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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 25 Recap

Fang Xiaowei came backstage and gave Li Zhenyan a puppet with him, telling Li Zhenyan her amulet at this time to take the stage and give him his good fortune. After a while, Li Zhenyan came on stage. Someone in the audience heard that Li Zhenyan and Joe Motte had the same title, and questioned how Li Zhenyan, a Chinese, could explain Beethoven’s fate well.

Li Zhenyan also knew about this piece of music. It has been interpreted by many well-known conductors. Only when he finds his own way and interprets this piece in his own way can the judges be impressed. Li Zhenyan is indeed talented and capable. It didn’t take long for the audience who just questioned Li Zhenyan to comment on Li Zhenyan.

Li Zhenyan entered the semifinals despite the difficulties. Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu were about to leave, but they met Tian Yisong and Jiang Shasha. Jiang Shasha was already Tian Yisong’s girlfriend, but Tian Yisong was not so enthusiastic about Jiang Shasha. .

Tian Yisong is recommended by Wayenda, and he can directly enter the semi-finals without the initial test. When several people ate together tonight, Li Zhenyan knew that Tian Yisong was already Wayenda’s apprentice, and his face was a bit bad, but he didn’t say anything.

After a few people were separated, Fang Xiaolu saw that Li Zhenyan was in a bad mood, but Li Zhenyan said that he was fine. Although Tian Yisong had become a Wayenda student, it did not mean that he could not become a Wayenda student. Tian Yisong and Qiao Like Mott, Li Zhenyan is a strong competitor.

Only by winning these two can he have a chance to become a student of Wayenda, but no matter how difficult it is, he will not give up. Fang Xiaolu was relieved, and let Li Zhenyan squat down a little bit. Fang Xiaolu held Li Zhenyan’s face and kissed him several times to comfort him, and Li Zhenyan felt a little sweet.

The semi-finals started very quickly. Tian Yisong performed well in the semi-finals. After the end, he was being interviewed by reporters. Tian Yisong happened to see Li Zhenyan coming out, so he deliberately guided the reporters and deliberately stated that Li Zhenyan was Li Yazhe’s son. The reporters were a little excited and they all spoke to Li Zhenyan asked questions, and Li Zhenyan was a little unhappy. He didn’t want to get involved with Li Yazhe.

He ignored the reporters’ questions and pulled Fang Xiaolu away. After returning home, Fang Xiaolu was afraid that Li Zhenyan was in a bad mood, so he went to Li Zhenyan’s room to comfort him. The two drank and chatted late into the night. When they woke up the next day, Li Zhenyan received a call from the organizing committee of the commanding contest and learned that he had entered. To the final.

In China, Qin Fen found a new rehearsal location for the RS Orchestra. The new venue used to be a car repair shop. Because the owner liked music and had no idea of ​​renting it out at this stage, he lent the venue to Qin Fen for free. Qin Fen happily convened the people of the RS Orchestra and wanted to organize everyone to start rehearsing, but the orchestra was short of staff. Not only Zhuo Yin quit the RS Orchestra, but also many people who had come to Li Zhenyan also quit. Lan Bo said he would go Solve the matter of Zhuo Yin.

Li Zhenyan and Tian Yisong both picked up a piece of music they were not good at in the finals. Li Zhenyan got the piece and practiced day and night after returning home. After practicing until late at night, Li Zhenyan’s room suddenly darkened. Li Zhenyan went out to check and found the living room. The projection inside put up a cheering video for Li Zhenyan.

Needless to say, it must have been prepared by Fang Xiaolu. Fang Xiaolu contacted Qin Fen and others and filmed a video for Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan was a little moved and his mood improved a lot. Fang Little Lett looks silly, but I can always detect Li Zhenyan’s hidden loss. With Fang Xiao Let’s encouragement, Li Zhenyan also has inspiration and knows how to perform his own music in the finals.

Fang Xiaoli called Lin Qingshang and learned that Lin Qingshang would be in Paris next Monday, but next Monday was the day of the finals. Fang Xiaoli could not pick up Lin Qingshang, Lin Qingshang asked her to send her address. Give it to yourself, maybe I can catch up.

On the day of the final, Elise was also entrusted by Fisher to the final scene. After Tian Yisong came on stage, Li Zhenyan was communicating with the violinist in the background. The violinist suddenly fell ill and could not participate in the performance. Li Zhenyan must find a musician within half an hour. , Otherwise, he can only abandon the game.

When Li Zhenyan had a headache, Fang Xiaolu looked at the phone and excitedly said that Lin Qingshang had arrived. The matter was over. Li Zhenyan could only seize this life-saving straw and try to persuade Lin Qingshang and himself. Come on stage together.

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