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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 15 Recap

Gu Yang’s mother returned to China. She asked about Lin Chen worriedly when she saw something about Gu Yang on the Internet. Only then did Lin Chen know that something was wrong with Gu Yang’s house. Gu Yang was arguing with him because of this. The last place. Lin Chen took care of Gu Yang’s going to Weilai without telling his mother, so he made up a reason to say that he was also at the birthday party at the time, and someone saw him, so the online video title is Weilai trainee and Ran Xing trainee conflict. Then Lin Chen sent a message to Gu Yang that his mother had returned to China, and asked Gu Yang why something happened at home and didn’t tell him.

Gu Yang was also troubled by this incident. Zhengnan visited him at his residence and said that he and Xing Hao had contacted Long Yize. Gu Yang felt it was useless. He told Zhengnan that his mother was back. He didn’t know what to do. How to explain to her. Zheng Nan comforted his brothers to help him solve the problem, but Gu Yang suddenly became very emotional, he also wanted to solve the problem, but what would happen if he was fired.

Zheng Nan watched Gu Yang in a bad mood and took him to the aquarium. He told Gu Yang that he had always wanted to go to the beach when he was a child, but he was always locked up by his father to study. Only when he was learning dancing did he feel relaxed, and until he came here After seeing these fish, he knew that this was the freedom he wanted. Seeing all kinds of fish swimming freely around him, Gu Yang felt much better.

Then Xing Hao took Long Yize to Gu Yang’s residence and saw Yize and Gu Yang happily chatting about the previous school, he quietly recorded it with his mobile phone and posted it online. He and Zhengnan believed that after seeing this video, , Then the rumors of previous fights will be self-defeating. Gu Yang received a call from his mother when he sent him away. His mother asked him why it took him so long to answer the call and WeChat did not respond. He said that the phone had just been repaired after being dropped in the water. His mother asked him to go to the hotel to find her. Gu Yang knew that he would meet her sooner or later. Yes, I went. Seeing his mother, he said that he didn’t go to Julia. He didn’t want his mother to work so hard. He wanted to work and earn money to redeem his father’s piano. Now he is a good trainee in the future.

My mother felt sorry for Gu Yang. She didn’t want him to give up playing the piano. She planned to contact Julia and let the school give Gu Yang another chance. Gu Yang was a little hesitant. He asked his mother to give him some time. He still had things to deal with. His mother agreed, but he had to go with her after he had dealt with it.

Gu Yang asked Teacher Han to meet in a coffee shop. Teacher Han told him that they would need to go their own way in the future, but if something goes wrong, the teacher will not sit idly by. He also asked him for homework. Looking at Gu Yang’s dumbfounded expression, Teacher Han smiled and said that he should hand in with the next homework. Gu Yang realized that Teacher Han made him very happy to return to the company. Hearing that Mr. Han asked Gu Yang to return to the company, Mr. Wang was puzzled, so Mr. Han asked him to watch tomorrow’s news.

On the second day, Mr. Han went to Ran Xing, and many media heard the news. Gu Yang and others also watched the live news. Then Mr. Han and Ran Xing’s Li Cheng came out to face the media, and Li Cheng solemnly It was declared that Gu Yang’s matter was wronged. The matter finally passed, but my mother called and said Julia was willing to give Gu Yang another opportunity for an interview and let him go over immediately. Zheng Nan and Xing Hao sent Gu Yang to the hotel, they were about to part with each other, and they were very sad.

Gu Yang and his mother took a taxi to leave. The brother on the road turned on the car radio. There was a song they sang, “Grow Up”, and this song was specially broadcast to him by Lin Chen. Listening to the song, Gu Yang couldn’t help but think of the little things he had in Weilai. He asked his brother to stop the car, but his brother said that he could not stop at high speed. Gu Yang told his mother that he liked pop music and wanted to stay. Mom was a little helpless but eventually respected his choice.

Xing Hao and Zheng Nan returned to Weilai after they lost their lives. They just walked to the door of the company and heard a taxi stop behind them. When they saw that they got off, Gu Yang immediately ran over in surprise. Not far away, Lin Chen also watched with joy This scene. Gu Yang went to see Mr. Wang, and Mr. Wang fined him to clean all the company’s bathrooms this month. Teacher Han also took this to remind other trainees to be cautious in every move in the future. Joey walked in and said that the person who posted the video was a man named Dream Chasing Boy. Xing Hao said it was Guan Xi. He was also the one who leaked Tian Tian’s personal information last time. Mr. Wang said it was indeed him, but now it’s no use finding him. Let them never get caught in the future.

In order to celebrate his coming back, Gu Yang invited everyone to eat the skewers. He didn’t know that Lin Chen’s contribution to his smooth return this time was due to Lin Chen. Lin Chen once helped persuade his mother in private, and even showed her the videos of their previous performances for her to see. A brand new Gu Yang. But Lin Chen didn’t want to tell Gu Yang about this, he felt they couldn’t go back to the past.

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