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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 40 Recap

Gao Tianshuo asked Du Mingshan to forgive Luo Yue in the live broadcast, Li Meiqi told the story of the year.

Because Zhang Jingfan is going to Australia, the sisters are busy giving her gifts. Liao Qianman and Du Mingshan feel that Li Meiqi has been weird recently, worrying that she is still troubled by Chen Dajia’s affairs. Du Mingshan met A Sam when she was out. A Sam reminded her to watch Tian Tian’s live broadcast at night, because this was his first planned event as Tian Tian’s agent. In fact, he had other ideas because Gao Tianshuo was going to attend the evening. Du Mingshan didn’t know about the live broadcast of A Sam.

Chen Da sent messages to Li Meiqi again, but there was no response. He hesitated whether to call Li Meiqi. Before the live broadcast, Tian Tian asked if Gao Tianshuo was nervous. She mentioned that Du Mingshan was a very sunny and happy person, and she was also very happy when she was with Gao Tianshuo. She hoped that her good sisters could find that happiness back.

During the live broadcast, Tian Tian explained the previous ten pages of truth and falsehood to the fans, and then gave Gao Tianshuo enough time to confess his heart to someone watching the live broadcast. Gao Tianshuo took out the prepared manuscript, but was Tian snatched it off and asked him to show his sincerity to that person. Gao Tianshuo was a little nervous and said that he cared about that person very much. During this time, he has been reflecting on it and wanted to make up for the mistakes he made before. He deliberately learned to fly a kite, which he would never do before, but for the sake of that person, he was willing to make changes.

Li Meiqi and Liao Qianman looked at Gao Tianshuo in the camera and asked Du Mingshan if they could forgive him. Du Lishan was also very touched, but she was still entangled in her heart, not knowing whether she really forgave him now. Du Mingshan sat on the balcony and waited for Gao Tianshuo to return. Unexpectedly, Tian Tian and A Sam came back together.

Tian Tian said that she knew Du Mingshan must be here in a daze. Tian Tian told him that after the live broadcast, she talked with Gao Tianshuo. However, the reason why he wanted to leave Taipei was not to avoid Du Mingshan, but to not affect her daily life. Du Mingshan remembered the happy days when she was with Gao Tianshuo. She decided to ease the relationship between the two, so she called Gao Tianshuo to come out to meet.

Zhao Yinze sent a message to Liao Qianman in the middle of the night and asked her to go to the publishing house to talk about work. Liao Qianman was unsure, so let Li Meiqi and Du Mingshan help her analyze what Zhao Yinze did. Luo Yuefang searched the Internet for some ways to conserve small fish, and then carefully prepared. Li Meiqi bought some aquatic plants for the small fish, and also specially brought lunch for Luo Yuefang. The two had lunch together.

Li Meiqi said that he and Xiaoyu are similar. , They were all very cold fighting fish, and then he shared his impression of Luo Yuefang, suggesting that he smile often so that everyone would not be afraid of him. He also said that he laughed like a child, Luo Yuefang remembered that Ding Xiaorou once said to himself Same thing.

Li Meiqi asked Luo Yuefang, and later what happened to him and Ding Xiaorou, Luo Yuefang hesitated for a moment, and still told what happened six years ago. When Ding Xiaorou was kidnapped by his enemies, Luo’s father sent someone to rescue Luo Yuefang, but Ding Xiaorou was brutally killed by his enemies. Later, Luo Yuefang and He Luo’s father used two years to basically trample all the enemies. But still did not find any clues to kill Ding Xiaorou, and later he met Li Meiqi when he was attacked.

Li Meiqi persuaded Luo Yuefang that if he couldn’t forget the past, he would treat it as a nutrient for her to thrive. Her nutrition was sisters and aunts, and Luo Yuefang said that his nutrition was work. When Li Meiqi was leaving, she told Luo Yuefang that she understood Luo Yuefang’s feelings, but everything would pass. He hoped that Luo Yuefang would be happier and asked him to help Xiaoyu choose a name.

Du Mingshan asked Gao Tianshuo to meet. Gao Tianshuo was very grateful to Du Mingshan for giving him this opportunity. Du Mingshan asked him, since he has returned to Taipei, he might as well go home to live. Gao Tianshuo was a little excited. He asked Du Mingshan if he really forgave herself. Du Mingshan hesitated Let me say the relationship between them. He is the neighbor Mr. Gao, and he is Miss Du. After speaking, he turned and left.

Chen Da blocked at the door of Li Meiqi’s aunt’s house, but Li Meiqi did not give him a chance to explain. Chen Da came to the live broadcast of Tian Tian again and asked her to help herself meet Li Meiqi. Tian Tian was very angry and almost became Hit him in front of the reporter. Li Meiqi returned home to talk to Du Mingshan. She felt that she should meet Chen Da again. Maybe she can solve the lumps in her happiness by clarifying this matter.

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