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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 18 Recap

On the stage, the host asked the trainees of Weilai and Ran Xing to compete on the spot, using Yu Minghao’s second title song, and the teacher Jiang in the audience could not help but sweat for them. Ran Xing team readily agreed, and Gu Yang also expressed their acceptance of the challenge.

Next, the two teams began to discuss line-up arrangements. Zhao Zhengnan’s dance took the lead. When talking about the song, Lin Chen said he was familiar with Yu Minghao’s song, but he was not sure about the last high pitch. Lu Xinghao tried to sing the last one. Unsteady, but he said he was okay. Onstage and offstage are definitely different. Gu Yang considered that Lin Chen was indeed relatively stable, but if Lin Chen sang, he would sacrifice certain expressiveness, so he decided to let Xing Hao sing. Liang Chenxuan said that this competition will be broadcast on TV that they can’t lose, and Gu Yang cheered everyone on that they still hope to win.

In the next two teams formally competed, and both sides had their unique skills, but the Ran Xing team was obviously well prepared and Xing Hao did not play well. Li Cheng said that Yu Minghao gave them a chance, but they didn’t seize it, but Yu Minghao said that Ran Xing would not be able to seize the opportunity if this continued. Everyone was a little depressed during the next break, and Gu Yang comforted Xing Hao to be fine. The Ran Xing team members came over and sneered at them. Lin Chen said that they would win it back. Yu Minghao came over to comfort them and try their best, don’t deny yourself easily.

After returning home, Lin Chen angered Gu Yang and asked him why he didn’t change him when he knew that Xing Hao had broken his voice when he was practicing singing. Gu Yang explained that the substitution would affect his mentality, and Xing Hao asked them to stop arguing. This time it was his singing that broke the sound and messed up the performance. Lin Chen reluctantly said that if he was allowed to sing, he would not lose. Gu Yang said that Xing Hao’s singing had some characteristics. If Lin Chen sang plainly, it would pass. Lin Chen became even more annoyed when he heard that, he glared at Gu Yang to come forward to reason but was pulled away by others.

Zheng Nan said that there is no general who wins, only soldiers who refuse to admit defeat. They look for opportunities to win back, but Lin Chen feels that facing Ran Xing is like a fish on a chopping board without a chance to turn over. Ran Xing’s President Li Cheng also noticed Lin Chen, and he asked Long Yize about Lin Chen’s situation. Then he called Joey and asked her if she was interested in the position of Ran Xing’s chief agent.

Joey came near the street dance troupe that day, and when he saw Lin Chen coming out to breathe, he walked up and chatted with him. She said that Lin Chen and Yu Minghao are very similar and the conditions are good. If the resources are good, they can make a debut alone. Her words touched Lin Chen a lot, and Lin Chen felt very upset that she had no future in Weilai.

Long Yize went to Mr. Li Cheng and asked him why he drove out a team member. Mr. Li said that it would take two or three months for this player to have a leg injury before he could not participate in the game. Long Yize said that one of their five-member team was missing. How to play, Mr. Li said there will be no one less. Lin Chen received a text message from Joey that day and asked him to meet him in the cafe. When Lin Chen arrived, he saw Mr. Li Cheng waiting for him.

Mr. Li hoped that Lin Chen would cooperate with them. He also gave Lin Chen a complete package plan. Look, and this plan has successfully brought out Yu Minghao, he believes that in time, Lin Chen can completely surpass Yu Minghao. Lin Chen felt that he and his team had come to the present day, so he rejected President Li’s good intentions. President Li told him not to refuse in a hurry. When he went back, he would think carefully and call him whenever he thought about it.

Lin Chen ran into his father who drove a taxi on the street at night. He leaned against the car to eat a box lunch with plaster on his arm. He asked his father to go back and rest early after his work. After practicing dancing at night, he went to the door to pick up the takeaway. He didn’t expect that it was the father who delivered the takeaway under the heavy rain.

The father was also surprised when he saw him. He hurriedly handed the takeaway to his son and turned away. Lin Chen chased him out, but his father hurriedly rode in the car and fell down. Lin Chen quickly went over to help him. He asked his father why he was delivering the food. The father didn’t explain but urged his son to go back quickly. Next.

Seeing his father riding away, Lin Chen cried sadly. He slapped both himself severely. After returning, he received a call from Joey again. After hearing her words, he knew that he could not be a burden to the family so he did it secretly. Made a decision. He asked Gu Yang what to do if he couldn’t redeem his father’s piano without making his debut. Gu Yang said that he would take another path. Lin Chen said there were so many ways to choose. Gu Yang asked him what’s wrong and he said there was nothing. Gu Yang said goodbye, and Gu Yang thought Lin Chen was very strange.

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