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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 24 Recap

The new command of the RS regiment was finalized. Everyone knew that Li Zhenyan was really going to Europe, so they stopped doing more to stay, and sent blessings to Li Zhenyan. Seeing that their mood was a little low, Li Zhenyan suggested a dinner. Here, Fang Xiaolu went to Teacher Zhang. Teacher Zhang gave her some piano scores and told her to memorize the scores before going to Paris. Don’t leave a bad impression on others.

If someone uses Fang Xiaoluo in Paris Teach her to play the piano in a way that you don’t like, so you must call him as soon as possible. He immediately bought a ticket to go to Paris to take charge of Fang Xiaolu’s. Fang Xiaolu was moved a little bit and joked that no one would scold her except Teacher Zhang. Here, Fang Xiaolu and Teacher Zhang are bidding farewell, and Teacher Hu suddenly came over with a mobile phone and said that he wanted to take pictures of them.

Ji Mo and Fang Xiaorui sat outside the convenience store and chatted. Ji Mo congratulated Fang Xiaorui. Although Fang Xiaorui hadn’t decided on her future goals in Paris, she was already very happy to be with Li Zhenyan. Ji Mo was a little disappointed when he heard Fang Xiaolu say this, but he told Fang Xiaolu that she should live for herself no matter what, and Fang Xiaolu agreed.

Ji Mo is going to Paris after Fang Xiaoluo. Fang Xiaoluo is a little happy. Her French has just started. If there is Ji Molin Qingshang and Li Zhenyan, she doesn’t need to worry. I asked about the girl Ji Mo liked and encouraged Ji Mo to confess her confession quickly, otherwise it would be too late to go to Paris. Ji Mo hesitated for a while, suddenly made up his mind, spoke softly, and confessed to Fang Xiaolu, Fang Xiaolu Stunned, Ji Mo continued to talk.

It turned out that when he was a child, when he saw Fang Xiaolu playing the piano for the first time, Ji Mo liked Xiaoluo from above. Hearing Ji Mo’s confession, Fang Xiaolu was a little at a loss. When Ji Mo saw it, he changed his words and said that he wanted to tell the girl. Fang Xiaolu was relieved and said that if he was that girl, he would definitely I will be moved by Ji Mo. Ji Mo fell to the ground and said that he and she had missed it.

As long as she was happy, the two were talking. Li Zhenyan passed by and called Fang Xiaolu away. Li Zhenyan asked Fang Xiaolu just now. Fang Xiaolu said in a few words with Ji Mo, did not mention Ji Mo’s confession, and asked Li Zhenyan if he was jealous, but Li Zhenyan certainly refused to admit it.

Before long, Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu packed their luggage and set off on a journey to Paris. When the two arrived in Paris, Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaorui entered the house rented in Paris. Fang Xiaorui looked excitedly in every corner of the room, but Li Zhenyan suddenly found that there were others in the house. Li Zhenyan hurried downstairs to give them away.

The driver who came over called and found out that the landlord of this house had also rented the house to someone else. In other words, Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu would also have a roommate. When Li Zhenyan finished the phone call and went upstairs, Fang Xiaolu and Xin Roommate Dalia has gotten to know each other. Dalia speaks very well in Chinese, and the conversation with Fang Xiaolu is also very fluent.

Dalia and Li Zhenyan introduced themselves to each other. Dalia told them that the landlord of this apartment She is a generous Chinese and usually only rents apartments to her compatriots, but she is very good at Chinese and loves Chinese culture, so she makes an exception and allows her to live in. She also reminds them that there is a lockable storage room in the apartment.

The landlord told me not to open it. After a few greetings, Li Zhenyan urged Fang Xiao Let to pack his luggage. Li Zhenyan will participate in the preliminary round the day after tomorrow. In order to concentrate on practicing, Li Zhenyan let Fang Xiao let himself rest.

Fang Xiaorui went to the streets of Paris by himself, and when he was strolling around, Fang Xiaorui lost his way, so he had to take a photo of the roadside sign and send it to Li Zhenyan, asking him if he knew where it was. A passerby suddenly talked to Fang Xiaolu. Li Zhenyan was worried when she heard Fang Xiaolu’s movement and hurried out to find someone. Li Zhenyan found her according to the photos Fang Xiaolu sent to him, and saw the two passers-by pestering Fang Xiao Ren hurriedly pulled her away.

Seeing that Li Zhenyan was coming, Fang Xiaolu took him to a date on the streets of Paris. The two talked about the competition that Li Zhenyan would participate in tomorrow, and Fang Xiaolu encouraged him a few words. Li Zhenyan took Fang Xiaoru to dinner again, and the two did not go home until late after playing.

Early the next morning, Li Zhenyan set off early and went to the competition site. When Fang Xiaolu got up to pack up his things and wanted to start with Li Zhenyan, he realized that Li Zhenyan had already gone to the game. The topic Li Zhenyan drew was Beethoven’s fate, another famous conductor, Joe Motte, also drew his fate, Li Zhenyan was preparing for the game, and Fang Xiaoru rushed to the scene.

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