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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 39 Recap

Tian Tian decides to rejoin her sisters Zhang Jingfan divorces and decides to start a new life.

Tian Tian was frightened, holding Du Mingshan in her arms and wept bitterly. At this time, she felt the warmth and help of her best friend. A Sam came upstairs to see Tian Tian. He comforted her patiently. Everything was under control. Du Mingshan was curious. How did A Sam catch the perverted fans alone, A Sam told her that Gao Tianshuo was waiting for him downstairs.

The sisters all came to comfort Tian Tian, all around her after busying, Tian Tian cried with excitement, feeling sorry for the good sisters. Mother Tian Tian came in time, and she saw A downstairs. Sam and Gao Tianshuo, ask A Sam to take good care of Tian Tian. Gao Tianshuo also reminds A Sam to seize the opportunity in time.

Li Meiqi and Liao Qianman persuaded Du Mingshan that it would not be a bad person who could bravely save their sisters, and asked her to dare to face Gao Tianshuo. Du Mingshan hesitated and said that everything will be discussed after Tiantian’s problem is resolved. She said that the two are together. , Mutual trust is the most important thing.

If you lose trust, it will be difficult to get that true feeling. Luo Danfang sent a message to Li Meiqi and asked her to persuade her brother. It was already very late. He was still working in the company and didn’t even eat the dinner prepared by his mother. Li Meiqi didn’t know how to persuade Luo Yuefang, Liao Qianman suggested that she relieve Luo Yuefang’s pressure.

Auntie Cleaning got the pressure ball that Luo Yuefang had smashed to the ground and threw the bottle away. Luo Yuefang was furious when he learned about it, but he didn’t get angry with Auntie Cleaning. Li Meiqi saw this scene and she was thinking about how to help Luo Yuefang. Soon after, Li Meiqi bought a few small fishes and gave them to Luo Yuefang, and asked them to accompany Luo Yuefang outside of work. This could relieve some of his tight attention. She also suggested that Luo Yuefang go out and find friends to play with, but Luo Yuefang said that he He didn’t have any friends, Li Meiqi told him that Gao Tianshuo was his friend and so was herself.

Tian Tian remembered what her mother had said to herself. She decided to reconcile with her sisters. She called Gao Tianshuo and asked him to come to her live broadcast. She mentioned that she had been with her sisters because of her bad temper. In the quarrel, the sisters helped herself so much, she must also help Du Mingshan to reconcile with him, she let Gao Tianshuo think about how to say in the live broadcast. Liao Qianman proposed to hold an event to celebrate Tian Tian’s return to the group, while Li Meiqi persuaded Luo Yuefang to regain his previous smile.

Gao Tianshuo took A Sam to Zexian Publishing House to discuss the contract. Zhao Yinze and A Sam had a solitary space for Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan. Seeing Du Mingshan’s shoulder injury, Gao Tianshuo wanted to accompany her to the hospital but was Du Mingshan refused on the grounds of work. A Sam decided to regain his feelings with Tian Tian. He came to Tiantian’s home and cut the talking points with Tiantian on the grounds of work, and put forward his own views on how to deal with fans. Because the reporters came to harass Tian Tian early in the morning, A Sam took the call to communicate with the reporters, and dealt with it as Tian Tian’s agent.

When he got off work, Li Meiqi came to Luo Yuefang to stop him from continuing to work and invited him to dinner with him. Luo Yuefang immediately agreed. Li Meiqi took him to eat Luo Danfang’s ramen. After the meal, the two of them went for a walk. Luo Yuefang was a little different recently. Li Meiqi said that he already knew what happened between him and Ding Xiaorou.

Luo Yuefang said that everything Passed. The sisters had a dinner together to celebrate Liao Qianman’s birthday. This made Liao Qianman very touched. During the period, Zhang Jingfan announced to the sisters that she was divorced. She was going to Australia to relax, hoping to find her new life, and at the same time handed over the izakaya to her. Liao Qianman came to manage.

Zhao Yinze came to the izakaya to chat with Liao Qianman and saw that she was annoyed because she could not find a job, so he decided to help her, so he called Du Mingshan and asked her to hand over the work of her colleagues because he had decided to let Liao Qianman Work in the publishing house.

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