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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 46 Recap

Luo Yuefang suddenly discovered that Ding Xiaorou was still alive and Liao Qianman accompanied Zhao Yinze to the small theater.

Luo Danfang wanted to cultivate a good relationship with Captain Xu. He heard that his brother was going to Captain Xu, so he wanted to accompany him, but then gave up. Luo Yuefang suddenly discovered that there was a girl on the side of the road who looked very much like Ding Xiaorou. He was stunned, and he got out of the car and chased after him, but the girl was gone. He remembered what happened six years ago and felt that all this was impossible. Then, he asked the assistant to release everyone under his hands and find a girl named Ding Xiaorou.

Du Mingshan sorted out the reader’s comments that the editor read and gave it to Zhao Yinze, preparing to interview Kang Shasha in the next step. The part that Liao Qianman was responsible for had not been sorted out yet, Zhao Yinze was very angry. Du Mingshan hurriedly stood up for Liao Qian Zhao Yinze told her that she was only allowed to remind Liao Qianman what to do and not to help him. Zhao Yinze also told Liao Qianman that if he didn’t hand over things before get off work, just wait for the scolding.

Du Mingshan quickly comforted Liao Qian Vine come. Gao Tianshuo prepared lunch for Li Meiqi and Du Mingshan, and sent the lunch to the publishing house specially. Du Mingshan thanked him for this behavior. Gao Tianshuo said that he found some information about Cai Danyan and would send it to her for discussion. Du Mingshan sees At lunch with love, I was very moved.

Luo Yuefang was still thinking about Ding Xiaorou’s affairs. He felt that there must be some mystery in it. Luo Danfang was a little strange because of his lack of soul. Luo Yue conveniently told Luo Danfang that he might have seen Ding Xiaorou, and Luo Danfang was also surprised. Xu Kaiyu explained that in this world, there is a person who looks exactly like himself. Luo Yuefang may see that person, but Luo Yuefang said with certainty that he saw Ding Xiaorou. Luo Danfang saw his brother’s depression, and after entering, he asked him what he wanted to become. Luo Yuefang said that he wanted to find Ding Xiaorou and ask about what happened that year.

Liao Qianman completed the work within the stipulated time, but the reward was unexpectedly to accompany Zhao Yinze to the theater. Liao Qianman felt that this was not a reward but a punishment. Zhao Yinze learned that Liao Qianman did not want to accompany him to the theater, said Out of the sadness in his heart, Liao Qianman immediately changed his mind and decided to accompany him to the small theater.

Du Mingshan thanked Gao Tianshuo for taking care of Li Meiqi, and inadvertently changed her name to Tianshuo, which made Gao Tianshuo excited. Luo Yuefang sent a message to Li Meiqi and she didn’t reply, so he wanted his sister to ask about the sister group, but he did not expect to ran into the little ambiguity between Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang. Luo Danfang told his brother that Li Meiqi was just asleep. Luo Yuefang came to Du Mingshan’s house to visit Li Meiqi.

Li Meiqi said that she was going to work soon, but Luo Yuefang stopped him. Luo Yuefang told Li Meiqi about seeing Ding Xiaorou. He said that he must clarify this matter. In order to respect Li Meiqi, he must tell her about it. Li Meiqi is more worried about how he should deal with Ding Xiaorou after he really finds Ding Xiaorou. In the matter, Luo Yuefang said that he would discuss the matter after he found it out. He felt that someone might be designing him in the whole matter.

After watching the small theater performance, Liao Qianman was very excited. She didn’t expect the performance of the small theater to be so wonderful. At this time, the actors from the small theater stepped out and Liao Qianman stepped forward and said hello to the other party’s performance. Unexpectedly, this person was Ding Xiaorou. She introduced herself as Dai Wenrou. Liao Qianman asked for her autograph and took a photo with her.

After returning home, Liao Qianman told her good sisters about this situation. After seeing Li Meiqi, she praised the actor for being beautiful. Li Meiqi also shared what Luo Yuefang told her with the good sisters, Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman. Feeling a little strange, she encouraged Li Meiqi to seriously associate with Luo Yuefang.

To answer questions from fans, Du Mingshan asked Gao Tianshuo about his emotional past. Gao Tianshuo told her that he had a fiancée, but after getting engaged, she suddenly regretted it. The two put a rest, and they have not contacted each other for several years. Gao Tianshuo sprained his foot because he didn’t warm up during the morning run. Du Mingshan helped him recover, but they accidentally ran into each other. Gao Tianshuo kissed Du Mingshan, and Du Mingshan shyly ran back to the room.

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