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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 37 Recap

Zhao Yinze helped Liao Qianman complete the task successfully and Du Mingshan asked Gao Tianshuo why he didn’t go home.

Gao Tianshuo returned to Taipei. A Sam was very happy, but Gao Tianshuo didn’t want to go back. He was afraid of causing Du Mingshan’s discomfort. A Sam told him that if he came back early to explain the situation to Du Mingshan, there was a possibility and opportunity to save between the two. Liao Qianman took Zhao Yinze back to Pingtung’s house. His parents welcomed Editor-in-Chief Zhao very much, but thought it was absurd for his daughter to find someone to act in the play. Zhao Yinze and Liao Qianman praised himself in front of his parents.

The rhetoric made Qian Man a little disgusted, but Qian Man’s parents took a look at Zhao Yin Zegao. During the meal, Zhao Yinze and Liao’s father called brothers and sisters. Liao Qianman persuaded Zhao Yinze to drink less and go to the wedding at night. Zhao Yinze disagreed, saying that he can drink enough. In society, he relies on drinking to fill the front and exchange feelings. Liao The mother is worried about her daughter’s future.

Du Mingshan accidentally came to the coffee shop where she and Gao Tianshuo had been. She found Gao Tianshuo was writing there. She hesitated, but finally did not go in to meet, but turned and walked away. Gao Tianshuo wanted to come forward and greet Du Mingshan. , But found that she has gone far. Li Meiqi looked at the text message that Chen Dare sent to him, feeling very entangled in her heart, not knowing what she should do next.

Liao Qianman took Zhao Yinze to Wanping’s wedding together. Liao Qianman introduced Zhao Yinze to Wanping. Only then did Wan Ping realize that many heavyweight guests were hired by the editor-in-chief Zhao. She took Liao Qianman Pulling aside, she asked if she had temporarily found a boyfriend to lie to herself, and this person was older. Liao Qianman said that she was very happy now, but Wanping should think more about facing it right away. Heavy housework problems.

Wanping was very angry, and pushed Liao Qianman hard. Zhao Yinze stepped forward to support Liao Qianman and taught Wanping a lesson. He said that Liao Qianman was the good girlfriend who could call in the middle of the night, if Losing a friend like her would be Wanping’s biggest failure in her life.

During the wedding, the man’s parents had a dispute with the woman’s uncle because the woman had three more banquets. Zhao Yinze came forward to stop him, sang the school song of Guangming High School, and easily solved the problem. Both parents met with Liao Qianman’s father. They asked how the two met, and Liao Qianman and Zhao Yinze played a rehearsal version of the drama.

As Zhao Yinze came forward to solve the problem, Wanping was very grateful. Before leaving, two former classmates who had conflicts turned fighting into jade silk. Liao Qianman asked if Zhao Yinze was really an alumnus of Guangming High School. Zhao Yinze said that he just passed by the school occasionally when he was a soldier.

Du Mingshan returned home and found that Li Meiqi was sitting there in a daze. After inquiring, it was because she knew that it was Chen Dazai’s matter. She persuaded Li Meiqi not to look back, but to put down this past and look forward. After comforting Li Meiqi, Du Mingshan came to the balcony alone. She saw that there was no light in Gao Tianshuo’s house. She was a little wondering that he had already returned to Taipei, so why didn’t he go home.

Tian Tian discussed the contract with the advertiser. She asked her mother to be her agent, but the advertiser smelled a peculiar smell on her mother. This made Tian Tian very disgusted, so she cancelled the cooperation with the advertiser. Mother Tian Tian saw A Sam answer a reporter’s question, Tian Tian was upset when she heard A Sam’s voice, Mother Tian Tian hurriedly closed the video.

Du Mingshan decided to call Gao Tianshuo. Gao Tianshuo was surprised when he received the call. Du Mingshan asked him why he didn’t go home since he returned to Taipei. Gao Tianshuo asked Du Mingshan if he really forgave him. Du Mingshan didn’t know how to answer, so he had to put it down. phone. Tian Tian remembered the troubles the advertiser had made when negotiating the contract with the advertiser. Tian Tian’s mother didn’t know how to solve it, so she persuaded Tian Tian to find A Sam as her agent. After Tian Tian hesitated, she called A Sam. phone.

Zhao Yinze came to Liao’s father early the next morning. The two had a long drink last night. Liao’s father invited him to go fishing together. Liao’s father had forgotten all about it. While fishing, Father Liao and Yinze Zhao talked about Liao Qianman. Liao Qianman told his father that he did not work in a publishing house and was still in an izakaya. Zhao Yinze promised Father Liao that he would help Liao Qianman find a good work.

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