and lakes to think and tell some details of what happened that year. . Li Meiqi came to see Luo Yuefang and saw him dozing there tiredly. She carefully put Luo Yuefang’s head on her lap so that he could sleep more securely.

Liao Qianman brought Dai Wenrou to the izakaya and let them rehearse in this venue. Dai Wenrou was very grateful. She would like to have the opportunity to meet Liao Qianman’s sisters. Gao Tianshuo sent a message to ask Du Mingshan whether he could fly a kite with him tomorrow. Flying a kite is also a knot of Du Mingshan’s heart. In her memory, her father once took her to fly a kite.

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