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Run For Young 风犬少年的天空 Episode 10 Recap

In March 2005, Mimi and her father were watching the old dog’s house on the balcony. Mimi felt that her life had changed so suddenly, and her father comforted Mimi that life is beyond their control. Jiaojiao was also watching the old dog’s house on the balcony. Jiaojiao was worried that the old dog would leave with her mother. Her mother said that she had regarded the old dog as her child a long time ago.

No matter what, she would not let him starve or freeze. of. The old dog hasn’t come to school for a long time. Everyone is worried about the old dog, guessing whether something will happen to the old dog. Martin comforted everyone to stop thinking about it, and he also explained that he would go to him together tomorrow.

In the evening, An Ran and Martin went home together. On the road, An Ran asked Martin whether the old dog would not have enough to eat and wear. Martin said that Jiaojiao and the others are beside him, and they will take good care of Brother Dog. The next day they went to the vegetable market to look for Brother Gou together, and they found Brother Gou was soliciting goods in a pork shop.

The other party was very impatient, thinking that Brother Dog was too slow to stop him from doing business. So they immediately rushed to help the dog brother carry pork together. They asked Brother Gou if he really didn’t plan to go back to school? Brother Gou told them that he didn’t know that his father was doing well before. Now he wants to make up for all this, so he wants to help his father continue to run the pork stall.

So everyone helped the old dog arranging pork and selling it together, so that more customers would come to him to buy pork. The old dog went home with them. The old dog told them not to come back tomorrow, saying that it was his own business, and told them to leave it alone. An Ran watched that the old dog had no food in his house and was still eating instant noodles. Everyone left without a choice. An Ran took the spare key before leaving, and wanted to do something for the old dog.

Jiaojiao’s parents told Jiaojiao that they wanted to take care of the dog, and Jiaojiao was very happy. So I cooked food for the old dog and asked Jiaojiao to send it over. Jiaojiao came to the old dog’s house and was smoked by a fire. Only then found out that An Ran was here to help the old dog cook breakfast. Seeing that An Ran could not fry eggs, he taught An Ran how to fry eggs. An Ran also told Jiaojiao not to tell others about her coming here.

So the two went to the supermarket to shop and buy groceries. After hearing the old dog’s life, An Ran told An Ran to let them make up for his missing maternal love, and the two became good girlfriends. Mom came to the vegetable market to look for the old dog. The old dog asked her why she divorced her father. Her mother said that she was ignorant at the time and quarreled because of trivial matters. The old dog felt that every time he saw the pork stall, he felt that his father was there.

An Ran and Jiaojiao cooked dinner for the old dog together, but they left without a taste. At this time, Mimi came to deliver food to the old dog. The old dog came back for dinner after a while, but the dishes made by An Ran and the others were unpalatable.

After the old dog finished eating, he returned the bowl to Jiaojiao’s house. The old dog said that breakfast was very rich, and Jiaojiao’s mother said that there was only one bowl of fried rice. They thought it was Jiaojiao’s bread. The old dog also said that the food they cooked in Enron was awful, especially the hard omelette. The old dog thought Jiaojiao made it, and said that An Ran wouldn’t make it so unpalatable. When the old dog came home, Liu Wenqin came to his house to look for him, so the two chatted together. The old dog said that he found it complicated to grow up.

The next day the old dog went out, and when An Ran saw the old dog went out, he entered the room and cooked for him. Liu Wenqin came out of the room and saw An Ran cooking for the old dog. He accidentally made a noise when he left, but neither of them responded. An Ran came to the pork stall to find the old dog, and the old dog told An Ran that he did not plan to go back to school. An Ran recommended him a movie “Forrest Gump”, saying that the protagonist is very similar to the old dog. The old dog complained in front of An Ran that the food she cooked was awful, and An Ran was very angry when he heard that, leaving the old dog puzzled.

Jiaojiao copied the lyrics in class and was discovered by the director, who asked Jiaojiao to sing on stage, making Jiaojiao very embarrassed. At this time, Martin told the director that he had done something wrong. He thought it was a great thing to be brave to chase his dream. An Ran and Mimi also agreed with Martin’s statement, so the director had nothing to say and had to leave. Mimi yelled to the director that his dream was Chen Yuanyuan.

Martin applied Jiaojiao for the audition of Super Girl, and the relationship between Mimi and Chen Yuanyuan suddenly improved. An Ran re-decorated the old dog’s house. The old dog suddenly went home, so An Ran had to hide in the room first. The old dog was shocked when he got home. He took off his clothes and showed his figure in the room. He also sang that the moon represents my heart. An Ran blushed embarrassedly at this scene. An Ran immediately left when the old dog entered the room, but dropped a pen in the room.

An Ran was found out of the room by Mimi, thinking she was here to find Jiaojiao, so she took her to find Jiaojiao. Jiaojiao knew what was going on, so she kept An Ran. At night, Jiaojiao sent An Ran back. Jiaojiao looked at the old dog in the yard. She deliberately said loudly that all this was done by An Ran, the old dog. Knowing that An Ran was silently accompanying him. The old dog took An Ran into his arms, and An Ran said that these were all taught to her by the old dog, and not all the efforts have to be seen.

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