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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 1 Recap

In 1949, Songjiang, which was taken over by our party, seemed peaceful, but in fact it was undercurrents. On the Victoria, Chi Tiecheng quietly killed a cake master, his identity is mysterious. On June 6, the Songjiang City Public Security Bureau intercepted a secret report and learned that someone would set up an ambush at the dock joint, preparing to take down the secret report Ye Guanying and the joint that coded the guest in one fell swoop.

The seemingly calm joints are surging. A little girl dressed as a student is actually a member of the jellyfish assassination team. She is here to assist Ye Guanying. Single-lens sat at the woodcarving stall on the side of the road, and asked woodcarver Su Wenqian to carve for himself while watching the surroundings casually.

After Shan Leng discovered that there was a Communist Party nearby, she pretended to accidentally knock off the gun of the plainclothes policeman, causing a tumult. Ye Guanying reacted quickly and escaped quickly, but she was surrounded by people from the Public Security Bureau and had to catch a child. As a hostage. Gunshots continued on the street and the Songjiang Wharf was temporarily under martial law, and guests on the Victoria could not disembark temporarily.

Ye Guanying used the child as a hostage. In order to protect the child, Chief Cao temporarily put down the pistol and asked Jiang Zi to handcuff herself to change the child. Ye Guanying disagreed, and Section Chief Cao asked Jiang Zi to cover herself with a black cloth.

The single edge knocked out the child’s mother and ran to the scene with the child’s shoes and said that it was his sister, but in fact, she was using a windmill to measure the wind speed to convey information to her family. A gunshot in the dark killed Ye Guanying, single-sidedly dropped the windmill, and pretended to run up to hold the child and cry.

Section Chief Cao asked Ye Guanying to send Ye Guanying to the hospital, and then took the people to the attic where the gun shot just now. After tracing the trace, he found that a fake beard was missing and locked the blockade. Everyone on the pier was taken back to the police station for investigation one by one, including Su Wenqian. Ye Guanying was sent to Songjiang Hospital, grabbed the doctor and said a word, and fell into a coma.

Section Chief Cao inferred that they did not presuppose a killer for this joint, but because of the joint failure, they temporarily seized an old pistol and killed Ye Guanying, which shows that this man’s marksmanship was accurate. The police called and said that Ye Guanying said two words before unconsciousness. It was suspected to be a water bottle. The section chief soon realized that he was talking about jellyfish. Ye Guanying had no traces of intelligence all over his body, but the police found a lot of things on the killer’s escape route, indicating that the killer was likely to be stopped in the blockade.

All suspects at the terminal were strictly investigated, and Su Wenqian wanted to borrow the phone because of an emergency but was not allowed. At Songjiang Kindergarten at this time, Xiaoxue is anxiously waiting for Su Wenqian’s arrival. Xiaoxue’s mother is a kindergarten teacher Qin Zishu. Because she was greedy for stealing things from the cake shop, she was asked to ask her parents. Xiaoxue begged for a long time before the principal agreed not to tell her mother, saying that another parent came to apologize for her. The point has arrived, but Su Wenqian has not yet come.

The director told Chief Cao that he knew an expert on the jellyfish assassination team, but her situation was very special and she should not be involved too deeply. Ouyang Xiangling from the Ministry of Social Affairs received a call from the director and learned that Ye Guanying was suspected of being assassinated by the jellyfish assassination team. Ouyang Xiangling was anxious to rush to Songjiang to assist in solving the case. , Just need Ouyang Xiangling to help solve the case based on the information.

Su Wenqian registered at the police station, had thought under the pseudonym, and was a woodcarver. Ouyang Xiangling has started an investigation based on the photos of the crime scene. She has studied the jellyfish assassination team very well.

The section chief came to question himself, and everyone including Su Wenqian was a little puzzled. Chen Wanjie is a member of the Seventy-first Army. Section Chief Cao found a cartridge case in his bag, indicating that he would be sent away after verifying his identity. As soon as Chen Wenjie came out, everyone surrounded him and asked what, Chen Wenjie was also in the mist. Su Wenqian looked at the cocoon on his hand, shaking a little.

Chi Tiecheng’s apparent identity was a West Point division, and he used this identity to get off the ship and leave the dock. The old gentleman Zhao Rongfu was called in in the mist. Section Chief Cao smelled a strong smell of scallion pancakes on his body, and decided that he was not the murderer and let him go without asking anything.

Section Chief Cao eliminated the suspicions of the people on the scene one by one, and finally called Su Wenqian.

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