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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 45 Recap

Li Meiqi was unfortunately kidnapped by Wu Sanjin, Luo Yuefang launched an effort to rescue Li Meiqi

Seeing that Li Meiqi was still working overtime, Luo Yuefang asked her to go back and was worried about her safety. Li Meiqi said that she had two tasks to complete, otherwise it would be too late. Luo Yuefang was urged by her father to go home to eat. Before leaving, Luo Yuefang told his subordinates to protect Li Meiqi’s safety, and he had someone bring her a takeaway, but he didn’t know that someone was watching them secretly.

Then several people sneaked into the Roche company, and the leader Li Meiqi knew Wu Sanjin, who had conducted entry fraud against her. Li Meiqi was shocked when she saw him, but she wittily connected to Luo Yuefang’s phone and confronted the other bravely. After Luo Yuefang heard Li Meiqi’s call for help from the phone, she immediately took people back to the company, but it was too late.

The guard lay on the ground, Li Meiqi disappeared. Luo Yuefang guessed that the other party was here to get the relevant files. The monitor had been artificially damaged. For the time being, it was not possible to find out who took Li Meiqi away. Luo Yuefang decided to start with the missing files, and it might be possible to find clues from above.

Luo Yuefang came to Du Mingshan’s house and asked them whether Li Meiqi had encountered anything strange recently. After getting a negative answer, Luo Yuefang turned to leave. Du Mingshan suggested that he go to Gao Tianshuo for help. Gao Tianshuo guessed that the other party might be looking for something. A small card was picked up at the scene, guessing that it might be something left by the other party.

After checking, Gao Tianshuo said that the betel nut shop belonged to a branch of the Daying Group. After confirmation, Luo Yuefang knew that the contract he had taken back from the Daying Group was missing. Now, the result is already clear, the person who kidnapped Li Meiqi should be from the Daying Group.

Luo Yuefang called the Daying Group to inquire, but he did not expect the other party to push it completely. Luo Yuefang asked everyone under him to go to Daying Hall to look for news. Gao Tianshuo called Captain Xu to explain the situation, and Captain Xu promised to immediately open a case to investigate the matter. The sisters discussed together how to solve this matter, but there was no good way for the moment. Du Mingshan called Gao Tianshuo to inquire about the situation.

Gao Tianshuo said that after meeting with Captain Xu, he checked all the entrances of the Daying Group. There is no reliable clue yet. , He comforted Du Mingshan not to worry, he will notify everyone as soon as there is news.

After a period of searching, Luo Yuefang found the place where Li Meiqi was detained. Wu Sanjin ran away in fright when he saw him. Captain Xu and Gao Tianshuo also rushed over. Luo Yuefang caught up with Wu Sanjin and beat him violently. His hand was injured as a result. He handed Wu Sanshi to Captain Xu. Captain Xu told him that he was the same as his father. Need to deal with the aftermath yourself. Luo Yuefang held Li Meiqi to the hospital. She was frightened and she had some fever. Later, Luo Yuefang sent Li Meiqi home. The sisters saw that Li Meiqi was safe and sound. Luo Yuefang deliberately knocked on Gao Tianshuo’s door and thanked him for his help today. Gao Tianshuo felt that this was what he should do.

Gao Tianshuo passed some information about the Daying Group to Luo Yuefang, and Daying Group was going to start with some new employees. Luo Yuefang said that he would not stand by. Captain Xu came to the Roche company to check on the site. After talking with Luo Yuefang, he found that Luo Yuefang had changed a lot and lost a lot of surly. Regarding the matter of Daying Group, Luo Yuefang said that he would not use quack methods to solve it because Luo The company has completed its transformation. Luo Yuefang came to Du Mingshan’s house to visit Li Meiqi.

The two were worried about each other. Li Meiqi told Luo Yuefang that she was not Ding Xiaorou and she would not be harmed. Luo Yuefang was moved to comfort her by hugging Li Meiqi. After walking out of Du Mingshan’s house, Luo Yue looked upstairs, and he had completely let go of what happened six years ago.

Gao Tianshuo sent Du Mingshan some books and music early in the morning to help Li Meiqi change his mood. Liao Qianman felt that Gao Tianshuo had also changed a lot, and all this was because of Du Mingshan. Luo Yuefang texted Li Meiqi and then brought Xiaowei to Li Meiqi. Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu were a little surprised when they saw them. They didn’t expect Luo Yuefang to be like a different person. Li Meiqi asked her aunt how to bake cakes and cooked them for Luo Yuefang. Luo Yuefang went to the kitchen to cook for everyone. Du Mingshan praised him and encouraged him to come every day, so that Li Meiqi’s health would get better as soon as possible.

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