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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 28 Recap

Li Yazhe soon discovered that Fang Xiaolu played the piano imitating Song Ran, and even said that Fang Xiaolu couldn’t find his piano sound anymore, so the recital would not be necessary. Fang Xiaolu’s fighting spirit was aroused, and he was practising the piano in the apartment. Ji Mo looked at Fang Xiaolu’s look a little distressed.

Tian Yisong joined the professional orchestra “Dieshang”, which is an excellent professional orchestra, and Weienda told him to take this opportunity. After knowing that Tian Yisong had entered Die Shang, Fisher decided to arrange Li Zhenyan into Die Shang’s rival, the Luma Lie Orchestra. Li Zhenyan knew that the Lumalie Orchestra invited him to serve as a permanent conductor.

He was a little bit puzzled. He had never been in contact with anyone from the Lumalie Orchestra. This opportunity was a little inexplicable. While Li Zhenyan was thinking about it, Ji Mo called Li Zhenyan and told him that he had accidentally revealed to Fang Xiaolu that he had cooperated with Song Ran, and also told him Fang Xiaolu’s strange behavior recently. Li Zhenyan was a little worried, and decided to return to Paris.

Here Qin Fen went to the funeral home alone to take over the performance. Chen Zheng looked at Qin Fen’s appearance, hesitated for a while, and handed Qin Fen the bank card Li Zhenyan gave him. Qin Fen returned to the rehearsal place to meditate on his thoughts. He Shengliang came suddenly. He said that he did not understand Qin Fen’s approach, because Qin Fen took the performance alone, which actually did not have any effect on the development of the entire orchestra.

Maybe Qin Fen alone. No matter how hard a person works, Qin Fen can’t change the ending. Qin Fen said his reasons. He wanted the orchestra to develop well. He Shengliang looked at Qin Fen with admiration. Qin Fen has indeed grown a lot during this period.

Li Zhenyan returned to his apartment in Paris and made a very formal dinner. Fang Xiaolu was about to start eating, but Li Zhenyan deliberately kept picking up Fang Xiaolu’s problems. Fang Xiaolu was a little anxious, so he took the opportunity to tell Fang Xiao Let’s do whatever she likes, she doesn’t need to imitate others. His cooperation with Song Ran is just a work arrangement. No matter who he works with, he only cares about Fang Xiaoluo, and Fang Xiaoluo is in her heart. He was unique in his heart, and he would always be with Fang Xiaolu. Fang Xiaolu was a little touched by Li Zhenyan’s words.

With Li Zhenyan’s encouragement and comfort, Fang Xiaolu was relieved and decided not to imitate Song Ran. After Li Zhenyan comforted Fang Xiaolu, he also told the people in the apartment that he was going to be the permanent conductor of the Luma Lie Orchestra. Several people congratulated Li Zhenyan. Lin Qingshang asked about Qin Fen’s recent situation. Li Zhenyan briefly talked about the situation. Lin Qingshang and Qin Fen encouraged him when they contacted him.

Li Zhenyan was planning to go to the orchestra to check the situation before taking up his post, but it seemed that something went wrong with the orchestra. Li Zhenyan was somehow pulled into the orchestra and became a candidate violinist. Li Zhenyan tuned the piano and played a random piece of music. , Attracted the applause of other people in the orchestra, but the violin chief disdainfully said that Li Zhenyan’s level is not worthy of applause.

Someone will inform everyone that the conductor did not come today, the rehearsal was cancelled, and everyone left with complaints. The violin chief I also feel that Li Zhenyan stayed in the orchestra not long.

Jiang Caiwei got a summary of the vocal cords. The doctor told her that she needed an operation as soon as possible in this case, but she could no longer sing high notes after the operation. If you can’t sing high notes, Jiang Caiwei’s dream will not be realized. Jiang Caiwei went to the bar every day to attract Yan Yan’s attention. After Yan Yan knew Jiang Caiwei’s troubles, she encouraged her to continue chasing her dreams, saying that the singers he knew also had problems with vocal cords, which did not affect their pursuit of dreams, and the Golden Hall also Not the only stage.

Fang Xiaolu found Li Yazhe and said that she still decided to go to the recital. Li Yazhe told Fang Xiaolu not to be influenced by other people and interfere with her piano sound. Li Yazhe ordered Fang Xiaolu to think about her original intention of playing the piano. What is it, but if Fang Xiaolu wants to go to the recital, he won’t stop it.

Song Ran suddenly went to Paris to find Li Zhenyan. When Li Zhenyan went downstairs to pick up Song Ran, Fang Xiaolu saw Song Ran holding Li Zhenyan enthusiastically. Fang Xiaolu was jealous and treated Song Ran as a hostess, Song Ran and them. The two exchanged a few words, saying that they would also live in the apartment, Fang Xiaolu couldn’t refuse, and could only agree to her to live in his own room.

Within a few days, Li Zhenyan went to the Lumarie Orchestra to formally report to Tai Ao. Tai Ao was arguing with the violin chief Shelly. Because of Shelly’s domineering attitude towards the group members, the members resigned, but Shelly still went his own way and treated Li Zhenyan too. Turn a blind eye.

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