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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 38 Recap

Jiang Caiwei uploaded the video of Yan Yan singing on the Internet. Netizens liked Yan Yan’s song very much. It didn’t take long for good news. Mr. Xiao, who Yan Yan contacted before, was very interested in Jiang Caiwei and expressed his desire to cooperate with Jiang Caiwei for a long time. .

After Li Yazhe decided to face everything, he plucked up the courage to find Li Zhenyan, but Li Zhenyan still refused to be thousands of miles away, and said that if he wanted to redeem his sins, he should make atonement for his mother. After all, Li Zhenyan took Li Yazhe Turned away. Li Zhenyan went to the cemetery to pay homage to his mother. Li Yazhe also came to the cemetery with a bunch of flowers. Li Zhenyan was angry when he saw Li Yazhe.

He didn’t want to talk to Li Yazhe. After a few quarrels, he left. After Li Zhenyan left, Li Yazhe was there. Li’s mother repented before his tomb. He regretted not stopping Li’s mother at the time. It was his stupidity and stubbornness that caused Li’s accident. After Li Yazhe left, Li Zhenyan returned to the cemetery. It turned out that Li Zhenyan had been watching Li Yazhe in the dark. He looked at Li’s mother’s tombstone, and Li Zhenyan felt very complicated.

After returning home, Li Zhenyan had been fascinated by the photo of herself and Li’s mother. Fang Xiaolu saw him sad, so he asked a few words, and Li Zhenyan confided in the other Xiaolu. After so many years, Li Zhenyan found that Li Yazhe still retains that year. The ring when he married Li’s mother. He originally thought that Li Yazhe had already formed a new family, but he did not expect Li Yazhe to live a deserted life.

After today’s events, Li Zhenyan realized that in his heart he didn’t seem to hate Li Yazhe that much, but he I also worried that if I accepted Li Yazhe, Li’s mother would feel betrayed. Fang Xiaolu comforted him, Li’s mother definitely hoped that the two of them could untie the knot.

Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu went to the hospital to visit Fisher. No matter what they said, Fisher’s answer was wrong. Although the two felt strange, they were not sure what was wrong with Fisher. After Fisher was discharged from the hospital, he went to Baiqi. Lin Yumian asked him what he was doing when he came back this time.

Fisher said mysteriously that he was going to do a big thing this time. The two of them wandered around the campus. The two went to the stage where they played the first time, sitting together and chatting about the past. Before long, Lin Yumian intuitively felt that Fisher was hiding something from her, but Fisher didn’t seem to have heard anything. Fisher did not take a few steps and suddenly fell to the ground with a vertigo. Lin Yumian hurriedly sent Fisher in. The hospital, only then learned about Fisher’s condition.

The doctor told Lin Yumian and Li Yazhe that Fisher’s condition was already very serious and that rehearsals and performances should be suspended. It is best to have an operation as soon as possible. However, Fisher insisted on holding his own farewell performance in China. He chose one. Two piano concertos, and gave the two piano parts to Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu.

The performing orchestra was RS Orchestra. Li Zhenyan firmly opposed. He felt that the RS Orchestra had just recruited musicians and it was impossible to perform with Fisher. With Fisher’s current physical condition, it is not suitable for long rehearsals at all, but Lin Yumian and Li Yazhe knew that this was Fisher’s wish, and also knew that Fisher wanted to help RS orchestra again, so they stopped persuading them.

Li Zhenyan had no choice but to agree. Li Zhenyan told everyone in the RS Orchestra the news, and Fang Xiaolu called Ji Mo back to take care of the oboe part. Everyone was worried that it would drag Fisher after hearing this news. Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu encouraged A few words from them, let everyone seize this opportunity.

Li Yazhe came to Li Zhenyan’s house suddenly, and moved into Li Zhenyan’s house for fear of Fang Xiaolu’s performance. Although Li Zhenyan acted very reluctantly, he still acquiesced in letting Li Yazhe live in. In normal life, he occasionally speaks. Care about Li Yazhe stiffly. When Li Yazhe taught Fang Xiaorui to play the piano at home, Li Zhenyan watched him play the piano and couldn’t help but recall the time when he watched Li Yazhe play the piano when he was a child. Li Yazhe asked Li Zhenyan, saying goodbye to Fang Xiaorui’s plans after the performance.

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