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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 30 Recap

Song’s mother thought that Li Zhenyan abducted Song Ran and delayed Song Ran’s professional piano career. Song Ran interrupted her. Song’s mother involuntarily asked Song Ran and herself to go back and make up all the time they had not practiced before. Li Zhenyan He Fang Xiaolu couldn’t bear to look at Song Ran’s pain, but he couldn’t stop it either. After the two returned to the apartment, Fang Xiaolu thought about what had just happened, and felt that Song’s mother was really terrible.

Li Zhenyan knew Song Ran when he was a child. He knew Song Ran’s pain in learning the piano when he was a child. He had also experienced similar pain. Now he has got rid of the nightmare. Li Zhenyan gave her the necklace he bought for Fang Xiaorui, saying that he would always be with Fang Xiaorui. Fang Xiaorui’s heart was so sweet that he did not forget to show off to Lin Qing Shang Dalia and Ji Mo during the meal.

Dalia and Lin Qingshang saw Ji Mo’s loss in their eyes. After eating, Dalia asked Ji Mo about this and asked when Ji Mo confessed, but Ji Mo said that he might confess his friend. I can’t do it either, Dalia is a little tempted to Ji Mo, saying that the best way to forget someone is to empathize, and you can be that person by yourself.

Yan Yan took Jiang Caiwei to the studio he and Teacher Qiao opened together. When Teacher Qiao knew about Jiang Caiwei’s vocal cord summary, he comforted her a few words. Teacher Qiao wanted to listen to Jiang Caiwei’s voice first, but Jiang Caiwei couldn’t relax. During the audition, she couldn’t get rid of the academic feeling. Seeing Jiang Caiwei couldn’t relax, Yan Yan pulled her out to get some air first.

When Fang Xiaorui forgot to bring the piano score when she went to class, Li Zhenyan wanted to send it to her. Fang Xiaorui was busy practicing piano and it was not convenient to answer the phone. Li Yazhe looked at Fang Xiaorui’s absent-minded appearance and asked her to answer the phone first. Let’s go out and take a score, and then pull Li Zhenyan in, wanting to introduce Li Zhenyan to his teacher. When Li Zhenyan enters the door and sees Li Yazhe, his face becomes gloomy. Regardless of Li Yazhe’s gesture, he turns and leaves the piano room without being allowed Let’s follow herself.

Fang Xiaolu didn’t know what had happened, so she returned to the piano room and apologized to Li Yazhe. Li Yazhe explained his identity. Fang Xiaolu was a little messy. In her impression, Li Yazhe caused a lot of pain to Li Zhenyan, so she never liked it. Li Yazhe, but during her time with Li Yazhiqin, she could feel Li Yazhe’s patience and gentleness, and felt that Li Yazhe was a very good person, which made her feel a little at a loss.

After Li Zhenyan left, he suddenly remembered something. He called Fisher and asked angrily if Fisher knew all of this. Fisher was forced into speechless by Li Zhenyan’s series of questions. What he wanted to explain. However, Li Zhenyan hung up the phone and told them to stop interfering in their lives. Fisher was a little helpless, and called Li Yazhe again and asked him what he planned to do. Li Yazhe sighed. He has escaped for so many years and always has to face this matter, although it may be counterproductive and let him and Li Zhenyan’s relationship was worse, but he decided to give it a try.

The Die Shang Orchestra and the Lu Marie Orchestra chose the same song, and the performance date was also selected on the same day. It is said that a world-class pianist will be invited. Li Zhenyan decided to openly recruit vacant musicians in the orchestra in an attempt to find outstanding musicians. Improve the performance of the orchestra. After Li Zhenyan returned to the apartment, he talked to Fang Xiaofu about the past between him and Li Yazhe.

Fang Xiaofu asked him if he would forgive Li Yazhe, but Li Zhenyan said that Li Yazhe had disappeared in his own life for a long time, and he would not forgive him. It’s not important anymore, he doesn’t feel anything anymore. Talking that Li Yazhe came, he gave Fang Xiaolu a score on the pretext. Li Zhen said that he didn’t care, but when he really saw Li Yazhe, he was still very repulsive, and he turned Li Yazhe away after taking the score.

Li Zhenyan recalled what happened when he was a child. At that time, he lived in the apartment for half a year and looked forward to Li Yazhe’s coming, but Li Yazhe never came. Until the day when he and Li’s mother were leaving, Li Yazhe went to the apartment, but with Li Yazhe. The mother had a dispute, so Li Zhenyan had so much resentment in her heart.

When He Shengliang and his family called, Fan Chen came back to take the score and heard what He Shengliang said. It turned out that He Shengliang’s parents had always wanted him to change to a stable job. He was also under great pressure, but he did not want to give up his dream of commanding. , Fan Chen comforted him that he could spend more time with the orchestra. The orchestra and him are a whole, and they will also respond to He Shengliang, letting him know that he is not fighting alone.

Ji Mo decided to participate in the recruitment selection of the Lumalie Orchestra. He chose an oboe concerto. He came to the apartment and wanted to find Fang Xiaolu to accompany him, but Fang Xiaolu had not come back yet. Dalia told Ji Mo, Fang Xiao Ren is very busy lately, and she is very free, she can help Ji Mo to accompany Dalia’s original intention to get along with Ji Mo, but she did not say clearly, and asked Ji Mo to pay her salary, but Ji Mo never let go.

Dalia had no choice but to accompany Ji Mo for free, but after a few days of getting along, Dalia and Ji Mo did get closer. On the day of recruitment and selection, Dalia bought a formal dress for Ji Mo, but before going out, Dalia ate the bread that Xiaolet Fang had placed in the refrigerator for more than a month. When Dalia and Ji Mo came on the court Dalia’s stomach hurts. Dalia insisted on helping Ji Mo finish the performance.

After the performance, Ji Mo looked back at Dalia’s painful look and was a little worried, and quickly sent her back to the apartment, Dalia eat After the medicine, Ji Mo is much better, and Ji Mo is also very grateful to Dalia, the atmosphere between the two is much more subtle. Ji Mo also successfully entered the Lumaline Orchestra and became the oboe principal of the Lumaline Orchestra. Fang Xiaolu’s training is also very smooth. She is very grateful to Li Zhenyan and feels that it is because of Li Zhenyan that she can play the piano so happily.

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