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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 31 Recap

Li Zhenyan led the musicians to rehearse in the orchestra. He pointed out many problems with the musicians. Some musicians expressed dissatisfaction, saying that if they were slowly modified like this, the overall rehearsal of the orchestra would be delayed. Li Zhenyan did not know how to deal with it. Help Li Zhenyan speak in Xie Li and let Li Zhenyan continue. But apart from the technical problems of the musicians, most members of the Lumalie Orchestra have their own jobs, and it is difficult to take care of the orchestra’s rehearsal while working.

Jiang Caiwei is slowly advancing on the road of popular music. Compared with the initial uncomfortableness, she is now calmer. In the process, her relationship with Yan Yan is getting better and better. Tian Yisong knew that Jiang Caiwei had dropped out of school in Paris. Later, I was a little worried and sent a message to Jiang Caiwei, hoping that she could reply, but Jiang Caiwei ignored it. Tian Yisong thought for a long time, and finally made up his mind to handle the matter between himself and Jiang Shasha. He took the initiative to ask Jiang Shasha for dinner.

He wanted to make it clear with Jiang Shasha, but Jiang Shasha mistakenly thought that Tian Yisong asked him out to celebrate his birthday. Tian Yisong listened. With Jiang Shasha’s words, I knew that today was Jiang Shasha’s birthday. Tian Yisong hesitated, but still proposed to break up with her on the grounds that she wanted to concentrate on her career and did not want to delay Jiang Shasha. Jiang Shasha disagreed and asked Tian Yisong not to be wrong. My feelings are burdened.

Tian Yisong approached Li Yazhe and invited him to participate in the premiere of the music season. Li Yazhe said that he had retired for a long time, and that he had not cooperated with Dieshan before, but Tian Yisong was sincere and said that he knew the relationship between Li Yazhe and Li Zhenyan, but he invited Li Yazhe and Li Zhenyan is okay. Li Yazhe was a little moved by Tian Yisong’s words, but he still considered his relationship with Luma Lie.

When he went to Luma Lie to discuss the matter with Otaeseeli, Li Zhenyan came in suddenly and resolutely said that he did not need Li Yazhe’s help. He can find a better pianist. Regardless of how Li Yazhe showed his favor, Li Zhenyan felt that Li Yazhe wanted to control his life as before.

After Li Yazhe left, I went to meet with Fisher. It turns out that Fisher’s hearing has been volatile. If you don’t pay attention, even bigger problems may occur. Li Yazhe is a little worried about Fisher. Optimistic and strong, but still a little scared in my heart. After all, a conductor loses his hearing, just like a pianist loses his hands. Fisher asked about the relationship between Li Yazhe and Li Zhenyan again. Li Yazhe sighed, and the misunderstandings and misunderstandings of more than ten years Resentment cannot be resolved overnight, he can only face it alone and resolve it slowly.

Qin Fen received another business performance to accompany him at a wedding, but the groom had special requirements. He hoped that the orchestra could play some popular music. Qin Fen returned to the orchestra and told everyone about the news. Everyone had some opinions and even thought Qin Fen finds a commercial performer to be unreliable. Qin Fen is a little angry. The commercial performer he has found so hard has been rejected by everyone. He suddenly felt that his efforts were in vain, and the backlog of emotions finally broke out.

Later, He Shengliang was also a little angry, accusing other people of sitting back and enjoying their success. The most important funding problem was that Qin Fen had been trying to solve the problem, but they could not stand and talk. Qin Fen was sad for a while, and even asked Lin Qingshang to break up. Lin Qingshang guessed that there might be something wrong with the RS orchestra, so he called Chen Zheng and wanted to know what happened.

After Qin Fen returned home, he shut himself in the room. Chen Zheng and He Shengliang came to him, but he did not open the door. Dad Qin was also worried about Qin Fen. Although he did not know what happened, he believed in his son and encouraged him. A few words to comfort Qin Fen. After Qin’s father left, Lin Qingshang also called Qin Fen. First he gave Qin Fen a meal and did not agree to break up. In order to comfort Qin Fen, Lin Qingshang proposed to date him.

Thanks to Lin Qingshang’s efforts Qin Fen’s mood improved a lot, and everyone in the RS Orchestra also understood Qin Fen’s pains and difficulties, and went to the wedding business show with Qin Fen. At the wedding, Qin Fen added an element of rock and roll in his performance. At first, the guests were surprised, but they were quickly driven by the joyful music atmosphere. As they danced to the rhythm, Qin Fen was also very excited watching the scene in front of him. , Regained my original intention of making music.

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