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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 29 Recap

After returning to the apartment, Li Zhenyan told Fang Xiaolu about the situation of the Lumalie Orchestra. The Lumalie Orchestra is seriously short of musicians, but will hold a concert next Saturday. Fang Xiaorui suddenly felt a little disappointed because of her recital. Also next Saturday, she prepared for so long a recital. The biggest motivation was Li Zhenyan, but she was unwilling to delay Li Zhenyan, so she did not tell Li Zhenyan the news.

After Fang Xiaofu knew that the orchestra lacked an oboe chief, she asked Li Zhenyan recommended Ji Mo, and Li Zhenyan decided to think about it. Seeing that Li Zhenyan had been busy, Fang Xiaolu didn’t continue to disturb him. He also sent a text message to Ji Mo asking if he wanted to go to the Luma Lie Orchestra.

On a new day, Li Zhenyan came to the Lumalie Orchestra and officially led the orchestra to start rehearsals. This is Li Zhenyan as the conductor and formally cooperate with an international orchestra. Li Zhenyan is still a little nervous. Cooperating with a new orchestra will always cause a lot of friction. And contradictory, but he believes he can overcome the difficulties. But halfway through the rehearsal, Li Zhenyan found many low-level errors in many voices, which made him a little puzzled. Lumalie is a well-known senior orchestra. How could there be so many low-level errors?

Li Zhenyan wanted to rehearse from the beginning, but Xie Li objected and insisted on continuing to rehearse. The musicians looked at Xie Li and Li Zhenyan in a dilemma. Li Zhenyan finally knew what was wrong with the orchestra, but he had just arrived in the orchestra and could only rely on Xie Li first. Ideas come.

After Li Zhenyan returned to the apartment, he kept sighing. Fang Xiaolu saw that Li Zhenyan was having a headache for the orchestra. He hesitated for a long time, but still did not tell Li Zhenyan about his recital. After Li Zhenyan left, Song Ran found out that Fang Xiaolu was going to participate in the recital. She kindly wanted to share some experience with Fang Xiaolu, but Fang Xiaolu refused.

Lan Bo found Zhuo Yin and handed a letter to her. Zhuo Yin still cared about Lan Bo and opened the letter. Lan Bo sincerely apologized to Zhuo Yin in the letter and realized his previous mistakes. He also persuaded Zhuo Yin to return to the RS Orchestra. The letter also included a photo of the RS Orchestra. Zhuo Yin looked at the group photo and felt a little confused.

At Saturday’s concert, Li Zhenyan and others were preparing to play. Ao Tai hurried to tell everyone bad news that the pianist had temporarily resigned and someone had to save the field. Li Zhenyan thought of Fang Xiaolu for the first time. Hurry to the orchestra.

While Li Zhenyan was waiting anxiously, Song Ran suddenly came to the orchestra. When everyone saw Song Ran, they thought that Song Ran was the one Li Zhenyan invited to save the scene. Song Ran was well-known, and Xie Li and Ao Tai knew Song. Ran, felt that this performance would be saved.

Li Zhenyan was very embarrassed, but could not find a chance to explain. At this time, Fang Xiaolu arrived in the orchestra and saw the scene in front of him extremely lost. Li Zhenyan wanted to take her to the stage to explain, but Fang Xiaolu But he refused. Fang Xiaolu wasted time in the orchestra. Not only did he fail to help Li Zhenyan, but he also missed his recital. By the time Fang Xiaoru arrived at the recital, the audience had already been gone.

The Lumaline Orchestra was not going well here. The audience were disappointed with the declining level of Lumaline. The musicians also complained to each other. Li Zhenyan looked at the mess in front of him and didn’t know what to do. While thinking alone, Li Zhenyan received a text message from Lin Qingshang, only to realize that today is Fang Xiaolu’s recital, and Li Zhenyan’s head is bigger.

After returning to the apartment, Li Zhenyan looked at Fang Xiaorui and didn’t know how to speak. Fang Xiaorui left the apartment without a few bites of food and said that he would go out for a walk. Li Zhenyan was worried about Fang Xiaolu, and followed out. Li Zhenyan was very guilty of Xiaolu, but Fang Xiaolu said that he didn’t blame him, and said nothing else.

RS Orchestra, He Shengliang and the musicians are getting better and better, and the rehearsal is also very smooth. After the rehearsal, Qin Fen is going to take everyone to eat noodles. At this time, Zhuo Yin suddenly came and everyone was a little surprised. Zhuo Yin said that he was willing to return to the RS Orchestra, and accepted Rambo’s apology and decided to let go of the past.

Jiang Caiwei suddenly came to the RS Orchestra. Everyone was a little surprised. They recounted the old times with Jiang Caiwei. They also proposed to cooperate with Jiang Caiwei. Jiang Caiwei became depressed and told everyone about her situation, saying that she had dropped out of school, and the atmosphere fell. Qin Fen comforted her a few words and encouraged her after knowing that Jiang Caiwei was considering developing in the direction of popular music. Jiang Caiwei considered it for a long time and decided to pursue her dream on the road of popular music.

In the evening, Song Ran and Fang Xiaorui chatted in the room. Song Ran said that when she saw Fang Xiaorui for the first time, she was envious of her. She always felt that she had lost less than she gained on the way to learn the piano, until she saw Fang Xiaorui. Xiao Let, she knew how absurd her idea was. She was forced to practice piano by Song’s mother since she was a child, and she lost the normal life of her peers. Fang Xiao let again asked Song Ran if she had any dreams, but Song Ran said people. You don’t have to have a dream.

Fang Xiaolu fell asleep in the middle of the conversation. The next morning, Song Ranzheng and Fang Xiaolu Li Zhenyan were walking on the street, but Song’s mother suddenly found Song Ran, and when she saw Song Ran and Li Zhen, they were waiting. When they were together, they gave her a slap, and Fang Xiaolu hurriedly protected Song Ran.

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