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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 26 Recap

Lin Qingshang encountered this when he first arrived in Paris, and at first he had some headaches, but under Li Zhenyan’s plea, Lin Qingshang agreed to help. After Tian Yisong’s command was over, it was Li Zhenyan’s turn to play. The judges were a little surprised when they saw the violinist change, and they didn’t know what happened. Soon, Li Zhenyan’s command began.

Although there was no rehearsal, Lin Qingshang still cooperated well with Li Zhenyan’s performance thanks to the tacit understanding of the previous cooperation. After the competition, the host invited the chief judge William to come to the stage to present the award. The host announced the ranking of the competition. Li Zhenyan lived up to expectations and won the championship. Tian Yisong and Jiang Shasha both had ugly faces.

During the reporter’s interview, William urged Li Zhenyan to start preparing for his debut performance. This is the prize for the winner of the competition. Fang Xiaolu couldn’t understand what they were saying, so she could only ask Lin Qingshang, who told her that Li Zhenyan should be leaving Paris soon. When Li Zhenyan came home, Fang Xiaolu was going crazy after drinking half a can of beer.

Li Zhenyan heard Lin Qingshang say that Fang Xiaolu was in a bad mood, and she didn’t know why, so she could only carry Fang Xiaolu back to the room. When only the two of them were left, Fang Xiaolu asked Li Zhenyan if she was leaving to find Wayenda. Only then did Li Zhenyan know the reason for Fang Xiaolu’s bad mood, and comforted her that he would not leave her.

Chen Zheng hurriedly learned about Qin Fen, saying that he had calculated an account. According to the current economic situation of their group, they could not support the rehearsal and performance of the orchestra. Qin Fen asked Chen Zheng not to tell others, that he would find a way to raise money. Qin Fen took Chen Zheng everywhere to solicit sponsorships, but got nothing. Thanks to Qin Fen’s efforts, there is finally an investor, Mr. Wang, who is interested in RS Orchestra. Mr. Wang has seen RS Orchestra performances before and admires RS Orchestra very much and expressed his willingness to help RS Orchestra.

Fang Xiaorui will also start to learn piano with Vogelui, but she is still a little nervous. I don’t know what Vogelui’s teaching style is. Now Fang Xiaorui also has a yearning for the stage. Li Zhenyan encourages her to practice well. Qin, I believe her talent can have her own recital. Fang Xiaolu asked Li Zhenyan if she could date herself on Saturday, and Li Zhenyan agreed. Li Zhenyan made a study schedule for Fang Xiaolu, and told her to practice piano and learn French.

Li Zhenyan was wandering on the streets of Paris. When he was looking at a skirt outside the shop window, Fisher suddenly appeared and said that he wanted to talk to Li Zhenyan. Fisher gave Li Zhenyan a contract and invited Li Zhenyan to become his assistant commander. This is an opportunity that many people dream of. If this contract is signed, Li Zhenyan will soon realize his dream of becoming a world-class conductor, but Li Zhenyan refused. Fisher, he said that his teacher was only Wayenda, but Fisher asked Li Zhenyan why he didn’t go to Wayenda. Li Zhenyan was silent, but Fisher knew that Li Zhenyan was reluctant to let Fang Xiaolian.

Fisher warned. Li Zhenyan, Fang Xiaolu’s piano talent is no less than that of Li Zhenyan, but she is now obsessed with Li Zhenyan, she can’t see her talents, and she doesn’t think about her future. If this continues, Fang Xiaolu can only stay where she is. Stepping. To make Fang Xiaolu shine, Li Zhenyan must make Fang Xiaolu aware of her love for the stage, otherwise, Fang Xiaolu’s genius may fall.

After returning, Li Zhenyan kept thinking about what Fisher said to him. Maybe Fang Xiaolu would not regret his choice, but Li Zhenyan would regret not letting Fang Xiaoru grow up. After thinking for a long time, Li Zhenyan decided to leave Paris. Li Zhenyan did not say goodbye to Fang Xiaoru in person, but left a note in his room, telling Fang Xiaorui that he was going to leave Paris for two months, and told Fang Xiaorui to take classes well and wait for him to return. Fang Xiaolu was very disappointed when he found the note, and called Li Zhenyan, hoping that Li Zhenyan would not leave him alone. Although Li Zhenyan couldn’t bear it, he still didn’t agree.

After the funding problem was resolved, Qin Fen took everyone to the new rehearsal venue and encouraged everyone to enter the Shanghai Concert Hall as their goal. After the rehearsal started, He Shengliang and the RS Orchestra broke out. The musicians and conductors disliked each other, and the rehearsal was interrupted at the beginning.

After everyone left, Qin Fen and Chen Zhengzheng had a headache because of this. Suddenly, a hair salon owner came in and invited the orchestra to perform at his opening ceremony. Qin Fen had to agree to the performance fee. When Li Zhenyan and Fisher returned to China to perform together, they made an appointment with Qin Fen. Qin Fen hurried back to meet with Li Zhenyan, and wanted Li Zhenyan to inquire about Lin Qingshang’s life in Paris.

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