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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 37 Recap

Fang Xiaorui’s first performance was to challenge a difficult piece of music, and he was cooperating with a professional orchestra. Li Zhenyan saw that Fang Xiaorui was a little nervous, but Li Zhenyan believed that Fang Xiaorui would be able to do it. Fisher listened on stage. Fang Xiaorui’s performance also made him feel that Fang Xiaorui was a geek. Compared with the last time Fisher listened to Fang Xiaorui’s performance, Fang Xiaorui’s progress was rapid.

But Fang Xiaolu was not happy when she played on stage. She recalled that ever since she met Li Zhenyan, she had become increasingly unhappy playing the piano by herself. She desperately pursued Li Zhenyan, but she couldn’t catch up. Li Zhenyan stared intently. Fang Xiaolu felt something from her state. Listening to Fang Xiaolu’s piano sound, Li Zhenyan seemed to understand Fang Xiaolu’s feelings all the time.

After the performance, the audience burst into applause. Fang Xiaolu’s wonderful performance caught the media’s attention. She was surrounded by the media as soon as she stepped off the stage. Li Zhenyan went backstage to see Fang Xiaolu, but the security stopped her. He said that Fang Xiaolu didn’t want to see him, so Li Zhenyan had no choice but to leave. Li Zhenyan recalled the injury he had done before, and felt that it was too late for him to do anything, and worried that Fang Xiaoru would leave him.

The members of the RS band read the news and realized that Fang Xiaolu and Fisher were performing together. Lin Qingshang was also very surprised that Fang Xiaolu did not tell him the news, but everyone was happy for Fang Xiaolu and felt that the future Xiao Lett must have a bright future.

Elise also wants to sign a contract with Fang Xiaorui, but Fang Xiaorui murmured that she would not play the piano anymore, and that playing it would not be better than now. Li Zhenyan kept calling Fang Xiaolu, but Fang Xiaolu refused to answer. He was about to apply for musicians in half an hour. Li Zhenyan could only put this matter aside and apply for musicians first.

But during the interview, Li Zhenyan couldn’t concentrate. At this time, Elise called Li Zhenyan and asked him if he knew where Fang Xiaolu was, and then told him that Fang Xiaolu could not play the piano. Li Zhenyan became nervous, ignoring another interview. After leaving, he began to find Fang Xiaoru all over the world. Li Zhenyan went to all the places Fang Xiaoru might go, and kept calling her, but he still found nothing.

The next morning, Li Zhenyan turned on the piano at home depressed, and played it casually. Fang Xiaorui was awakened upstairs when he heard the sound of the piano. It turned out that Fang Xiaorui had been hiding at home and did not go out. Fang Xiaorui came to Li Zhenyan’s door. Before, I hesitated for a long time but still didn’t open the door. Just when I was about to go back, Qin Fen and Lin Qingshang just arrived. Lin Qingshang saw that Fang Xiaolu’s mood was not right, so he took her to Qin’s father’s noodle restaurant to eat something first.

Fang Xiaolu ate the noodles, and the two asked about her performance with Fisher and Li Zhenyan, but Fang Xiaolu kept silent. Qin Fen mentioned that a kindergarten nearby was recruiting a music teacher. There was light here, and Fang Xiaolu became a temporary music teacher in the kindergarten. Qin Fen told Li Zhenyan the news, and Li Zhenyan quickly found the news according to what Qin Fen said.

When Li Zhenyan found Fang Xiaoluo, Fang Xiaoluo was playing the piano for the children. Li Zhenyan was a little bit emotional. He felt that this was Fang Xiaolu’s real piano sound, full of sunshine and passion for music, because of Fang Xiaolu’s piano sound. It’s so good that Li Zhenyan couldn’t help but want to push Fang Xiaoru to a higher stage. On the first day he heard Fang Xiaoru’s piano sound, Li Zhenyan knew that Fang Xiaoru’s piano sound could bring others to life.

Come to be happy, pure happiness. Thinking of this, Li Zhenyan walked into the room and proposed to Fang Xiaolu to go back to the ensemble that she had always wanted to play, but Fang Xiaolu refused, saying that he no longer wanted to play the piano with Li Zhenyan, and didn’t want to play it anymore. I played the piano and didn’t want to get angry behind my back because I liked Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan pulled Fang Xiaolu back to school involuntarily, and the two returned to Teacher Hu’s piano room.

Li Zhenyan turned on the piano and said he wanted to talk to Fang Xiaolu. Fang Xiaorui was very resistant to the first ensemble of the two ensemble, but under the leadership of Li Zhenyan, Fang Xiaorui gradually recovered the original feeling. After the song ended, Fang Xiaorui finally opened his heart to Li Zhenyan. The two embraced tightly.

Li Yazhe returned to China and decided to face the contradiction between himself and Li Zhenyan. He first went to find his aunt. The aunt also had grievances towards Li Yazhe. He felt that Li Yazhe’s death was Li Yazhe’s fault, but no matter how wrong Li Yazhe was wrong, he He was always Li Zhenyan’s father. What Li Zhenyan didn’t know was that Li Yazhe had been inquiring about Li Zhenyan’s news through his aunt.

The aunt persuaded Li Yazhe to use actions to express his love for Li Zhenyan, but Li Yazhe felt that he was too wrong and he no longer wanted Li Zhenyan. I can forgive him, but my aunt said that Li Zhenyan didn’t really hate him. If I really hate him, Li Zhenyan would not care about him. Li Zhenyan was only disappointed in him and still yearned for his father’s love. Under my aunt’s persuasion, Li Yazhe decided to take courage. Face it all.

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