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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 41 Recap

Chen Yiming returned home and told Wang Ziru that he solved the embarrassing situation of meeting his parents in this way. Like Chen Yiming’s parents, Wang Ziru confessed that he read his circle of friends and learned that Chen Yiming’s mother likes jade and Chen Yiming’s father likes copybooks.

Wang Ziru once again stated that he needed Chen Yiming to come back to assist in the planning activities of his emerald. This time Chen Yiming did not refuse Wang Ziru’s request.

Li Siyu’s father saw that Guan Xiaotang should be the rescuer Li Siyu had invited, and he looked much younger than Li Siyu. However, Gu Xiaoling’s mother was very satisfied with Guan Xiaotang, while Lei Haowen introduced herself frantically. Before leaving, Gu Xiaoling’s mother asked Li Siyu when Gu Xiaoling would come back with her boyfriend. And they heard that they were about to get married, and Lei Haowen was very unhappy when he heard this.

When he went back, Lei Haowen drove the car fast, Guan Xiaotang was scared to death, Lei Haowen said nothing, let Guan Xiao Tang was very worried. After arriving at the rest stop, Guan Xiaotang switched Lei Haowen to the co-pilot and drove by himself. Guan Xiaotang said that Lei Haowen was brave enough to pursue his true love. However, Gu Xiaoling was already about to marry, Lei Haowen wondered if he still had a chance.

In the evening, Gu Xiaoling returned home downstairs under He Mu’s pick-up. When Gu Xiaoling was about to leave, He Mu told him that he had drawn up a prenuptial agreement, hoping that Gu Xiaoling could read it carefully and then sign it. They agreed to continue their date at the previous restaurant at 6:10 next Wednesday night. Lei Haowen was drunk and found Gu Xiaoling downstairs.

Lei Haowen confessed to Gu Xiaoling through Jiu Jin that she did not want Gu Xiaoling to marry He Mu, because Gu Xiaoling didn’t like He Mu at all. And Lei Haowen said that he liked Gu Xiaoling very much, but Lei Haowen knew who Gu Xiaoling said he had always wanted to marry. Because Lei Haowen had no money, he could not marry him. Gu Xiaoling cruelly pushed Lei Haowen to the ground, and then returned home. Gu Xiaoling looked at the cleaned up room, thinking of Lei Haowen’s kindness to him, and was momentarily emotional.

Su Lixing often meets with Zhang Zhizhi in the name of taking care of his daughter. The two got along very happily. Su Lixing told Zhang Zhizhi that the two daughters played very harmoniously, and they were actually quite suitable. Faced with Su Lixing’s sudden confession, Zhang Zhizhi expressed surprise. Su Lixing hoped that Zhang Zhizhi could think about it, and he gave Zhang Zhizhi enough time.

Li Siyu has prepared two work plans for next year, one is conservative and the other is radical. However, Manager Feng asked him to copy the conservative work plan, and Li Siyu tore up the work plan in a fit of anger. Then back home, Li Siyu’s parents saw it and realized that their daughter should have been wronged at work. Li Siyu’s father took Li Siyu to the river to fish. He told Li Siyu that he actually resembled his mother’s character, and he had to be strong.

Even if you are wronged, you must rush forward desperately. Li Siyu asked him why he married another wife soon after his mother passed away. Li Siyu’s father said that because this aunt treated Li Siyu very well, he was in need of his mother’s attention at that time, so he got married quickly. Li Siyu understood his father’s painstaking efforts. After returning home, he hugged Gu Xiaoling’s mother and called his mother for the first time, saying that he was going to Shanghai, and later made a lot of money to buy a house.

Zhang Zhizhi returned home and found that Liu Yang had arranged the marriage proposal at home and wanted to pursue Zhang Zhizhi again. Zhang Zhizhi accepted the ring but did not agree to his proposal.

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