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Run For Young 风犬少年的天空 Episode 11 Recap

Dazui and Mimi strayed into the filming scene. The director took a fancy to what they said, so they wrote down their lines. In April, the marathon coach asked Jiaojiao to replace the old dog. Jiaojiao didn’t want to, butJiaojiao agreed with the persuasion of Martin and An Ran . Jiaojiao discussed with Dazui and Mimi and their parents to help the old dog, so they told the old dog that they could take the old dog to get in touch with society first. Then the old dog will learn to cook noodles, sell newspapers, and drive taxis with his uncles and aunts in the following days.

Uncles and aunts gathered to discuss the recent state of the old dog. It turned out that they wanted to let the old dog retreat. Who knew they would work harder. They wondered if the old dog really didn’t plan to go to school, but the big mouth mother said no, because the old dog’s eyes suddenly changed when they passed the school that day.

Jiaojiao told the old dog that because he would not run away, she would replace him. The old dog looked at his father’s photo and said that he didn’t like to do what he did now, but he would try to do it. The coach distributed them team uniforms and also made one for the old dog. So they started running training. They ran to the vegetable market to look for the old dog and ran around the old dog. The old dog told them not to run anymore. Martin and the old dog ran again in a race, and everyone ran happily.

When they came to the river in the evening, everyone said they missed the old dog very much. Martin handed him his team uniform and shouted at the riverside that he had the opportunity to win glory for the school together. In the morning, the old dog looked at Jiaojiao tired from running, and told her to stop running. Jiaojiao said that he would help him fulfill his dream of becoming an athlete and must help him win the championship.

On the day of the marathon, An Ran went to the vegetable market to find the old dog and asked the old dog to participate in the race. The old dog said that even if he got the first place, his father couldn’t see it anymore. An Ran yelled at him that he could see, could see. The uncle of the vegetable market asked the old dog if he was still running, and told him that his father used to show off with him. The old dog ran very fast and he wanted to participate in a marathon. So he took him to the mall and bought him the pair of sneakers he always wanted.

The old dog recalled what he said to him the day his father left, so he rushed home. The old dog found the pair of sneakers that his father had put in the shoe cabinet. The old dog saw that his father had written on the paper and must win, so he decided to participate in the competition. Martin and the others came to the game, and An Ran told them that the old dog had not come. They named the team named Wind Dogs. Uncles and aunts watched the live broadcast together in the yard.

When they came to the starting point, they said that his pants were tight, but it was too late to change. It was about to begin. The old dog appeared to pat Jiaojiao, and Martin and the others saw the old dog come back. As soon as the gunshot rang, the old dog rushed out of the team first, and everyone followed.

Laogou and Ma Tian have been keeping the lead. Jiaojiao’s father took out the photo and watched the old dog run together in front of the TV. The senior also has been competing with one person, Big Mouth and Mimi ran together. Martin and the old dog rushed to the finish line together. Uncles and aunts were very happy to see them. Dazui and Mimi are running very hard, Jiaojiao realizes that she and Dazui are wearing the wrong pants. The senior also rushed to the end, everyone was waiting for Mimi and Big Mouth.

Mimi ran ahead and fell to the ground. So Chen Yuanyuan yelled at him, if he wins, he will be his girlfriend. Mimi immediately gained motivation and rushed to the finish line. Now it’s the big mouth. As long as the big mouth can reach the end within three hours, they will be the first. Then the big mouth appeared, and everyone was cheering on him. Watching everyone cheer for him, he disregarded his image, and ran to the finish line in red underwear when his pants were rotten. They won the first place. They stood on the podium, and the old dog held the trophy high, as if he saw his father. They said to a cloud on the rooftop that Uncle must be able to see it.

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