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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 36 Recap

Luo Danfang told Li Meiqi about his brother’s past, Luo Jinlong came to the company and Xu Kaiyu was frightened.

Luo Danfang told Li Meiqi the story between her brother and Ding Xiaorou. After Luo Yuefang accidentally met Ding Xiaorou, he slowly began to get acquainted. Luo Yuefang liked Ding Xiaorou’s character very much. Ding Xiaorou not only loves sports, but is also a shooting shooter. Very good, the two get along very happily, Luo Yuefang is also a very cheerful and sunny person. Li Meiqi asked about what happened to Luo Yuefang and Ding Xiaorou. Luo Danfang said that Ding Xiaorou was killed because of the Luo family’s enemies. From then on, Luo Yuefang became cold and refused to let anyone approach him.

Li Meiqi remembered what Luo Yuefang had said to herself. She knew Luo Yuefang’s inner suffering. It turned out that what he meant was not to reject herself, but not to let her be harmed. Luo Danfang told Li Meiqi that Luo Yuefang had never told any girl in six years. It was Li Meiqi who made Luo Yuefang smile again. She said that she said these things to Li Meiqi not to make her sympathize with her brother, but she wanted her to have a smile again.

A Sam and Gao Tianshuo communicated over the phone and arranged the processing of the manuscript in the next step. A Sam asked him when he would return to Taipei, but Gao Tianshuo put down the phone. Luo’s father came to the company to inspect. He was particularly interested in Li Meiqi and Xu Kaiyu. Xu Kaiyu was frightened to stammer, while Luo’s father was more amiable to Li Meiqi. Tao Tiantian and the advertisers studied the next contract issue together. A Sam stopped and waited after seeing him outside. Tian Tian walked out after seeing him.

A Sam asked Tian Tian if there was any possibility for the two to continue, Tian Tian hesitated After a while, he still chose to reject him. A Sam was rather disappointed. When he wanted to turn around and leave, Mother Tian Tian came out and encouraged him to be firm in his choice and not to miss his happiness because of some things. Although her daughter suffered some setbacks, she still liked A in her heart. Sam’s. She said that Tian Tian is just someone who wants to make herself better. She hopes that A Sam can move in this direction. Even if the last two cannot be together, they are worthy of her own efforts.

Luo Jinlong chatted with his son. He encouraged Luo Yuefang to bravely pursue the girl he likes. After all, people have to move forward and look forward. Don’t be immersed in the pain of the past. What happened six years ago should be He learned how to cherish the person before him. Luo Yuefang suggested that maybe the girl didn’t like her at all. Luo said, “Have you ever asked her? He didn’t even ask, so he gave up. There was only one reason before, but there were thousands of excuses behind. Luo Jin Long’s son shouldn’t be like this. After listening to his father’s words, Luo Yuefang was thoughtful and already had an idea in his heart.

Luo Jinlong asked Xu Kaiyu again what kind of person he was. Xu Kaiyu said that he was an ordinary person. Luo Jinlong treated Xu Kaiyu with a threatening tone, which made him even more timid. After Luo Danfang saw it, he hurried over to persuade his father. Luo Jinlong asked if Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang had spent the night together. Li Meiqi wanted to stand up and relieve Xu Kaiyu. In the end, Xu Kaiyu decisively admitted that he had been with Luo Danfang, Luo Jinlong asked What did he do to his daughter that night?

Xu Kaiyu said that the two ate a lot of food and then played games together. Luo Danfang drank too much and fell asleep. Luo Yuefang and Li Meiqi interceded for Xu Kaiyu, and with his temperament, they would not do anything deviant to Luo Danfang. Luo Jinlong asked about Xu Kaiyu’s family status. He talked about his father who was a policeman. Luo Jinlong actually knew his father. The two had dealt with him.

A Sam and Du Mingshan researched together about the signing of Gao Tian said. Du Mingshan asked him if he had contacted Tian Tian. A Sam said that he had not, and after experiencing the previous things, Tian Tian has retired from the sister group owner. A Sam persuaded Du Mingshan. Although he did not know where Gao Tianshuo was, he knew that Gao Tianshuo missed Du Mingshan very much. Luo Danfang expressed his love to Xu Kaiyu and encouraged him to be brave and strong, and the two happily established a love relationship with each other.

Liao Qianman returned to Pingtung with Zhao Yinze. Zhao Yinze praised Liao Qianman as a young girl with strong emotions, but she has an old soul, so the two can talk together. Li Meiqi received a text message from Chen Dazai. Chen Dazai felt sorry for what happened before, and he was willing to make up for it if he had the opportunity. This text message brought Li Meiqi into grief.

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