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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 41 Recap

Luo Yue told Li Meiqi the truth of the matter Gao Tianshuo changed strategy to pursue Du Mingshan.

Luo Danfang received a text message from Li Meiqi and learned that Chen Da Zai was planning to pester Li Meiqi. She immediately called Li Meiqi and asked if she wanted to help herself. Li Meiqi said that she was with Du Mingshan at home, so she didn’t worry too much. Luo Danfang put down the phone and saw his brother walking over, so he brought up Li Meiqi’s matter. Luo Yuefang said that it was Li Meiqi’s own business whether to contact Chen Da further, so that they should not call the shots for Li Meiqi.

Luo Danfang was a little curious, thinking that his brother must have something to hide from him, Luo Yuefang asked her and Li Meiqi to come to him at work tomorrow, and he would tell them the truth of the matter. At Du Mingshan’s home, the sisters were analyzing whether to let Chen Da meet Li Meiqi again. Li Meiqi mentioned that Chen Da would be very good to herself for a while. When she caught a cold, he even went to Jingfan’s shop to learn how to survive.

He made porridge with chicken soup, and he secretly went to buy a house with himself, but she didn’t know what happened to Chen Dazai, so she ran off at the wedding. The sisters didn’t agree that she would meet Chen Dazai again, but Liao Qianman had different opinions. Li Meiqi decided to get rid of the knot and he wanted to see Dazai Chen.

Gao Tianshuo returned home and saw that everything outside the balcony was so familiar. He remembered the days when he was with Du Mingshan. Afterwards, he put on his sports shoes and went outside to find Du Mingshan. Du Mingshan was a little surprised when she saw Gao Tianshuo. She didn’t know how to face him. The two of them ran back and forth until Gao Tianshuo was too tired and squatted on the ground to catch his breath. Du Mingshan stopped and she asked Gao Tianshuo. Why did you suddenly think of morning jogs, Gao Tianshuo said, because Du Mingshan told him to develop a good habit, he will gradually adapt to this habit, but also to accompany Du Mingshan more.

Luo Danfang had been waiting at the company a long time ago. After Li Meiqi saw her, he asked why. Luo Fanfang told her that Luo Yuefang must know what happened between her and Chen Dazai. At this time, Luo Yuefang also sent Li Meiqi a text message to ask her and his sister. Waiting at the company, he has important things to tell her. After Luo Yuefang came back, he told Li Meiqi and Luo Danfang about what happened on the day of Li Meiqi’s wedding.

On the same day, Luo Yuefang arrested Chen Da again, and Chen Da told Luo Yuefang that he had just received news that his family company had gone bankrupt. A few hours ago, his father and mother went abroad for shelter, and asked him to quickly go abroad with a ticket, because the creditors would soon bring people to kill. He didn’t want Li Meiqi to bear such consequences with himself, and could not drag her into the water together.

This was the only way he thought of protecting Li Meiqi, even if she was resentful, it didn’t matter, because he had no other choice. Luo Yuefang gave Chen Dazai his phone number and said that he would contact him if he planned to resolve the matter. Because Chen Dalai once entrusted Luo Yuefang to tell Li Meiqi the truth no matter what happened, Luo Yuefang did not tell the truth. After a few months, Luo Yuefang helped the Chen family integrate the debt, and the Chen family was also willing to do their best to repay it, so that Chen Dazhang could appear in front of Li Meiqi.

Du Mingshan received an e-mail sent to her by readers. Du Mingshan was a little touched by the readers’ praise. Then she forwarded the e-mail to Gao Tianshuo. Gao Tianshuo decided to re-plan the relationship between the two from a good neighbor. Invite Du Mingshan to participate in his experience plan. Du Mingshan received the e-mail with mixed excitement and disappointment. If a year ago she would be too excited to sleep, but now her mood has changed differently. After thinking about it, she still agreed with Gao Tianshuo Invitation.

Luo Yuefang found Li Meiqi, who was sad outside, because the Chen family’s debt was not as much as Li Meiqi could imagine. If it weren’t for Roche’s enterprise, their family might not be able to lead a normal life. Li Meiqi asked him why he helped Chen in this way. After all, they are not so familiar. Luo Yuefang didn’t tell his true thoughts. He just said that he didn’t want to see a young man so decadent, and he didn’t mention that he wanted to compete fairly with Chen Dazhai.

Gao Tianshuo came to the publication of Du and Mingshan to discuss the next experience. Zhao Yinze was very excited after seeing it, especially when he got the experience article Gao Tianshuo said about Roche Enterprise, which is also an important selling point of Zexian Publishing House.

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