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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 43 Recap

Zhao Yinze asked Luo Yuefang to contact Kang Shasha and everyone to visit Xu Kaiyu’s house.

When Li Meiqi returned to the company, Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu were very worried about her, fearing that there would be any problems between her and Chen Dagai. They were relieved when they learned that everything had passed. When Luo Yuefang saw the little fish on the table, he thought of Li Meiqi and decided to be the one to protect her, while Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu were determined to vigorously promote the matter between Li Meiqi and Luo Yuefang.

Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan studied how to meet Xu Kaiyu’s father. Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan looked at each other intentionally or unintentionally, which made Zhao Yinze and Liao Qianman feel that the relationship between the two was rekindling. Zhao Yinze wanted to confirm with Luo Yuefang about the underworld book again. He didn’t want to have some unpleasant things happening again because of this. He and Liao Qianman came to Luo Yuefang’s company. Luo Yuefang told him that he had read the manuscript when it was completed.

After that, he completely agreed with Gao Tianshuo’s writing, but some of his descriptions were written very well. He had suggested Gao Tianshuo to make changes, but he did not change it in the end. Zhao Yinze dismissed Liao Qianman on the grounds of discussing confidential matters with Luo Yuefang. He wanted Luo Yuefang to help him meet with Kang Sasha. Luo Yuefang said that Kang Shasha was very familiar with his mother, and it was not difficult to make an appointment with her. Zhao Yinze sensitively saw that Luo Yuefang seemed interested in Li Meiqi, and he kindly wished Luo Yuefang a successful love.

Du Mingshan told Gao Tianshuo that he hadn’t told herself the truth that he might have had a hard time. However, she felt that the two of them had developed a bit faster before, and they will go slowly in the future. Gao Tianshuo thinks that Du Mingshan has given her a chance and is happy in her heart. Extremely. Du Mingshan texted Luo Danfang, saying that she went to Xu Kaiyu’s house with Gao Tianshuo in the evening. Luo Danfang was a little jealous because she was not the first person to go to Xu Kaiyu’s house. After Xu Kaiyu heard Li Meiqi’s suggestion, he hurried to chase Luo Danfang and She took it home.

Luo Yuefang Li Meiqi wrote a note saying she was brave, and Li Meiqi immediately responded. Luo Yuefang asked Li Meiqi if she had any arrangements for the evening. Li Meiqi said that everything was business as usual. She did not know why Luo Yuefang asked this. When Li Meiqi came home and didn’t know what to eat, Luo Yuefang asked the takeaway to bring her porridge and side dishes, which Li Meiqi liked. Li Meiqi felt a little strange. Thinking of her hardest days, she guessed it was Luo Yuefang. She gave it to herself, she was full of warmth.

Liao Qianman drafted the topic of visiting Captain Xu in the evening, but Zhao Yinze madly criticized him, calling it bad, bad, and bad. Du Mingshan hurriedly relieved Liao Qianman after seeing it. Everyone came to Xu Kaiyu’s house. Captain Xu was very angry that Xu Kaiyu did not go home on time. He said that he had an appointment and arrived early is the basic principle of being a human being. Xu Kaiyu introduced Luo Danfang to his father, and Captain Xu was somewhat indifferent to Luo Danfang’s temporary arrival. Luo Danfang also felt the unique atmosphere of the Xu family.

After the meal was prepared, Captain Xu saw that Liao Qianman was very sensible, and he began to pay special attention to her and asked her where she was, whether she was married, and bluntly said her impression of Xu Kaiyu, which made Luo Danfang feel very embarrassed.

Luo Danfang’s performance made Captain Xu unsatisfied, because fish maw is the best thing to eat in fish, and it is usually reserved for the elders, but she doesn’t know this at all. Zhao Yinze praised Captain Xu for reading countless people. Gao Tianshuo thoughtfully picked up the coriander on the bacon for Du Mingshan. Captain Xu guessed that they were a couple. Du Mingshan asked Captain Xu to help Luo Danfang look at him. Captain Xu looked at Luo Danfang’s hand. After that, but said nothing. After the meal, the group went home individually. Gao Tianshuo took Du Mingshan to her home, took out an indictment for her to read, and put forward her views on the next experience plan. Du Mingshan was very satisfied with Gao Tianshuo’s performance. The distance between them seems to be getting closer.

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