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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 27 Recap

Li Zhenyan also asked about the RS Orchestra. Qin Fen was embarrassed to tell Li Zhenyan about the difficulties of the RS Orchestra. He didn’t want Li Zhenyan to see their embarrassment, so he changed the subject and asked why Fang Xiaolu didn’t come back together. Li Zhenyan didn’t know how to tell. Qin Fen. On the French side, Fang Xiaolu was unhappy because of Li Zhenyan’s departure, and even reluctant to see Vogre.

Dalia was a little worried, but Lin Qingshang was very calm, because Li Zhenyan had already anticipated this situation before he left, and she had also advanced in advance. Tell Lin Qingshang what to do. According to what Li Zhenyan said, Lin Qingshang told Fang Xiaolu that he would definitely come back to see Fang Xiaolu’s recital, and he bought a dress for Fang Xiaolu.

Fang Xiaolu saw that Li Zhenyan had not forgotten the agreement between the two, and then it came out. The door, ready to go to class. Fang Xiaolu went out of the apartment, but couldn’t find a place to go to class. Vogre waited for a long time before Fang Xiaoru arrived. When Fang Xiaoru arrived in the classroom, she discovered that Vogre turned out to be a Chinese, but Fang Xiaolu didn’t know. Yes, Vogel is Li Yazhe.

Domestically, there was a problem with Fisher and Song Ran’s performance. Fisher suddenly fell ill and asked Li Zhenyan to take the lead for Fisher, but Li Zhenyan bluntly refused. After Song Ran learned the news, he persuaded Li Zhenyan to come to power and asked Li Zhenyan if he didn’t want to be on stage with him. Li Zhenyan said that he didn’t want to be Fisher’s apprentice. Song Ran knew that Li Zhenyan must have other reasons.

Upon further questioning, Li Zhenyan Admitting that he and Fang Xiaolu agreed to perform the piano concerto together, he did not want to break this agreement, but Song Ran persuaded that if the two of them are to become professional pianists and conductors, they must understand that their music cannot be limited to them. Between the two of them, Li Zhenyan didn’t speak, and Song Ranyan did it all. No matter what Li Zhenyan decides, she must go to rehearsal first.

Fang Xiao Let’s start class. She played a tune for Li Yazhe, but Li Yazhe said that Fang Xiao Let’s piano sound is far less flexible than the game. She also wondered if there was a boy watching Fang Xiao Let’s game. She, Fang Xiaorui only found it magical, and didn’t know how Li Yazhe knew about it. Li Yazhe pounced on Li Zhenyan’s news. Fang Xiaoru didn’t conceal it, and told Li Yazhe about his relationship with Li Zhenyan.

Halfway through the class, Li Zhenyan called Fang Xiaorui, and finally Li Zhenyan decided to perform on stage. He wanted to tell Fang Xiaorui about it, but Elise urged Li Zhenyan to come on stage and hung up Fang Xiaolu’s call. Fang Xiaolu was very happy when he heard that Li Zhenyan would come back to participate in her recital, and when he returned, his enthusiasm for piano practice was even higher.

Li Zhenyan did not go to the party after the performance, and hurriedly went to Qin Fen, only to find that Qin Fen was performing on the roadside stage. Li Zhenyan felt a little guilty and felt that he had left with ease at the beginning, leaving Qin Fen behind. In a mess, Qin Fen was still so optimistic and had no complaints. He believed that the future would get better and better, but Qin Fen was worried that Lin Qingshang would know about it, and specifically urged Li Zhenyan not to tell Lin Qingshang about it. After giving Jiu Yanhuan, Li Zhenyan took out a bank card and gave it to Chen Zheng. He wanted to do his part to help the RS Orchestra tide over the current difficulties. Chen Zheng couldn’t help but accept it.

After returning home, Li Zhenyan made a phone call with Fang Xiaolu. Fang Xiaolu talked about learning the piano. Li Zhenyan talked about the RS orchestra and Qin Fen, but Fang Xiaolu was too tired of learning. He called and played. Fell asleep as soon as he fell asleep. During the next few days, Fang Xiaofu followed Li Yazhe to study the piano seriously, while Li Zhenyan was busy with his own affairs in China, and went to see Qin Fen and Chen Zheng from time to time. After a period of hard study, Fang Xiaofu finally got the qualification for recital.

However, Li Zhenyan followed Fisher on tour, and his fame and skills were greatly improved. However, Fisher told reporters that Li Zhenyan was his apprentice. This made Li Zhenyan very dissatisfied. He believed that his teacher was Wayenda, but Elise took it. From the interview video of Wayenda, Wayenda also admitted that Li Zhenyan is a student of Fisher, and under the coaxing of Fisher, Li Zhenyan thought that he was only signing a contract for the tour, but he did not expect to sign with Elise.

A ten-year contract. Now that it’s done, Li Zhenyan doesn’t know what to do except to get angry. Here Ji Mo also arrived in Paris, and went to the apartment to find Fang Xiaolu. Because Ji Mo mentioned Li Zhenyan’s performance, Fang Xiaolu knew that Li Zhenyan and Song Ran had worked together. This made Fang Xiaolu very disappointed. She didn’t understand Li Zhenyan. Why not tell yourself about this.

In the RS Orchestra, Qin Fen received a call from the owner of the barber shop last time, saying that he recommended their orchestra to friends in the funeral home, hoping that they could play mourning music, but Qin Fen didn’t want to take this kind of performance anymore and refused the barber shop. The boss, but refused the invitation of the barber shop owner.

The previous sponsor, Mr. Wang, called Qin Fen and said that he would stop the sponsorship. In desperation, Qin Fen could only take this order, but the members of the group were very opposed, and even said that if they played mourning, they would quit the group. The scene was very embarrassing for a while.

Fisher and Song Ran’s tour is about to end. Li Zhenyan also packs up his things and prepares to go back to Paris. Fisher asked Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu knew how he reacted after the performance with Song Ran. Li Zhenyan didn’t speak, and Fisher smiled. That said, sometimes jealousy can also arouse artistic sparks. In Paris, since Fang Xiaolu learned of the cooperation between Song Ran and Li Zhenyan, he began to imitate Song Ran to play the piano.

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