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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 29 Recap

Xiao Chengrui asked casually about Helan Mingyu’s situation and named the child Xiao Qiyuan. Helan Wanyin was not happy. Everyone said that when Xiao Qiyuan was born, Hongxia was full of fetal hair, and he was a blessed baby with the spirit of heaven and earth. Helan Yunqi suddenly summoned Hui’er, Hui’er quickly begged Xiao Chengrui and Helan Wanyin, Helan Wanyin hurriedly taught her a lesson, Helan Yunqi is the lord of the harem, she will naturally have to deal with it. Huier only told Helan Wanyin what she had done after Xiao Chengrui left.

Although Helan Wanyin was angry, she went to see Helan Yunqi in person. Helan Yunqi asked Huier what Helan Mingyu did on the day of production. Huier quickly denied. Helan Yunqi asked the two father-in-laws on duty that day for questioning, but they were both Helan Wanyin people, of course they would not say To tell the truth, he kept saying that he didn’t know it was the production of Helan Mingyu. Helan Yunqi was very angry, but she could only vent her anger with those two father-in-laws.

Helan Mingyu’s body is weak, Helan Yunqi feels sorry for her being wronged, but there is no evidence but there is no way to get justice Ling Zhen’er said, I am afraid that Xiao Chengrui knows that he will protect Helan Wanyin, and I would like to think about things about Xiao Qiyuan in the future. Indispensable. Helan Wanyin accidentally heard Helan Mingyu and Ling Zhen’er talking, saying that Madam Li was sent into the palace by Xiao Chengxu. Helan Wanyin’s court lady deliberately knocked down Madam Li to delay the time, Helan Wanyin came to ask with fanfare where Helan Mingyu Madam Li came from.

Madam Li returned with the cloth and saw that something was wrong and quickly went to find Xiao Chengxu’s person. Helan Wanyin called Xiao Chengrui over and said that Madam Li was not from the palace, but from Xiao Chengxu, which Helan Mingyu denied. Huier also said that Mother Li had sneaked out of the palace just now, but fortunately a few imperial guards followed. Xiao Chengrui convened those imperial guards and said that Mother Li went straight to a house after leaving the palace, but the owner of that house It is used by Helanke. Huier and Helan Wanyin were immediately anxious, Helan Mingyu answered calmly, and Helan Ke used to see himself in private.

Helan Keyong and Mother Li were summoned into the palace again. Helan Keyong said that Mother Li was Ling Zhen’er who rushed to the palace to ask for help when Helan Mingyu was giving birth. Ling Zhen’er also truthfully said that he was No one cares about Helan Mingyu’s life and death after running and breaking her leg, and Huier also drove her away.

Helan Wanyin quickly denied for Hui’er, and said that the two guards in the palace had expired, but he didn’t want them to be captured by Helan Ke. They truthfully told the truth about the night and said Hui’er instructed them not to let Ling Zhen’er in, and even bought them with money. Huier hurriedly asked for help, but Helan Wanyin ignored her in order to protect herself, and Xiao Chengrui immediately ordered Hui’er to be killed.

Xiao Chengrui didn’t pursue this matter any more, but afterwards lost his temper at Helan Wanyin. If she didn’t know about this matter, how could he believe that Helan Mingyu and Xiao Qiyuan were safe. Helan Wanyin was disappointed, and Xiao Chengrui cared more about Helan Mingyu after all. Helan Mingyu did not expect that Helan Wanyin’s resentment towards him was so deep, Helan Wanyin came to complain again and complained that they wanted to take everything they had, Helan Mingyu and Helanke were disappointed,

Unexpectedly, Helan Wanyin would be so narrow-minded. Helanke warned Helan Wanyu that Yonglin would not allow siblings to happen again. If she did anything to Helan Mingyu, Yonglin would no longer recognize her. He Lanwan’s voice became anxious, and her brother, sister and sister were very grudges against her, and even Xiao Chengrui was angry with her.

Xiao Chengrui complained that Helan Mingyu didn’t know how to send something to thank you. Helan Wanyin came and said that she was here to admit her mistake. No matter how big a mistake she did, it was because she cared too much about Xiao Chengrui. Helan Wanyin’s crying pear flower brought rain, and Xiao Chengrui suddenly felt soft.

Helan Wanyin asked Xiao Chengrui again whether he was inferior to Helan Mingyu in his heart. Xiao Chengrui said that this matter was about the emperor’s heir, and he would do it no matter who it was. Xiao Chengxu was sad very early after learning about these things. It was his fault that caused Helan Mingyu to fall into the quagmire. Xiao Chengxu asked Madam Li to give to Helan Mingyu the jade pendant that his father gave him back then.

Helan Yunqi was very angry when she learned that Xiao Chengrui was about to cancel Xiao Qiyuan’s full moon banquet, and she hurried to find Xiao Chengrui. Xiao Chengrui said that since Helan Mingyu didn’t care about his favor, it would not matter if he canceled it. On the day of Xiao Qiyuan’s full moon, Ling Zhen’er went to the imperial dining room early in the morning and was so cold-eyed that he didn’t even want to make a bowl of longevity noodles.

Helan Mingyu has long been bearish, and the people in the palace are just stubborn. Helan Mingyu advised Ling Zhen’er not to wronged herself because she was wronged. In her heart, Ling Zhen’er was her best sister, so she wanted Ling Zhen’er to marry Huiyonglin. Ling Zhen’er refused to leave Helan Mingyu, just when Xiao Qihan came.

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