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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 36 Recap

Li Zhenyan knew that his indecision had hurt Fang Xiaorui, and he was very guilty. After the performance, Fang Xiaorui said that today’s performance was very good, but she couldn’t stop her sad emotions and threw herself into Li Zhenyan. In her arms, holding Li Zhenyan tightly, Fang Xiaorui was extremely frightened, worried that Li Zhenyan didn’t really like him, and worried that he and Li Zhenyan could not be together forever.

Li Zhenyan was a little distressed when he heard Fang Xiaolu’s words, and quickly promised to say I really like Fang Xiaolu, and he and Fang Xiaolu will always be together forever. Fang Xiaolu listened to Li Zhenyan’s assurance, but the knot in her heart still remained unresolved.

Early the next morning, Li Zhenyan and her aunt made an appointment to recruit new members, said hello to Fang Xiaolu, and left. Before leaving, Fang Xiaolu asked him if he was happy with yesterday’s performance. Li Zhenyan answered truthfully and said that in the future, she would be even happier to perform with Fang Xiaolu. After Li Zhenyan left, Fang Xiaolu stood in a daze in the corridor.

It didn’t take long. When Scheer came, seeing Fang Xiaolu’s sad look, she guessed if Li Zhenyan was bullying Fang Xiaolu again. Fang Xiaolu couldn’t help but burst into tears holding Fisher. In Paris, Li Yazhe was a little worried about not being able to contact Xiao Lett above, worried about what happened to Xiao Lett Fang.

Fang Xiaoluo cried for a while and told Fisher about the causes and consequences. Fisher asked Fang Xiaoluo if she wanted to try a concert by himself, but Fang Xiaoluo said that Li Zhenyan and Song Ran were both born to walk on the stage. People, even if they study hard and catch up with them during this period of time, they still can’t surpass Li Zhenyan and Song Ran.

This is what makes her really sad. After hearing these words, Fisher opened the qin and let Fang Xiaolu After playing a piece of music to him, Fisher persuaded Fang Xiaoluo that only when she truly stood on the stage and enjoyed the collision of music on the stage, would she know how dazzling she was on the stage.

In order to get Fang Xiaolu to stand on the stage, Fisher called Elise from Paris and asked her to help arrange Fang Xiaolu’s debut performance on her tour. Elise was very angry and felt that Fisher was In the chaos, between the two people arguing, Elise mentioned Fisher’s illness. Fang Xiaolu was a little nervous when she heard that, and hurriedly asked why Fisher was ill. Fisher coaxed a few words, and then gave Elise again. Pulling aside, Elise told him that if Fang Xiaolu’s performance was not satisfactory, it would have an impact on Fisher’s reputation, but Fisher said that she didn’t care.

Elise took out her mobile phone and said Li Yazhe also didn’t agree with this matter. Fisher had to answer the call. Fisher directly gave Fang Xiaoru’s call and asked Fang Xiaoru to talk to Li Yazhe. Fang Xiaoru said that regardless of whether Li Yazhe supported her or not, she would do it. Participating in this performance, Li Yazhe saw that Xiao Lett was so determined, and it was too hard to say anything.

Elise had to acquiesce in this. Li Yazhe called Fisher again and said again that he felt that the timing of the performance was wrong, but Fisher thought it was the time for Fang Xiaolu to break out. Under Fisher’s persuasion, Li Yazhe no longer objected. .

Li Zhenyan asked Bei to edit the propaganda orchestra. The orchestra quickly received the commercial performance. The editor Bei also urged Li Zhenyan to prepare well. Although he received the commercial performance, the orchestra still had insufficient staff. Li Zhenyan and aunt went to the factory to interview the musicians recruited.

But during the whole process, Li Zhenyan was thinking about Fang Xiaolu’s affairs and was absent-minded. After Li Zhenyan returned home, Elise called him and told him that Fang Xiaolu was going to perform with Fisher. Li Zhenyan was a little unbelievable, and wanted to ask Fang Xiaolu to ask her clearly, but she couldn’t get through. Li Zhenyan had to go directly to the performance site.

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