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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 34 Recap

Li Yazhe was very embarrassed and hoped that Li Zhenyan would give him a chance to make up for it, but Li Zhenyan refused, saying that he was ready to go back to China, and there would be no chance to meet after he came. After saying this, Li Zhenyan let Li Yazhe go. After returning to the apartment, Li Zhenyan couldn’t help but open the video again, only to find that Li Yazhe had recorded himself a passage back then. It turned out that Li Yazhe regretted breaking Li Zhenyan’s baton back then.

In fact, he was very proud of Li Zhenyan. He knew that Li Zhenyan wanted To be a conductor, but before becoming a conductor, a good piano practice is also a must. He just hopes that Li Zhenyan can work hard step by step. After watching the video, Li Zhenyan feels a little confused.

Yan Yan took Jiang Caiwei to the hospital. Jiang Caiwei finally decided to undergo the operation under Yan Yan’s persuasion, but the doctor told Jiang Caiwei not to speak for a few days. Yan Yan also took the initiative to supervise Jiang Caiwei. Yan Yan was at Jiang Caiwei’s house and wanted to give She cooks some food, but Yan Yan’s cooking skills are not good.

When she was about to order takeaway, Jiang Caiwei’s mother suddenly came. Jiang Caiwei told her mother that Yan Yan was her agent. Jiang’s mother and Yan Yan talked a few words. , Was very satisfied with Yan Yan, Jiang Caiwei also wrote to ask Yan Yan whether to be her agent or Jiang’s mother-in-law. Yan Yan was in love with Jiang Caiwei at first sight. Jiang Caiwei took the initiative to confess to him that he was very surprised and excitedly hugged him. Lived Jiang Caiwei.

Soon, Li Zhenyan returned to China with Qin Fen and Lin Qingshang. Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu were separated from each other and talked about a foreign relationship. Li Zhenyan found that he missed Fang Xiaolu more than he thought. Qin Fen took Li Zhenyan and Lin Qingshang to the rehearsal site, but found that the factory was in a mess, and the factory owner could not be contacted.

Qin Fen felt a little guilty. Li Zhenyan comforted Qin Fen a few words and suggested that the two should act separately, and he went to find investment. People solve the problem of funding, and Qin Fen tried to contact the members of the RS Orchestra, first gather the members together, and then think about the problem of the rehearsal venue.

After leaving the factory, Li Zhenyan went to find her aunt, and wanted her to be an investor in the RS Orchestra, but the aunt had to consider the interests of the entire company. Considering the risk of investing in classical music, the aunt rejected Li Zhenyan’s request, but as Li Zhenyan’s Relatives, my aunt decided to invest in the RS Orchestra in her own name to support Li Zhenyan.

Not only that, the aunt also bought the apartment where Fang Xiaolu lived and gave the key to Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan not only got the investment, but also learned that Fang Let’s keep his apartment, which makes him very happy.

Jiang Caiwei underwent the operation, and under Yan Yan’s careful attention, her voice was completely healed, and she could continue to sing in the future. Jiang Caiwei and Yan Yan were chatting in the studio. Jiang Caiwei said that she sometimes feels like herself. Yan Yan took out the video of her stammer singing in a bar before and told Jiang Caiwei that people would feel embarrassed, but don’t because of this. Kind of emotion to give up music.

Li Zhenyan got the investment, Lin Qingshang also found the plant owner and offered to continue renting the warehouse. Lin Qingshang proposed a rent of 120,000 yuan a year, but it would be divided into two. The remaining rent was paid immediately after the RS Orchestra received the performance. After solving the problem of funding and venue, all that was left was to gather the members.

Qin Fen sent a message to the members and asked them to meet in the warehouse, but except for the three of them, none of the members came. Qin Fen was very disappointed. But after returning to the noodle restaurant, I found that everyone was waiting for Qin Fen’s return in the noodle restaurant, but Lan Bo was admitted to the professional orchestra, and He Shengliang also had a job. Both of them could no longer participate in the rehearsal of the RS Orchestra.

After returning to China, Tian Yisong made an appointment with Jiang Caiwei. Jiang Caiwei had already walked out of that sad time and found her new direction in life. She was already able to face Tian Yisong calmly, and persuaded Tian Yisong not to let Jiang Shasha down to him. Tian Yisong was surprised. Because of Jiang Caiwei’s change, he can only choose to bless Jiang Caiwei.

Elise called Li Zhenyan and said that he had arranged his first performance after returning to China, which was a collaboration with Song Ran. Elise hung up the phone without giving Li Zhenyan a chance to refuse. Li Zhenyan felt a little bit in her heart. He hesitated, and asked Qin Fen to talk about it, but Qin Fen asked Li Zhenyan to agree, and said that it would be good for the RS Orchestra. In the evening, Fang Xiaolu called Li Zhenyan, and the two chatted about their respective lives. Fang Xiaolu’s study of the piano was very smooth, but Li Zhenyan’s progress was not smooth.

Fang Xiaolu encouraged Li Zhenyan a few words and said about himself Recently I like a piece of music very much and I want to play it with Li Zhenyan, but this piece is exactly what Li Zhenyan wants to work with Song Ran. Li Zhenyan is a little bit complicated. I don’t know if I should tell Fang Xiaolu about this. I am hesitating. , Tian Yisong suddenly called Li Zhenyan and asked him to meet.

Li Zhenyan went to the appointment. The two chatted about the RS Orchestra. Tian Yisong asked Li Zhenyan if he wanted to become Wayenda’s apprentice. Li Zhenyan smiled and said that when he was a child, the luckiest thing he thought was meeting Wayenda. , But now he knows that his luckiest thing is to meet the people now, whether it is Tian Yisong and Fisher or the RS Orchestra, they are all inspiring him to move forward.

Tian Yisong also decided to put aside the past and return to Paris. After Li Zhenyan went back, she called Elise to change the song, but Elise refused, saying that this was a job and could not come from Li Zhenyan’s emotions. Li Zhenyan was speechless and worried about Fang Xiaolu Will you understand yourself. In Paris, Li Yazhe gave Fang Xiaolu a piece of music, saying that as long as he practiced this piece, he could return home early.

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