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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 39 Recap

Li Zhenyan hadn’t decided whether to return to Europe to join the band after the performance. Li Yazhe asked Li Zhenyan how he thought of recruiting new members. Li Yazhe originally thought that according to Li Zhenyan’s character, he would insist on keeping the old members, but Li Zhenyan said that he was indeed the first member.

Thinking about it this way, I always feel that the old members are gone, RS Orchestra is not a real RS Orchestra, but then he figured it out clearly, the name of RS Orchestra is just a symbol, only by constantly injecting fresh blood, can the orchestra be more energetic. , Rejuvenated. Li Yazhe was a little bit emotional. Li Zhenyan could say this, indicating that he has really grown up.

Soon, Fisher went to the RS Orchestra to lead the rehearsal. Fisher looked at the familiar faces in the orchestra and was a little emotional. Li Zhenyan said that he knew that Fisher chose the RS Orchestra to help him complete the performance for the sake of the RS Orchestra, but Fisher said that the RS Orchestra brought him more happiness than he brought to the RS Orchestra.

Elise and Lin Yumian were worried about Fisher’s body, and they were also guarding in the orchestra. Elise told Lin Yumian to pay more attention to Fisher’s body during this time. Lin Yumian agreed. For Fisher’s body, Lin Yumian agreed. Don’t let Fisher practice more at will.

After a period of rehearsal, Lin Yumian and Fisher walked in the rain. They talked while walking. After Fisher mentioned the performance, there was one thing he must do. When he was young, he yearned to travel around the world, but now he only I want to live with Lin Yumian and live an ordinary life. Lin Yumian did not refuse, only that he wanted Fisher to operate as soon as possible after finishing the performance.

Fisher put his curtain call performance at the Baiqi Conservatory of Music. Most of the tickets were sold as soon as they went on sale, but the rehearsal on the RS Orchestra was not smooth. Recently, Fisher has not heard the sound more and more times. The more, during the rehearsal, there were many obvious mistakes that Fisher did not hear.

Everyone in the RS Orchestra was a little worried, and there were three days before the official performance. Everyone was worried about whether Fisher could be on stage when the official performance came. Li Yazhe understands Fisher. No matter what, Fisher will perform on stage that day. The only way now is to rehearse for RS Orchestra by Li Zhenyan after Fisher rehearses for RS Orchestra.

Under Li Zhenyan’s arrangement, after Fisher’s formal rehearsal, Li Zhenyan and the others stayed to continue the rehearsal. Li Zhenyan was responsible for both his own piano part and the rehearsal. It was really hard work. Li Yazhe proposed himself to Li Zhenyan’s piano performance. However, Li Zhenyan did not agree with him. He believed that the piano part of this time was not the main part, but served for the whole orchestra, and most importantly, it should assist Fisher’s conducting style.

Fisher was also aware of his illness, and vaguely guessed that the recent rehearsal was very bad. For him, as a conductor, he lost his hearing. The scary thing is not that the performance is bad and his reputation is damaged. What makes him most sad is, He couldn’t say goodbye to the music he loves, the stage he loves and the audience behind him, Lin Yumian comforted that Fisher’s life is far from coming to an end, and even after losing his hearing, he can feel the music with his heart.

Li Yazhe and Elise went to the hospital to inquire about Fisher’s condition. They knew that Fisher’s complete deafness would recur, and even fainted would recur. Fang Xiaorui worried about Fisher’s body and also worried about Fisher’s arrival. Can’t perform smoothly at that time.

After finishing talking about Fisher, Fang Xiaolu told Li Yazhe about Li Zhenyan, saying that Li Zhenyan really wanted to forgive Li Yazhe, but because of Li Yazhe’s bad words, Li Zhenyan has always been contradictory, and Fang Xiaolu encouraged Li Yazhe to tell Li Zhenyan. Words in my heart. Seeing that Li Yazhe was still hesitant, Fang Xiaolu knew that he still didn’t have the courage to open up to Li Zhenyan, so he wanted them to communicate with the sound of the piano.

On the day of the official performance, Tian Yisong, Jiang Caiwei, Yan Yan and others all came to Fisher’s farewell performance. Before going on stage, Fang Xiaolu pretended to have a sudden stomachache and pretended that he could not be on stage. Li Zhenyan was helpless. Li Yazhe can only replace Fang Xiaolet on stage. Although Li Yazhe has not rehearsed with the orchestra, his cooperation with Li Zhenyan is very tacit.

Fisher looked at every familiar face in the orchestra and lamented their growth. In fact, for him, he witnessed their growth. It was the best performance of his life. Halfway through the performance, Fisher had tinnitus and suddenly became deaf. Fisher was shocked that he could not hold the baton. When the performance was about to have an accident, Li Zhenyan lifted it.

He started and signaled everyone to continue playing. Under Li Zhenyan’s command, everyone continued to play. Fisher also calmed down and continued to direct with his feelings. After the performance ended without danger, the audience burst into applause. Li Zhenyan saw Fisher still standing on the podium and guided him down to the curtain call. When Fisher came to the curtain call, Li Zhenyan and Li Yazhe put the hands of Li Zhenyan and Li Yazhe. together.

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