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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 19 Recap

Joey told President Li that Lin Chen would definitely come, then President Li received the text message and couldn’t help but smile. Joey asked him if it was Lin Chen. President Li said that besides Lin Chen, Joey had other bargaining chips. On this day, Gu Yang and others were practicing dance. Teacher Han came over to find Lin Chen was missing, and then Teacher Jiang ran up in a panic and played them a song that someone else posted on the Internet and the song they participated in the audition. There was a serious overlap. Gu Yang said this was simply plagiarism, and Lin Chen had gone out since early in the morning and has not come back. Joey also resigned suddenly at this time.

Teacher Han told them that the audition song was no longer available, and the competition was about to go in one week. Everyone was very anxious, and Gu Yang asked everyone to work together again. Then he called Lin Chen but couldn’t get through, so he ran to his house. Lin Chen’s mother said that her son had come back, but he packed up and ran away. Lin Chen withdrew from their group, and no one could contact him. Gu Yang guessed that Lin Chen might have a new place to go.

Here Lin Chen went to Ran Xing. Faced with Lin Chen who suddenly landed in the air, Ran Xing’s team was very cold towards him. Lin Chen didn’t care about it, as long as he could win the game in the future. Gu Yang and the others are also busy re-arranging the music, and Teacher Han affirmed Gu Yang’s arrangement. As soon as Lin Chen arrived at Ran Xing, he replaced the captain Long Yize with a waist injury and stood in the center, causing dissatisfaction with other teammates.

Gu Yang suggested that Mr. Jiang, they can add one person now, and everyone thought of Jackson. Liang Chenxuan immediately called Jackson, but he was shut down. He contacted Jackson’s father again. His father said that he bought a ticket yesterday and left this afternoon. He took a car to Chongqing and then took off from there. He was back in about a month. Chen Xuan immediately rushed to the train station. He went to the broadcast room to ask the staff to help broadcast the missing persons notice. He also personally told the Jackson team that there was no one to ask him for help through the broadcast, but the train drove away and Jackson did not come.

Chen Xuan walked out of the train station in frustration. He sat on the steps and called to tell Gu Yang that he had not found Jackson. He bowed his head and tied his shoelaces. Suddenly there was a hat on his head. He looked up and saw that it was Jackson. Jackson looked. With surprise, Chen Xuan smiled and said that he would not leave. Chen Xuan complained that he didn’t reply to a message or make a phone call. Jackson said that he lost his cell phone and missed the train.

Chen Xuan brought Jackson back to the street dance troupe happily. Everyone was very happy to see Jackson back. The addition of Jackson made them more confident and redoubled their efforts to practice dance. Teacher Han and Teacher Jiang came to see them this day. Teacher Jiang said that the costume sponsorship has been settled, and now it is time to name the group of five of them. Teacher Han went on to say that there is a saying in their song that they want to set sail. You must ride the wind and break the waves. Everyone was excited and excited, and they all thought this name was great.

During the sea election, Team Ran Xing was directly promoted. When the member of Ran Xing came out of the room, Gu Yang, who was waiting for the test, saw a figure familiar from a distance. He felt a bit like Lin Chen. It was the Wei Lai team’s turn to perform. After watching, the director praised that their songs were very distinctive and asked them to go back and wait for news if they were promoted. After everyone went back, they waited anxiously. When they felt hopeless in the promotion, Gu Yang received a call.

He hung up the phone and looked back and saw everyone downcast and asked what happened. Xing Hao felt that there was no hope in the promotion, it was better to pack up and leave, Gu Yang With a smile, why are they walking? They were promoted and everyone was pleasantly surprised. Afterwards, they participated in the rehearsal of the choreography of the “Young New Generation” show. In the Ran Xing team, Gu Yang and others were surprised to see Lin Chen.

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