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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 30 Recap

Xiao Qihan came, gave Xiao Qiyuan a long life lock, and then asked Helan Mingyu to marry Ling Zhen’er, Ling Zhen’er was anxious. Neither Helan Mingyu nor Xiao Qihan paid any attention to her. Xiao Qihan immediately went back to his mother, Lan Zhaoyi, and said to find Xiao Chengrui, and asked him to give Ling Zhener to him as a concubine. Helan Mingyu comforted Ling Zhen’er. She didn’t want to involve her in the harem. She only hoped that she would find her own happiness.

Let her marry Xiao Qihan, and Lan Zhaoyi would definitely not agree. Sure enough, Lan Zhaoyi learned that this matter was unwilling to agree. He wanted to marry the people around Helan Mingyu, that would be against Helan Wanyin and the future emperor. Xiao Qihan hurriedly said that Xiao Qiheng was just a milk doll, and he might not be the emperor in the future.

Concubine Hui happened to be here and heard these words again. After Xiao Qihan left, Lan Zhaoyi continued to embroider things for Xiao Qiheng, thinking about the future emperor. When Lan Zhaoyi went to get the needle and thread, the maid accidentally soiled half of her embroidered cloak, and Concubine Hui ignored it. When Lan Zhaoyi came to deliver the cloak, Helan Mingyu also came, saying that he was sending something to Xiao Qiheng.

Helan Wanyin sneered and complained, and she threw them away after she left. Helan Mingyu sighed, maybe she and Helan Wanyin need time to resolve all this. At night, Lan Zhaoyi summoned Ling Zhen’er, scolded her to seduce the prince by climbing the dragon and attaching the phoenix, persuading her to see her identity clearly and not to daydream about flying on a branch and becoming a phoenix. Ling Zhen’er was immediately annoyed.

No matter how she wanted to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix to the phoenix, she had to find a real dragon. Besides, she was also the daughter of the prime minister of Mu Qingzhou, but Lan Zhaoyi still looked down on her? Lan Zhaoyi was annoyed and asked the maid to teach Ling Zhen’er. Ling Zhen’er accidentally knocked over the things on the table when she resisted. A cloth tiger fell out, and the fabric was very familiar. It was from the doll back then. Fabric. Lan Zhaoyi hid the things with a guilty conscience, and at this time it came that Xiao Qiheng was in an emergency.

Helan Mingyu hurriedly went to see him. The imperial physician said that Xiao Qiheng was unable to do anything about the emergency, and then Xiao Qiheng swallowed. Helan Wanyin couldn’t catch his breath while crying while holding the baby, Xiao Chengrui was very angry and asked them to investigate the matter immediately.

The news of the death of the prince Xun came out, and Xiao Chengxu let people stare at him. If there is anything involving Helan Mingyu, he wants to tell him. Xiao Chengrui wrote a tragic article with great grief, and He Lan Yunqi knew that he was sad and hurried to comfort. Xiao Chengrui cried and said that it was all his fault, and Xiao Qiheng shouldn’t be like this. Helan Wanyin had a nightmare once again, and Helan Mingyu was very sad to visit, and could only sit by and hold her hand.

The next day, Helan Wanyin was still in grief. The maid stumbled upon something missing at the foot of the bed. Helan Wanyin saw the whistle and said that the whistle was made of Helan Mingyu, and there was fine powder on it. Helan Wanyin immediately ran to question Helan Mingyu, who happened to be with Helan Yunqi. Helan Wanyin didn’t say a word, and ran to the back room to see Xiao Qiyuan. Holding Xiao Qiyuan in his arms, He Lan Wanyin suddenly pinched his neck like crazy, Helan Mingyu and Helan Yunqi were shocked.

Helan Wanyin was already enchanted, and it was concluded that Helan Mingyu killed his child, and retreated outside the hall with Xiao Qiyuan in his arms. Xiao Chengrui hurried over, and Helan Wanyin took out the whistle and said that Helan Mingyu killed his child, but Helan Mingyu didn’t know how there was fine powder in it. Helan Wanyin hugged Xiao Qiyuan and said that he would be buried with Xiao Qiheng. Xiao Chengrui quickly took Xiao Qiheng over. Helan Mingyu had no argument for a while. Xiao Chengrui wanted to take Xiao Qiheng away.

If it was found to be true, Helan Mingyu would not be allowed to see her again. Helan Mingyu immediately took off the hairpin and stabbed her on the neck. No one could take her child away! If they want to be buried with others, she can, but Xiao Qiyuan is innocent and only asks them to let go of their children. When Ling Zhen’er came back and saw this scene, he hurried forward, saying that if they felt that the matter was caused by the witchcraft technique, it would be better to go to Lan Zhaoyi to check it out, and the matter would come to light!

Xiao Chengrui ordered a thorough investigation and found an unburnt doll under Lan Zhaoyi’s bed. The embroiderer was indeed by Lan Zhaoyi’s hand. Lan Zhaoyi’s court lady hurriedly said that she had thrown things outside the Helan Mingyu Palace in a panic, and there was nothing in the whistle that could trigger Xiao Qiheng’s wheezing.

The powder was only pine pollen, which triggered Xiao Qiheng The wheezing thing is a cloak from Lan Zhaoyi, which contains hazelnut powder. When the truth came out, Lan Zhaoyi shouted wrongly saying that he did not put hazelnut powder in his cloak. Xiao Chengrui ordered a thorough investigation of Xiao Qihan’s mansion. Lan Zhaoyi couldn’t bear to implicate him and plead guilty immediately. Lan Zhaoyi was imprisoned in Dali Temple, but still shouting that this matter had nothing to do with Xiao Qihan, for fear that he would be implicated.

The matter was over, Helan Mingyu held Xiao Qiyuan in shock, hoping that Helan Wanyin could open the knot and they could get back together. Ling Zhen’er was even more worried about Xiao Qihan, afraid that Lan Zhaoyi would be severely punished at Dali Temple.

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