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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 35 Recap

Fang Xiaolu successfully completed the three tasks that Li Yazhe assigned to her. Li Yazhe also assigned an extended task to Fang Xiaolu, instructing Fang Xiaolu to practice well in China, and then send him a video, and Fang Xiaolu promised to return to China. I will not let up in the future. Fisher is also preparing to leave Paris and return home, intending to return to Baike, and give the students the last class. Although Elise is a little angry, she still leaves it to Fisher, but she asks Li Yazhe to wait for Fisher. After finishing this matter, you persuaded him to come back for surgery and get a good treatment.

Fang Xiaolu returned to Li Zhenyan’s house quietly. He wanted to give Li Zhenyan a surprise, but Li Zhenyan was not at home. Fang Xiaolu was a little lost. After a while, Fang Xiaolu heard the voice of Li Zhenyan and her aunt at the door, Fang Xiaolu I hurriedly hid in Li Zhenyan’s room, but left her mobile phone in the living room. Auntie and Li Zhenyan saw Fang Xiaolu’s mobile phone and guessed that Fang Xiaorui was back. Auntie wanted to trick Fang Xiaorui out and have a meal with her. , Li Zhenyan wanted to be alone with Fang Xiaolu, so he took the aunt away and promised to eat together again next time.

When Fang Xiaoru heard that there was no movement outside in the room, he poked his head out of the room. Li Zhenyan hid aside and gave Fang Xiaoru a surprise. The two of them were married and hugged them tightly. After the meal, Li Zhenyan asked about Fang Xiaolu’s piano studies, Fang Xiaolu said it, and wanted to persuade Li Zhenyan and Li Yazhe to reconcile, but Li Zhenyan still refused to let it go.

Elise sent another text message to Li Zhenyan, saying that Song Ran asked him to come out and talk about the concert, but when Fang Xiaolu came back, it was natural that Li Zhenyan could not leave her to meet with Song Ran, so she replied that she was important today. For the matter, I will ask Song Ran alone afterwards. In the evening, Li Zhenyan took Fang Xiaoru to the apartment she used to live in. Fang Xiaorui was even more happy to see that his apartment was still in place.

Early the next morning, Li Zhenyan went to find Fang Xiaorui. When buying vegetables with her, Li Zhenyan wanted to tell Fang Xiaorui about his cooperation with Song Ran, but he hesitated still did not speak, only that he might want to When he was busy commanding things, Fang Xiaolu expressed his understanding. After returning, Li Zhenyan began to instruct Fang Xiaolu to practice piano. Fang Xiaolu had an infinite enthusiasm for piano, and he made rapid progress under the guidance of Li Zhenyan.

Yan Yan’s studio is facing a crisis of no income. If there is no income, their studio is likely to close down. A company wants to sign Jiang Caiwei. Teacher Qiao suggested that Yan Yan sell the copyright of the song first, otherwise rely on it. In the current state of the studio, it is very difficult for Jiang Caiwei to be popular on her own. If this delay continues, Jiang Caiwei will be the one who will delay it. The conversation between the two was overheard by Jiang Caiwei, and Jiang Caiwei’s mood was also a bit complicated.

Qin Fen has recently been busy recruiting new recruits for the RS team, but the progress has not gone smoothly. Qin Fen is a little discouraged and feels that he has not succeeded in doing anything. Lin Qingshang knows that no matter what he says, he can’t solve Qin Fen’s work. Her heart knot, she comforted Qin Fen a few words, saying that even if they encountered the situation Qin Fen encountered, they would not do better than Qin Fen.

After comforting Qin Fen a few words, Lin Qingshang suddenly looked at him seriously. Qin Fen proposed marriage to Qin Fen. Qin Fen was scared by Lin Qingshang. Not only did he not agree, he began to hide from Lin Qingshang for the next few days.

Lin Qingshang went to the noodle restaurant to find Qin Fen. Qin Fen saw him. Lin Qingshang closed the door of her room. Lin Qingshang patiently persuaded at the door that she did blurt out the marriage that she said that day, but after thinking about it over the past two days, she can be sure that she treats Qin Fen. Lin Qingshang’s feelings and wanted to spend his life with Qin Fen.

After Lin Qingshang had said these words, he saw that Qin Fen was still not moving, and pretended to leave angrily. Qin Fen hurriedly went out and hugged Lin Qingshang. After confessing his true feelings, Qin Fen also decided to face his heart bravely and agreed to Lin Qingshang’s marriage proposal.

When Fang Xiaolu, Lin Qing, Shang Qin Fen and others recounted the past, the heart-warming Qin Fen told the news that Li Zhenyan and Song Ran were going to cooperate. Fang Xiaolu’s mood sank suddenly, and she chased after Li Zhenyan for a long time, but Until now, she could only look at Li Zhenyan’s back, and could not stand beside Li Zhenyan and perform with him.

When Fang Xiaolu returned home, she was depressed, and she remembered what Fisher had said, worrying that no matter how hard she tried, she would be left behind by Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan knew that Fang Xiaolu was unhappy, but his cooperation with Song Ran was a work obligation to be fulfilled as an adult.

In his heart, he still wanted to perform with Fang Xiaolu on the same stage. Fang Xiaolu still went to see the performance of Li Zhenyan and Song Ran. Fang Xiaolu watched Li Zhenyan and Song Ran holding hands on stage, and then played the tune she always wanted to play with Li Zhenyan. His heart became more and more sad, and he was also very puzzled. But even though Li Zhenyan on the stage was cooperating with Song Ran, all he was thinking about was Fang Xiaolu.

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