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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 32 Recap

The performance of the RS Orchestra ignited the atmosphere of the entire wedding scene, and also ignited the enthusiasm of the members of the RS Orchestra for performance. The groom was also very satisfied with the performance of the RS Orchestra. One happiness also increased their performance fees. Everyone was happy when they heard the news. Extremely, I feel one step further from my dream.

In order to promote the Lumalie Orchestra and attract more people to listen to Lumalie’s concert, Fang Xiaolu specially made flyers and took Dalia and Lin Qingshang to post flyers on the street. Li Zhenyan was moved when he saw it. Fisher suddenly appeared next to Li Zhenyan again. The two found a coffee shop to sit down and chat. The two talked about Li Yazhe. In fact, Li Zhenyan always had a question. I don’t know why Li Yazhe retired. Fisher hesitated.

There was no answer, so Li Zhenyan asked Li Yazhe by himself. Fisher also said that he has always looked at Weienda not pleasing to the eye. His relationship with Weienda is like Li Zhenyan and Tian Yisong. When he lost to Weienda one game, he was always worried about him, so he didn’t want Li Zhenyan. After losing to Tian Yisong, Fisher deliberately awakened Li Zhenyan and suggested that he could use the piano to conduct. Li Zhenyan was overjoyed when he heard the words and knew what to do.

In the evening, when Lin Qingshang and others were wondering who was playing the piano solo tonight, Li Zhenyan stepped onto the stage at the Lumarie Orchestra’s performance. Li Zhenyan accepted Fisher’s suggestion to play the piano while conducting. For Lu Malie, Li Zhenyan’s decision was very risky and bold, but his sincerity impressed Xie Li, and Li Zhenyan did not live up to the expectations of the orchestra and Xie Li, and completed a wonderful performance.

After Li Zhenyan’s performance, Fang Xiaolu prepared chocolate cake and coffee for Li Zhenyan. Before leaving, she told Li Zhenyan that she must eat it. It turned out that Li Yazhe asked Fang Xiaolu to help him leave a note on the table, and asked Li Zhenyan to meet tomorrow morning. chat.

Early the next morning, Fang Xiaolu kept watching the time, guessing whether Li Zhenyan would make the appointment. Li Zhenyan chose to meet with Li Yazhe and took Fang Xiaolu to the coffee shop to wait for Li Yazhe. The two waited for a long time, but Li Yazhe Did not come to the appointment, it turned out that Li Yazhe received a call from Elise and hurried to the hospital when she learned that Fisher was in trouble.

Li Zhenyan did not wait for Li Yazhe, he became more and more disappointed, and Fang Xiaowei called Li Yazhe but failed to get through. When Li Zhenyan wanted to leave, he saw Tian Yisong’s interview on the mobile phone of the guest at the next table and realized that Li Yazhe chose to go to the second performance of Die Shang.

In the hospital, Fisher finally woke up. Li Yazhe learned that Fisher had Meniere’s disease in Elise, but Elise didn’t say much, so Li Yazhe asked what happened to Fisher. Fisher told him that he would not be able to hear the sound at all in another year, and before he went to Baiqi, Fisher was ill. Now he refuses to take a rest, and just wants to do it well before he can’t hear it at all. Cultivate Li Zhenyan, let Li Zhenyan grow up as soon as possible, and tap and cultivate more talents. Fisher also told Li Yazhe not to tell Lin Yumian about this matter.

In the middle of the night, Fang Xiaolu woke up from his dream and found that Li Zhenyan was still in a daze in the living room. Fang Xiaolu knew that Li Zhenyan must be very sad and angry, so he said that Li Yazhe must have his reasons for choosing to go to Die Shang. I suggest that Li Zhenyan and Li Yazhe see On the one hand, ask carefully to clear up the misunderstanding, but Li Zhenyan is very negative, saying that even if there is any misunderstanding between the two, it will not change the status quo. All he cares about now is music and Fang Xiaolu.

Although the RS Band’s performance at the wedding last time was very well received, Fan Chen and others still faced big practical problems. Fan Chen interviewed several companies and was rejected. Fan Chen also told He Shengliang’s affairs. Qin Fen, Qin Fen considered for a long time, still compromised with reality, decided to suspend all activities in the group first, let everyone solve their own difficulties first, and take this time to think about how the orchestra should develop in the future.

In order to solve He Shengliang’s work problem, Qin Fen called Director Meng and recommended He Shengliang to him. Lin Qingshang recently had an international competition. He hoped that Qin Fen could come to Paris to watch her match. Qin Fen was a bit disappointed. His current financial situation was not enough for him to go to Paris. When Dad Qin found out, he gave Qin Fen a card to let him go. He went to Paris to see Lin Qingshang, at least not to leave regrets in his life.

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