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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 42 Recap

Liao Qianman officially joined Zexian Publishing House, Li Meiqi decided to meet Chen Da again.

Xu Kaiyu came to Luo Yuefang’s office and put forward his own suggestions to him. He wanted to be Luo Danfang’s big tree and asked Luo Yuefang to take himself to the gym. He wanted to practice Luo Yuefang’s power model. Luo Yuefang remembered what Li Meiqi had said to him. So he treated Xu Kaiyu with a very kind attitude, which made Xu Kaiyu a little uncomfortable.

Du Mingshan and Gao Tianshuo came to the publishing house to discuss the next experience series. Gao Tianshuo set his goal on the police experience. Du Mingshan remembered that Xu Kaiyu’s father was a policeman, so she asked Luo Danfang to discuss whether Xu Kaiyu could persuade his father to participate in this experience. Liao Qianman came to the publishing house to see Zhao Yinze. As soon as they met, he was reprimanded by Zhao Yinze, accusing her of not having a resume.

This is very abnormal for a newcomer. Liao Qianman walked out of Zhao Yinze’s office and saw Du Mingshan knew that she had been criticized by Zhao Yinze because of her disgraced appearance, so she stepped forward to comfort Liao Qianman, saying that she was also made things difficult by Zhao Yinze when she was a newcomer. Zhao Yinze told Liao Qianman to quickly prepare his marketing plan. Du Mingshan suddenly realized that Liao Qianman had been hired by Zhao Yinze.

Du Mingshan came to Luo Danfang. Xu Kaiyu was very excited when he heard that he would cooperate with Shiyeping. He said that he would convince his father to participate in this experience plan. However, Xu Kai was worried that with Shiyeping’s skill, he was afraid that his relationship with Luo Danfang would It was exposed in front of his father. Li Meiqi received a courier. She bought a small hut that could be placed in the fish tank online, and then took it to Luo Yuefang’s office. She said that she wanted to give Xiaoyu a home, and together they named Xiaoyu Xiaowei.

Li Meiqi asked Du Mingshan to go home to wait for herself at night. She had important things to say. When she got off work, Li Meiqi met Luo Yuefang. She said that she had decided to meet with Chen Da again. She thanked Luo Yuefang for telling herself the truth, which was more blind than her blind guess. It was much better. Luo Yuefang told her to insist on doing what she wanted to do. After seeing Li Meiqi turned and left, Luo Yuefang was also a little nervous. He didn’t know what choice Li Meiqi would make in the end.

Du Mingshan saw Gao Tianshuo downstairs after get off work. He bought a lot of things and prepared to go back to make a nutritious meal. Because he followed Du Mingshan’s suggestions, the two chatted like friends they just met. Li Meiqi told Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman about Chen Da’s departure again, and they asked her how she would choose if Chen Da wanted to continue to associate with her, and told her to treat it with caution. Meiqi Li called Chen Dazai and agreed on a time and place to meet. Then, the sisters chatted about emotional matters.

Jing Fan now leads a carefree life alone in Australia. Everyone said Jing Fan. The elder sister has already upgraded. Li Meiqi said that she would also upgrade. She remembered what Luo Yuefang had said to herself, and admitted that it was because of Luo Yuefang’s motivation. Later, they cared about Du Mingshan again. Du Mingshan felt that the relationship with Gao Tianshuo was good. It was because the two developed too fast before. Starting from a good neighbor is also a good choice.

The next day, Li Meiqi came to the bench outside the company very early. Luo Yuefang stopped the car after seeing it. Li Meiqi told Luo Yuefang that this time she was able to face it bravely and she would pursue the life she wanted. Luo Yuefang shared her inner secret with her. If Ding Xiaorou is alive now, and she is in another parallel time and space, as long as she is happy, even if she can’t see her, she will be happy for her.

Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan met Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu together. Xu Kaiyu promised to meet with his father on behalf of Gao Tianshuo. However, he asked Gao Tianmian not to mention the matter between him and Luo Danfang in front of his father. After this meeting, the relationship between Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan One step closer. When Li Meiqi and Chen Da met again, Chen Da uttered an apology. Li Meiqi told him that everything was over.

Instead, she thanked him for his actions to protect herself. There was a sense of indifference in the words, Chen Da I feel that there is no way back between the two. Luo Yuefang was a little worried about Li Meiqi, so he pushed back the meeting to be held and ran over. Chen Da thanked Luo Yuefang for his dedication to the Chen family. He asked Li Meiqi whether the two could go back in time. Li Meiqi shook her head firmly.

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