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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 47 Recap

Du Mu’s sudden visit made Ming Shan caught off guard Gao Tianshuo bravely stood up to face Du Mu

Luo Yuefang asked him to go to various places to look for news about Ding Xiaorou, but he never responded. He didn’t expect that he would pass Ding Xiaorou himself. Luo Yuefang came to Gao Tianshuo to understand the situation. Gao Tianshuo talked about Cai Danyan. This person is not only related to Daying Group, but also directly related to Luo Che. Luo Yue conveniently talked about Cai Danyan’s past that he knew, and some things, such as Cai Danyan. Why did you want to kill Da Hei? My father hadn’t mentioned it, and he was not particularly clear.

Gao Tianshuo told Luo Yuefang that Li Meiqi once asked herself a question. A man would never forget whether the person he had been with for a long time. Gao Tianshuo asked her to ask herself, but he felt that Luo Yuefang had no reservations about her contribution, Luo Yuefang Said that he had been unable to answer this question before, but since Li Meiqi was kidnapped, he felt he had an answer.

A colleague asked Dai Wenrou why she suddenly wanted to be a clown. Dai Wenrou said that this was the last performance. She wanted to be a clown and she would return to Kaohsiung after the performance. The colleague asked her if she liked Taipei so much. Forget it in Taipei, but Dai Wenrou said that she had no alternative. The sudden visit of Du Mingshan’s mother caught Li Meiqi off guard, but Du’s mother seemed to be more interested in Ten Pages. Du Mingshan’s favorite writer in college was Ten Pages. A few days ago, she shared with Du’s mother about ten pages. ,

But suddenly there was no information, so she was worried and gave up going to Spain to meet her old friends and turned around to see her daughter. Mother Du asked Li Meiqi what happened between her daughter and Shi Ye. Li Meiqi had to tell her about the things that had been together between the two and are slowly recovering.

Jie Wenrou invited Liao Qianman to take his friends to the theater, and Liao Qianman sent the news to the sister group. Li Meiqi told Du Mingshan about Du’s mother’s arrival. Du’s mother also sent her a message. She also said that she had met her boyfriend. Du Mingshan was happy with her mother’s arrival, but she didn’t know how to explain her relationship with Gao Tianshuo. The state between. Captain Xu came to Luo Yuefang and mentioned that Wu San had already taken all the guilt.

If there is no new evidence, the Great Eagle Group will have a clear relationship with this incident. Captain Xu reminded Luo Yuefang that this incident is related to the past one. The case was very similar. Luo Yuefang remembered about Cai Danyan, and felt that this was another surrogate for the Daying Group.

Luo Danfang wanted to please Captain Xu, so he bought the beef burrito he liked, but he didn’t expect this trick to be useful in front of Captain Xu. Xu Kaiyu immediately thought of another way. He said that his father had read ten pages of the teacher’s book, and he still admired him quite a lot. Luo Danfang immediately asked Du Mingshan to help him, and he wanted to be Gao Tianshuo’s assistant when he wrote this book so that he could be more Approaching Captain Xu. Captain Xu told Luo Yuefang that his son was good in many ways, but he was less courageous.

When he chose to come to Roche’s enterprise, he pretended not to know it and wanted him to exercise here. Luo Yuefang praised Xu Kaiyu. In fact, Xu’s father knew about the affairs between Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu. He felt that they were little children, and he and Luo Yuefang had the same troubles. Captain Xu asked Luo Yueyan to call him Uncle Scallion Pancake. This nickname was still used by Luo Danfang when she was a child, but she has forgotten it now.

Du Mingshan returned home and saw her mother. The two of them hugged each other kindly. Her mother was more concerned about the affairs between her and Ten pages. Du Mingshan tried to perfuse her but failed. Du Mingshan asked Li Meiqi to tell Gao Tianshuo not to show up to her mother for the time being. In front of her, she tried to settle the rest. Li Meiqi approached Gao Tianshuo to explain the situation. Unexpectedly, Gao Tianshuo didn’t want Du Mingshan to face her alone, so she knocked on Du Mingshan’s door and explained the situation to Du’s mother. Mother Du liked Ten Pages very much and offered to visit his study. She told Gao Tianshuo that she didn’t like many people and things.

There were two people. One was her first love, but she was snatched away by her best friend. One is Du Mingshan’s father, but he also divorced later. Du Mu suddenly saw the picture of Gao Tianshuo and her mother. She was a little dazed, and then curiously asked about the relationship between the two. After returning home, Du’s mother persuaded her daughter to cherish fate, not to become obsessed with marriage because of her father’s anger. She was worried that she would repeat the mistakes of her mother. When encountering fate, she should learn to cherish it.

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