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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 38 Recap

Tianshuo agrees to cooperate with Zexian Publishing House, Tian Tian encounters perverted fan Du Mingshan to rescue.

Tian Tian asked A Sam to be her agent, and also mentioned giving the two a chance to be alone with each other. A Sam thought that Tian Tian was talking about the relationship between the two, but Tian Tian was only for work. Gao Tianshuo heard it next to him. After the conversation between the two, he decided to stand up and say a few words for A Sam. He proposed that as an employer, he could give A Sam a certain amount of freedom so that he could deal with things about Tian Tian, but A Sam said that he would consider it. , A Sam agreed, but she asked A Sam to have a sense of time, maybe she will change her mind tomorrow.

Gao Tianshuo proposed to broadcast Tiantian’s live broadcast, which surprised Tian Tian, because it was the ten-page question of true and false that made Tian Tian into an awkward situation. Gao Tianshuo asked him to come forward to clarify this issue, and he also wanted to persuade Tian Tian to heal The girlfriends reconciled, because he didn’t want to see Du Mingshan being very sad, Tian Tian said that she would deal with this problem herself, and this matter should not be brought up by him. Li Meiqi and Du Mingshan plan to watch Tian Tian’s live broadcast.

At this time, when Liao Qianman came back from Pingtung, Zhao Yinze personally sent her back home, saying that it was a friend’s request and must be completed. Hearing that Editor-in-Chief Zhao and Father Liao call brothers and sisters, Li Meiqi and Du Mingshan are a little surprised. Zhao Yinze brags about what he has done in front of him, especially that some of the bridge sections he designed by himself can perform in his own way, which makes Zhao Yinze feel sincerely happy because of Du Mingshan and others. To watch Tiantian’s live broadcast, Liao Qianman pretended to be exhausted and asked Zhao Yinze to go back first.

Under the persuasion of her mother, Tian Tian loosened the misunderstandings of her girlfriends. During the live broadcast, she consciously or unconsciously said some related information. Li Meiqi and Du Mingshan were very happy after seeing them and felt that Tian Tian was talking to them. Release a friendly signal. They were also sensitive to discover that there was a perverted fan message in Tian Tian’s live broadcast, and they wanted to remind Tian Tian to attract enough attention. Tian Tian said that he had found a professional agent and said that this person was his ex-boyfriend. This made perverted fans a little angry, and Du Mingshan and others began to worry.

Du Mingshan got up for a run in the morning. She remembered the days with Gao Tianshuo. She couldn’t help but miss Gao Tianshuo a little. Finally, she decided that all she could do now is to stick to her daily routine and wait for Gao Tianshuo’s return. After Du Mingshan came back, he saw Li Meiqi alone in a daze. He told Du Mingshan about Chen Dalai’s message. Du Mingshan persuaded her to ignore Chen Dazai. Liao Qianman was even more direct. The news told Tian Tian that after all, Tian Tian had a quarrel with Du Mingshan because of her.

Du Mingshan was busy at work. Because a colleague was pregnant and was expecting a childbirth, she took over all her work. Zhao Yinze also imposed some tasks on her. Du Mingshan had no complaints. At this time, A Sam came to Zhao Yinze to talk about the contract. Zhao Yinze had a big brain, ready to write the script to match the problems of A Sam and Tian Tian, and Du Mingshan and Tiantian. This made the two of them very confused and said that they don’t need to worry about Zhao Yinze. When A Sam was discussing the contract, Zhao Yinze saw that Gao Tianshuo had made a lot of concessions. A Sam said that as long as Du Mingshan insisted on doing it, Gao Tianshuo would agree after thinking about it. He told Du Mingshan about Gao Tianshuo’s thoughts. .

Luo Yuefang saw the pressure balls on the street, so he bought the only two, and he also sent the pictures of the pressure balls to Li Meiqi. Li Meiqi went to Luo Yuefang’s office and discovered that he had bought the two pressure balls and gave one of them to Li Meiqi. Li Meiqi wanted to take away the pressure ball that Luo Yuefang squeezed, but Luo Yuefang stopped it. The two of them held their hands together and felt different from each other.

Tian Tian was broadcast live alone at home. She ordered takeout for her mother, but was used by perverted fans, dressed as a takeaway and broke in. The sisters were very worried after seeing it. Du Mingshan went straight to Tian Tian’s house on a motorcycle. . Fans are also reminding Tian Tian to pay attention to an unidentified person behind him. The appearance of perverted fans frightened Tian Tian. He tied Tian Tian up and wanted to be obscene.

At this time, Du Mingshan broke in and went with the perverted fans. After the fight, the perverted fans saw that the situation was not good. After beating Du Mingshan a few times, they ran away, but was blocked in time by A Sam and Gao Tianshuo downstairs and turned him to the police.

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